Today is my oldest son’s 25th birthday and I have not seen or talked to him in over 6 years, since he was 19.

 It is so horrible beyond words for both of us.
*** I feel so badly for him and his brother and sister because like millions of other Children of divorce; they were told lies and false stories and are now forbidden to contact their loving Mother for fear of being punished. My younger son was forced to live in those horrible conditions as the photographs I posted on prior days show; because he did not want to alienate his loving Mother.
It is just so evil and horrible what these sick, narcissistic, sociopathic fathers do. The “Religious” Organizations and Non-Profit Schools and others help the sick father so of course my son and his brother and sister are afraid to contact me. They have all been abused and tormented as have I.

I am confident that with my fraudulent divorce and other information that my oldest son and his brother and sister and millions like them will have WONDERFUL, STRONG CHARACTER from this Parental Alienation or whatever you would like to call this horrible emotional torture and abuse. More and more of the truth is coming out daily. Also, please help each other being supportive and kind as I know you all are.

To my son on his 25th Birthday; I hope you are happy and are doing positive things and have returned to having your honest, respectful and kind values.
I hope you have set positive worthwhile goals for yourself and associate with others who do the same.

***I also hope you and your brother and sister frequently keep in touch with each other are helpful and supportive of each other. Each one of you has your own special, beautiful talents and skills which if shared can make all of your lives more meaningful and fun.
I love you very much and hope you have a great birthday and feel comfortable contacting me soon. I sent you email messages for a few years no knowing until recently that they were going to your father and not you. I did the same with the voice mail messages to your brother and sister. YOU KNOW I WILL NEVER FORGET ANY OF YOU and also NEVER STOP TRYING TO HELP YOU!!!

***Please remember, none of this is your fault, but as an adult; your choices define you. So you can choose the type of values and character YOU want to have. You can choose to be a wonderful, kind, respectful, honest, moral, fun person which I am sure you will.
Please also embrace your challenges and know how capable you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can learn from people what to do as well as what not to do.
I look forward to when we talk and see each other again some very special day. I hope you have a great time on your 25th Birthday and a year filled with many beautiful and enriching days.
Feel free to contact me any time. You know you just must be respectful and civil which how I hope YOU demand others treat you this way too; setting and enforcing your boundaries. Otherwise, you can get sick and you know this is what brought on my seizures. Our bodies often tell us when we are in danger and must find a better environment with people who are kind and respectful.
I know the kind and respectful and wonderful person you are as well as your brother and sister and I miss all of you a lot but don’t worry about me.

***Don’t ever be afraid throughout your life to show the world this wonderful, kind and respectful person which is your true character; the essence of your heart, soul and mind. Please help your sister and brother too. Happy Birthday!

All my love always,



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