Today’s hearing in crooked and very foolish JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S courtroom with my crooked and very foolish husband MARK [F] HASSMAN was so successful in showing fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud that both of them and others involved may be able to be sued under RICO or the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statue originally designed to prosecute mob bosses. Includes photo of ” HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” Mikel Sanders-Persky.

To begin, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and my husband             MARK [F] HASSMAN think they are very clever. There were many incriminating comments made throughout the hearing by both of them. But most incriminating is what appears to be their secret, illegal, fraudulent scheme.

It appears crooked and foolish JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR working together in collusion with my crooked and foolish husband MARK [F] HASSMAN (as birds of a feather flock together), illegally and fraudulently granted his illegal and fraudulent motion today to declare me a vexatious litigant JUST IN HER ORANGE COUNTY COURT which is where she reviewed, signed and filed our fraudulent Divorce Contract on May 7, 2010 and where she has jurisdiction.

What this means is that this crooked judge and my crooked husband SECRETLY agreed to illegally declare me a vexatious litigant so that:

1) When he, as they secretly and maliciously planned, stops paying my illegally calculated spousal support of $350 twice a month;

2) That I cannot file a motion to hold him in contempt of the Divorce Contract, which corrupt JUDGE SILBAR reiterated today is in effect and refused to rescind or amend it;

3) Instead, I must file my motion with the presiding judge of the court who THEN must decide whether my motion to hold my husband in contempt for intentionally and maliciously refusing to pay my spousal support of $350 twice a month is valid and I deserve to have Due Process of Law; (remember, the facts show he stole my assets worth millions of dollars, my retirement and many other interest I should have received).

4) Once the presiding judge of the court rules as to whether my motion is valid, THEN AND ONLY THEN may I file my motion to hold my crooked and very foolish husband MARK [F] HASSMAN in contempt of court for violating the Divorce Contract by not paying me the court ordered spousal support. This could take many months especially if corrupt JUDGE SILBAR uses her authority to delay the presiding judge’s ruling.

5) Thus, my husband, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and all the others involved in this conspiracy of promoting Parental Alienation and stealing my assets and depriving me of my other legal rights must be VERY WORRIED THEY WILL GO TO JAIL.

FIRST, at the time of the divorce proceedings, those in this conspiracy tried to use Parental Alienation to make me so tortured, terrorized and abused that I would die or never recover. Then they could easily steal my assets.
Well that malicious and fraudulent plan failed because I not only recovered enough to hold them accountable, I came back stronger in many ways.

SECOND, then they tried to make me financially devastated by stealing my assets and illegally and fraudulently reducing my spousal support many times so that I would become homeless and not be able to afford to sue them. In the classic book about war strategies called “The Art of War,” it is explained that to defeat your opponent you must make her BOTH financially and emotionally devastated.

Well, this plan failed too because I have learned to survive with my employment and my meager, fraudulent support and State programs I qualify for.

I would be VERY FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT if I had received my assets and other interests from the community estate which were stolen from me.

SO NOW as the hearing today shows; MY HUSBAND and JUDGE SILBAR together are trying to make me MORE financially devastated so I will be unable to pay my expenses and continue to sue them.

Lovely… but this is what liars, cheaters, abusers and thieves do, this is their character. Expect this when dealing with them.

If they carry out this plan, as I suspect they will beginning on Monday, October 2, 2016 which is ROSH HASHANAH, a very sacred holiday in the Jewish religion, then there is no question this will be another clear example of FRAUD they have committed. 

The many types of frauds they have committed include but are not limited to: contract fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, mail fraud, fraud upon the court and many others. Thus, they can be charged under RICO.

The facts show they have committed almost every aspect of fraud since May 7, 2010 when the fraudulent Divorce Contract was reviewed, signed and filed and even before then.

It is getting very interesting. Think my case will go to the US Supreme Court so I can finally obtain a legal Divorce Contract and my other Legal Rights including Due Process of Law?
Now, attached are the photos I took today of my husband and his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY leaving the court. (I will post the 2nd one tomorrow)

********Yes, this is the “high priced call girl” referred to on the DR. PHIL SHOW but many supporters told me that was too nice a description because high priced call girls would not promote parental alienation and steal a Mother’s assets.

I agree.

They had some other more appropriate descriptions of her but I do not want to state them here. I am sure you can guess how they described her.**********


1) I took the photos with my cell phone showing the time they left the court which was 1:15 pm. However, as the court transcript reflects; JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR stated my husband had to get to work and because I took public transportation beginning at around 7a.m. and arrived as scheduled in her courtroom at about 11:30 a.m.; I was holding him up and he needed to get to work. She set the hearing at 9 a.m. knowing I would not arrive until around 11:30 a.m. because I can no longer afford a car since she herself and also by aiding and abetting others have stolen my money and other assets.

Also, my husband refused to agree to a later hearing to accommodate me taking public transportation as others have done and continue to do. He also would not pay for me to arrive on time. What a guy!!!

JUDGE SILBAR concluded the hearing about 12:10 p.m. These photos were taken on the public sidewalk outside the courthouse which again shows JUDGE SILBAR lied and my husband did not correct her either.

If he needed to get to work as she stated; why was he casually walking to the parking garage over an hour AFTER the hearing had ended.

His mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY does not work and LIVES OFF MY MONEY, like my crooked HUSBAND while getting new cars, BREAST IMPLANTS and other luxuries while I qualify for Government Programs since they stole my assets and income from me AND NOW THEY WILL STEAL my $350 twice a month spousal support. What guy and a gal…let the facts speak for themselves; ipso facto. 
I haven’t even discussed their creation and perpetuation of Parental Alienation which is disgraceful beyond words but clearly shows their values and character.

2) They both have fraudulent restraining orders against me so I cannot attend my Children’s graduations and other events and celebrations if they are present even though I have been a law-abiding person my entire life and helped my Children thrive in many positive ways until they suddenly alienated me at the time of divorce.

Thus, since both of them are known to lie, even under oath, I did not want to take any chances that they would AGAIN falsely accuse me of violating my fraudulent restraining orders. These photos show that I am walking away from them and they are also walking away from me as we are all on public property. 
This mistress even posed for my photo. Think she could use it for a jail mug shot?

Well, truth and justice are prevailing and it will be interesting to see if my husband intentionally and maliciously stops paying my illegally calculated spousal support of $350 twice a month. What do you think he will do? Time will tell.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Here are some Facebook comments:

Parental Alienation Solutions:   OVER 300 HITS as we fight for truth, justice and equal rights
not allowing this type of women to promote parental alienation and steal our money for BREAST IMPLANTS etc.
SEE THE POST TWO ABOVE of another incriminating post with a REAR END SHOT of the “high priced call girl,” MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY showing we are walking away from each other and SHE CAN’T LIE AGAIN saying I did something to her. Seriously, this situation she and many others have put me in is so horrible that without some humor, a person suffering from this abuse, terror, torture and oppression would cry all day and emotionally fall apart like they planned.
Parental Alienation Solutions
OVER 300 HITS SO FAR SO SHOULD WE TRY TO MAKE IT 400 and see if we can exceed the number of hits my recent post received of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s letter.
THIS IS JUST HERE on this page too.
Think the “high priced call girl” MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY(which many say is too nice a description) will change her ways or destroy herself with all her abusive, illegal behaviors?
 As we fight to end Parental Alienation and the illegal use of nonprofit agreements by spreading the truth and fighting for Justice for all, which includes law-abiding Mothers and their Children who are suffering from these epidemic problems.
Please feel free to share so others know what to expect from these lying, stealing, abusing Women and others like them.


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