True Growth and Maturity is uncomfortable but will Give You Self Confidence and get Rid of Your Shame

True Growth and Maturity is uncomfortable so on this Thanksgiving if YOU want to improve your self confidence and not be filled with shame, anger and revenge AND want to stop listening to people like this who try to intimidate you; then break away and learn to be INDEPENDENT.

***I learned some very important lessons from some very destructive and corrupt people. You can too:

I learned many of these important lessons as a young adult and then again when I needed to get away from my ex-husband;
YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE to use all of your skills and talents and stop ALLOWING yourself to be controlled by an angry, revengeful, cheating person who only cares about himself, and CONTROLLING YOU.
People like this use YOU until they use you up and then they don’t care what happens to you. This is ABUSE not LOVE and RESPECT.

When YOU realize how horrible and abusive people like this are;
1) You THEN realize this is not a positive environment for you;
2) and You realize You MUST LEAVE to save YOUR good character and often your health.
This is what I realized and continue to realize everyday about my mother, sister and many relatives from my young adult years and more recently about my ex-husband. None of them have changed but; I have recently given them all opportunities to show me.

***I could only continue to exist in their world WITH THEM and they would only APPEAR to be helpful and APPEAR to be kind if I did the corrupt and immoral things they wanted. Their character is to cheat, lie and deceive and I refused to ADOPT those behaviors.
This is THEIR way of life; this is what THEY do.
This is NOT MY way of life or what I do as my actions clearly speak for themselves.

So, to maintain MY behaviors of integrity, truth, kindness, compassion and respect; I had to leave.

As many facts on public records and elsewhere show, my ex-husband, especially being a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer who received his MBA from Harvard KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT HE DID AND CONTINUES TO DO is unlawful, along with many lawyers and others who have assisted him.

The facts show that since around the time of the divorce; my ex-husband has lied, deceived, manipulated and cheated in many ways and needed the help of these others to reclassify and remove Trust Assets and do other unlawful things; during the time I was having seizures or coping with anxiety and distress due to the sudden destruction of the relationships with my Children which appears to be all by design.
This is so evil and corrupt but this is what liars and cheaters do.

There was and still is no rational reason for my Children to eliminate me from their lives as many, many facts show.
If I wasn’t in such a state of distress, I would have realized the unlawful divorce judgment and many other unlawful acts that I have come to realize now since I have learned to cope with my anxiety and distress.
I am so grateful I have come to realize these unlawful acts, and have the strength to address them while still coping with my anxiety and distress.

At the time of the divorce I became aware that my ex-husband was lying and also became very disrespectful and refused to address his issues in therapy and still does.
I could not continue to be married to someone like that as my body reacted too, and I developed seizures, anxiety and distress.

***So, in life, each person has to CHOOSE to be the person THEY want to be, NOT BLAMING ANYONE.
Just like in the bestselling novel “THE CHOSEN,” by Chaim Potok, the young adult son had to leave his Jewish parents’ home because they refused to be respectful and reasonable. Instead these unreasonable Jewish parents demanded that their son accept their beliefs and would not allow him to have any INDEPENDENT beliefs of his own.
This is Collectivism, not Individualism and shows a sick need to CONTROL OTHERS.

I am a reasonable, respectful, kind, compassionate Individual and I refuse to follow corrupt, deceiving, lying, cheating and dictatorial ways of others who try to CONTROL people and not allow them FREEDOM to think and act in positive INDEPENDENT ways.

To me it does not matter who these sick, CONTROLLING people are;
I just refuse to associate with them because I believe in giving people freedom to act and think in their own positive INDIVIDUAL ways. This is reasonable.

The importance of INDIVIDUALITY is explained beautifully by bestselling author Chaim Potok in “The Chosen,” and Ayn Rand in her bestselling novel “The Fountainhead.”
They both explain the importance of promoting positive Individual thoughts and ideas which help others reach their potential; not become reactive robots that follow the demands of a sick controlling person, people or an organization.

So, on this Thanksgiving, I am very grateful for the lessons I have learned and the strength I have been given to apply my skills and talents to PROMOTE INDIVIDUALISM; by changing the laws regarding fraudulent grantor trusts and now changing the laws regarding parental alienation by addressing all the many parts and people involved.

If not I, then who?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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