Truth, Love and Goodness will always TRUMP Lies, Hate and Evil. Why as Donald Trump said today about Muslims being a problem I feel the same about many Jewish Leaders, Rabbis and others who promote Parental Alienation

As the fight between GOOD vs. EVIL continues; we have a problem with JEWS.

As Donald Trump said today on the news regarding the question about Muslims I feel the same about Jews. Some JEWS are wonderful, honest, and kind as I am AND MY ACTIONS SHOW. However…
unfortunately some JEWS are very, very evil because they help the wealthy father gain sole custody so he does not have to pay spousal support and also hide the loving wife/mother’s money and property in their Charitable Agreements. 

They also defame the loving wife/mother’s character by telling lies about her to others and banning her from their synagogue WITHOUT ANY RATIONAL REASON, but to inflict upon her more emotional distress so she will not be able to DEFEND HER LEGAL RIGHTS.

This has been the way evil has existed for centuries.

******But there are always Good people who are strong, loving and honest and help make our world a better place for all by STANDING UP to this Evil. That is ME and I am very proud of my choice to live this life.

Silencing the TRUTH so they can profit with acts of abuse, emotional torture and distress is NOT JUDAISM, it is Terrorism as any reasonable person knows.

As my facts show the following so-called JEWS the world has problems with because they are really terrorists and think Parental Alienation is a game because they DO NOT UNDERSTAND LOVE.

They are destroying the lives of millions of Children who have been torn from the LOVING WORLD WITH THEIR LOVING MOTHER by using lies, schemes and manipulations.

***Although I feel very sorry for all of these Evil Jews because they cannot give love or receive love and have lost their heart, soul and reasonable mind AND REFUSE TO CHANGE; they must be disarmed so they cannot continue their terror.
This is what I am doing by using my mind, reason and the law; never violence.

All reasonable people, including these so-called Jews know that destroying the Mother/Child bond so the father/husband does not have to pay Child Support and the Mother is in such a state of emotional torture due to the loss of relations with her children is evil and not a game.
Then they can create more evil by stealing the Mother/Wife’s property and money because as experts have proven; she cannot focus her mind due to the emotional torture. So she relies on her corrupt lawyers and the corrupt Judge and others who just abuse her too by enforcing the parental alienation and stealing her assets with a fraudulent divorce judgment so THEY TOO CAN PROFIT.

It is very sad since the JEWS are in the midst of our High Holidays and these Rabbis and other EVIL JEWS just say the words of the prayers and keep destroying God’s world and the world of Love.

Well I don’t and Truth, Love and I will prevail.

Truth and Love will always TRUMP Lies and Hate.

These so-called JEWS who are a problem along with others they work with are listed below to HELP OTHERS. Stay away from them so you too are not abused, cheated and lied to. This is all they do; they REFUSE to be REASONABLE and Change and LEARN TO LOVE. 

***Basically stay away from ALL RABBIS and JEWISH LEADERS and ALL RELIGIOUS LEADERS unless they agree to give sermons, write and diligently educate their congregation and/ or community about parental alienation. None will. The following specifically stay away from:





They will all cheat you so they can benefit. This is all they know how to do.

Even MY OWN PARENTS, SISTER and their JEWISH LAWYER are Evil Jews. They tried to take my legal rights away when I was 27 years old so they could pay less taxes using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust. Of course, I would not go along.

IT IS VERY UNFORTUNATE that these Jews NEVER LEARNED TO LOVE and REFUSE to CHANGE their corrupt ways of destroying the Mother/Child bond so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by defaming her beautiful character to inflict her with emotional distress and torture so they can hide and then keep her money she should have received at the time of divorce in their CHARITABLE AGREEMENTS.

Our Choices determine Our Destiny so choose wisely if you go along with these CORRUPT JEWS or instead reasonably choose to CHANGE as we are celebrating Judaism and what it stands for during our High Holidays this week.

Also, I have received emails wanting me to give personal help in a parental alienation situation. I am sorry I cannot but if you have a specific question, please post it in a comment and I will respond.
Have a great day and eat healthy and exercise in this beautiful weather.

As I continue to forge forward in the fight of GOOD VS. EVIL.

Attached are some photos I took on a nice walk in my neighborhood. There is so much beauty in our world and I am defending my legal rights so millions of us will have more and more beauty in our world.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Thank you Phil Seastrom…I do not think you realize how you are taking yourself and everyone else down with you due to your lies, abuse and corrupt acts. I will explain in detail in about a week. So everyone thought you were “the man” who would save everyone. I don’t think so and I have experience with those who think they are “the man” and I proved they were not. Want to become REASONABLE? I have to make sure. So I am asking you. If so, just contact me. If I don’t hear from you I will assume you want to keep running your corruption. I am giving you a chance to save yourself as I was taught by the Judge I clerked for and my wonderful Grandfather Ben.

Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.
Parental Alienation Solutions's photo.



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