Today, I VERY CLEARLY EXPLAIN why MARK HASSMAN’S EMAIL sent today 2/11/2019, is JUST ANOTHER ONE of HIS EVIL SCHEMES and MALICIOUS ACTS. He unreasonably and ridiculously claims he is trying to HELP ME exercise my JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT of making Aliyah while still promoting Parental Alienation, the deprivation of my Civil, Constitutional and other legal rights, racketeering, perjury, obstruction of justice and many other crimes which comprise the terror of Parental Alienation.

Below is MARK HASSMAN email sent to me today 2/11/2019. As my still legal husband pursuant to many United States and California laws; MARK HASSMAN PRETENDS TO BE HELPFUL and CHARMING, while unreasonably and combatively threatened me in bold letters: 1) not to respond to him by email but to only respond to him through facebook and 2) then outrageously tries to control me AGAIN by threatening me not to write what he would perceive in his evil mind are derogatory comments regarding his efforts which he ridiculously claims will help me gain my LEGAL RIGHT AS A JEW to citizenship in Israel.
Thus, AS THE FACTS CONTINUE TO PROVE, as I clearly explain below; MARK HASSMAN’S email proves to be yet ANOTHER evil and criminal attempt and scheme to DELAY Justice, Equal Rights, Love, Family and Freedom while trying to THREATEN ME NOT TO EXPOSE THIS TRUTH because then he will ridiculously and unreasonably considered the TRUTH to be “derogatory comments.” This is evil epistemology and how evil predators think and try to threaten.

MARK HASSMAN tries to appear so “charming” like he is truly trying to help me but; HIS EMAIL IS ANOTHER EVIL SCHEME to: 1) keep Parental Alienation alive and; 2) keep me denied of my Civil, Constitutional, Property and other legal rights, possibly even exercising my JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT to return to my homeland of Israel to live with peace and love in GOD’S sacred land; 3) betray GOD and Judaism.
Still worse, MARK HASSMAN’S email reveals more horror for reasonable people including but not limited to millions of us supporting OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation.

Regretfully and very shamefully, MARK HASSMAN’S email does not contain ANY APOLOGY for creating and continuing to promote the well-documented Parental Alienation that has been going on for about eleven (11) years now and does not MAKE ANY ATTEMPT to help me REUNITE with our children by even having a CIVIL CONVERSATION in “whats up” through emails or some other means by using his Harvard education and DECADES OF NEGOTIATION EXPERIENCES as a Chief Financial Officer and Certified Public Accountant who negotiated mergers, acquisitions, public offerings, real estate, student loan and many other arrangements throughout and even outside the United States.

A silver lining to MARK HASSMAN’S disgraceful and shameful email is that many of you reading these posts including those who are also suffering from the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and the many crimes which commonly accompany this terror CAN WITNESS the evil and criminal brainwashing and machinations IN ACTION which is employed by evil predators, NOT Jews, Christians or those who follow other reasonable religions.
Remember Jews, Christians and followers of other reasonable religions would NEVER IGNORE the evil and criminal acts of Parental Alienation but; instead would fervently and expeditiously use their education, skills, experiences and positions of influence to END and CRIMINALIZE this form of emotional abuse, terror, torture and oppression as many countries have ALREADY DONE.
Parental Alienation commonly involves many crimes including but not limited to: emotional abuse; sexual and physical abuse; manipulation; brainwashing; racketeering; obstruction of justice; abuse of process; malicious prosecution, conspiracy; perjury; money laundering; oppression and coercion.

A CENTRAL THEME or A MALICIOUS STRATEGY which is very obvious throughout MARK HASSMAN’S email, which is typical of evil predators, is that they IGNORE THE FACTS THEY WANT TO IGNORE. In other words, they do not objectively look at the TOTALITY OF THE EVIDENCE and only see what they WANT to see. Expect this as my myriad of lawsuits in public records prove.
Specifically, the evil, crooked predator MARK HASSMAN continues to ignore the fact, AS OUR DIVORCE DECREE PROVES ON ITS FACE, that I did not receive any property, money, retirement accounts, savings, investment, trust and other assets from our community estate which tax returns and other documents PROVE are worth many millions of dollars. Our coin collection alone was worth millions.
Thus, very educated and financial savvy MARK HASSMAN IGNORES THE FACT that I do not have money to pay for the REQUIRED ALIYAH DOCUMENTS and the APOSTILLE NEED to be AFFIXED ON THEM. Thus, MARK HASSMAN knows or should know that I cannot afford to “hire” an apostille agency as he ridiculously stated in his email.

MARK HASSMAN controls our community estate which comprises all our finances and assets. It is still in existence since we are not legally divorced because our community estate has never been legally accounted for, legally divided and legally distributed because he stole it all…. Our divorce decree and other legal documents PROVE MARK HASSMAN stole the entire community estate under his control, even about 1.5 million dollars received while the divorce proceedings were going on.
***Accordingly, why didn’t MARK HASSMAN AGREE in his email to use his negotiation skills to GATHER all of the needed Aliyah documents, HAVE THE APOSTILLE AFFIXED and then ARRANGE TO HAVE THEM ALL SENT to me in Israel using some of the money he stole from me.
Plus, MARK HASSMAN swore under oath many times in JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S court that he is BANKRUPT and could no longer afford to pay me any alimony also called spousal support. Accordingly, for many years I haven’t received any alimony which I am legally entitled to because we have been married for over 20 years. ***According to the laws of the United States and California; we have been legally married now for 30 years while MARK HASSMAN continues to control the community estate which he stole and while ridiculously, unreasonably and baselessly claiming we are legally divorced too.

Since I never received my legally calculated spousal support due to MARK HASSMAN swearing in court that he is BANKRUPT; I REASONABLY and OBJECTIVELY QUESTION AS PUBLIC RECORDS PROVE HAPPENED: how did MARK HASSMAN GET APPROVED FOR:

1) the purchase of 2, not 1 but 2 Lexus vehicles. He claims he needed one for his mistress too, (aka the high-priced call-girl from the Dr. Phil show named Mikel Sanders-Persky) Also, how has MARK HASSMAN, being bankrupt as he swore under oath many times in JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S court, been paying for his monthly Lexus payments, the gasoline, insurance and other maintenance fees for these TWO LUXURY vehicles.

2) the purchase of a condominium. How as a bankrupt person who can’t even afford to carry out HIS LEGAL ORDER OF PAYING SPOUSAL SUPPORT, be approved for a condominium? Also, many income and expense declarations and other documents in public records prove this high-priced call-girl mistress has BEEN UNEMPLOYED and apparently BOTH she and MARK HASSMAN are living off of MY STOLEN and CRIMINALLY REDISTRIBUTED assets and income from my community estate which I should have received, not them.
• Have my three children been FORCED and THREATENED to pay for these assets?

• Have JEWISH NONPROFITS been HIDING MY ASSETS AND HELPING MARK HASSMAN pay for his Lexus vehicles, Condominium and other expenses while receiving some of MY assets for themselves as payment?

• Why have my children, whom I raised with a lot of love and care as documents and other evidence prove, been refusing to even contact me for almost eleven years now?

• Why don’t my children REASONABLY WANT TO HAVE a civil conversation to resolve this SUDDEN Parental Alienation which devastated me terribly and still does, as reasonably expected?
What has the Parental Alienation done to them? I don’t know; I can only reasonably surmise based upon the proven conclusions of therapists, authors, doctors, other professionals, and other Parental Alienation experts. But not one AMERICAN JEWISH LEADER and not one of their FOLLOWERS even CARE. This is not Judaism.

• Why have ALL UNITED STATES RABBIS AND OTHER RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND THEIR FOLLOWERS been refusing to help my children and I reunite and even have a civil conversation?

• Why have JEWISH JUDGES ISSUED and/or been ENFORCING BASELESS RESTRAINING ORDERS against me which prohibit me from attending my children’s graduations and other event until 2032? Why haven’t they reasonably tried to help me have them struck from the record and help me REUNITE with my children, including but not limited to JEWISH JUDGE LON HURWITZ?

In addition, with all of MARK HASSMAN’S education, skills and experiences along with the legal advice of his law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM (now also Tuttle); MARK HASSMAN knows or should know along with his law firm, judges, justices, other lawyers and others too that we are NOT LEGALLY DIVORCED since a couple cannot become legally divorced pursuant to the U.S. and California Constitutions, property, family and other laws including but not limited to specifically California Family Code sections 2102-2120 UNTIL the Net Worth of the Community Estate is established, agreed upon with informed consent by the lawyers of both spouses and the spouses themselves, along with the agreed upon division and agreed upon distribution. ***None of these required factors are in our divorce decree or any other document in public records.

So, I ask the following on Facebook since MARK HASSMAN threatened me not email him and only use Facebook… MARK HASSMAN stated in his email that “I checked my file of family birth certificates & was surprised to find a certified version of yours;” did MARK HASSMAN also find a document(s) with: 1) the net worth of our community estate, 2) a memo about the legally required meetings we supposedly had with our respective lawyers where we agreed to this net worth, 3) how it was divided between us and; 3) the date and place the distribution of this agreed upon division took place and all these supposed required meetings took place too?

I also ask MARK HASSMAN on Facebook as he requested; why not use your negotiation skills and experience and 1) work with the Rabbis and others and GATHER the required Aliyah documents; 2) have the required APOSTILLE AFFIXED and then; 3) SEND THE COMPLETED PACKAGE to me in Israel?

Since MARK HASSMAN routinely signs his letters/emails when he is requesting something by stating “Thank you in advance,” I will do the same to him.
I hope MARK HASSMAN honors my reasonable:
1) document and 2) apostille request so I can exercise my LEGAL JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT and make Aliyah and also;
3) my request to help OUR CHILDREN have civil communications with me, (by email, whats up or any other effective method) so they can explain to me WHY THEY CHOSE ELEVEN YEAR AGO and CONTINUE TO CHOOSE to alienation me from their life and treat me like I am dead.
Mark, “thank you in advance.”

With that being said, here is MARK HASSMAN’S email and attached is the Jewish song and prayer about Life called “Le Chaim.” Israeli Jews really value life and live with love treating ALL people’s lives as being sacred; not just the lives of wealthy and entitled people. I wish America Jews would learn from them and do the same. American Jews can start by helping me END THE EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION IN THE UNITED STATES by helping me CRIMINALIZE IT as many other countries have already done. Here is MARK HASSMAN’S email.
date: Feb 10, 2019, 7:15 PM
subject: Certified Birth Certificate
I checked my file of family birth certificates & was surprised to find a certified version of yours. It was issued Mach 8, 1995 by the State of Maryland.

If you want this sent to a specific apostille, then blog on Facebook as to the correct contact information & phone number. I will then call them to confirm that you hired them & send the birth certificate to them.

DO NOT respond via e-mail to me. And do not write derogatory comments regarding my efforts to help you gain your citizenship to Israel.

By the way, you were not born at Johns Hopkins Hospital – it was at Sinai Hospital. Your parents are individually listed, but there’s no direct indication of religion for anyone. The hospital & the names are obviously Jewish.
Also, you can order the May 8, 2010 divorce documents online from Orange County Superior Court. Certifications are available by checking the box. There’s an 18 page doc & several 1-2 page docs. You’ll want to find out which ones are actually needed to keep costs down.
Best of luck,

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,…



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