Two very interesting emails: The first one is to my eldest adult son which should help other alienated parents because it shows characteristics of Parental Alienation Syndrome. The second one shows how the abusive, sick, alienating parent commonly behaves.

 Both emails were written during the divorce proceedings: Here is the first one to my son:

It is just tragic that you came to the court hearing with Dad and were involved in the hallway discussions with him and his attorney. As I have stressed to you before, it is in children’s best interest and better for their mental health if they stay out of the divorce issues and instead are encouraged and have an opportunity to have a relationship with both their father AND their Mother.

When one parent, BY HIS ACTIONS AND WORDS, discourages this so consequently the children feel they have to CHOOSE A SIDE AND are not allowed to love both of their parents FREELY, this is a form of child abuse and causes scars for the children and is EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL to their mental health and well being.

By getting involved in the divorce discussions with Dad and his attorney, it is very difficult for you not to become biased, especially since you are only hearing ONE SIDE and not getting a TOTAL PICTURE. It is just so unfortunate that Dad’s words and actions have not encouraged you to have a relationship with me and for all of us to EMBRACE our new family unit.

Your attitude towards me has CHANGED SO MUCH since November, when Dad and I first separated in the home and I came to your college to see you. You took me to all of your classes, introduced me to your friends and teachers, got me a coveted ticket to the school hockey game so I could join you and your friends, showed me around campus, had many meals with me alone so we could catch up with each other and also had meals with your girlfriend and various friends. 
You also took me to a special school lecture with the dean too. Just the two of us spent time together talking about school and I stressed to you not to get involved in the divorce because that is between Dad and me and it is NOT YOUR FAULT AT ALL.

I told you that I came to visit you because I wanted to see your school environment, now that you were a sophomore and had time to acclimate and I missed you so much too.

NOW, you don’t even say “hello” to me. Why the DRASTIC CHANGE IN YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME; especially since I have hardly seen you since then but had many wonderful telephone conversations with you?

We really need to go to Reunification Therapy to communicate and work things out so you will be less scarred from the divorce. I really know what I am talking about but PLEASE research for yourself. If you have any questions or want more information, just let me know. But, this therapy is so important for your mental well being and AS YOUR MOTHER I AM VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THIS.

******I am sure DAD WILL AGREE that the two of us should have reunification therapy because, he does not want you to be scarred and also WHY WOULDN’T A FATHER WANT A SON TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS MOTHER WHO IS A GOOD PERSON AND NOT A CRIMINAL? If Dad would discourage this reunification therapy, this would be very harmful to your mental health and his actions would be a form of child abuse.

So, PLEASE call or email me to set up this reunification therapy. I love you and miss you and care so much about you. Due to the Judge’s order, you have to email or call me and it would be best if we start this therapy soon since you will be going back to school in August. Please, for your sake.

Here is the second email and this one is to my husband MARK HASSMAN with his attorney from the law firm SEASTROM &SEASTROM copied in. (remember I am still married due to my fraudulent divorce contract.) This email was also written during the divorce proceedings.

Mark, you were the one who filed for divorce. If you really wanted to put this behind us you would stop belaboring minor issues, splitting hairs, settle the conflict and have nothing to do with me…if this is what you truly wanted. Cut your losses and come to a mutual agreement with me.

***I’ve been told professionally that you really want to stay connected with me by continuing the fight. I have also been told professionally that you can’t put your frustrations and anger aside so you are leaking this onto our children, preventing them from FREELY connecting with me or be able to act when they are ready to feel connected with me again.

Please provided me with a reasonable settlement offer and move forward with your life and find someone who is better suited for you than me, if this is what you choose and go forward with your life. PLEASE STOP HARMING OUR CHILDREN’S MENTAL DEVELOPMENT TOO.

***So many people have told me how MISERABLY, both from a business sense and mature standpoint, you have handled this divorce. A divorce is to sever ties in the MOST EFFECTIVE and cost efficient way. 

Please do this since this is what you wanted when you filed for divorce. (please note; I had no idea my husband, a Harvard business school graduate and a certified public accountant would steal my community property, savings, retirement and other assets. I had no idea he was EVEN CAPABLE of doing this but my divorce contract shows he was and all the others who helped him like Judge Silbar, the law firms and also where is all the millions of dollars- in 501(c)(3) agreements with SINAI TEMPLE, SADDLEBACK CHURCH and with others. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO TRUST YOUR HUSBAND but I guess I was naïve even though I trusted him for about 20 years and we had 3 children and were very happy up until the time of the divorce).

Why spend money on legal fees when this money can be used for our children instead. If you would just present me with a reasonable settlement?
(However, as the facts show he continued to encourage the parental alienation and I became very sick. What a guy!!! I am sure any reasonable person can understand why I am trying to obtain a legal, valid and enforceable divorce contract as I am legally entitled to.)

I hope these emails are helpful to many as we continue to fight for truth and justice with great pride.

Remember, COURAGE means to do what you know is moral and just despite what others think, especially those who are unreasonable and irrational. These others must have an ulterior motive because otherwise, they would also have the courage to do what is moral and just.

ANY REASONABLE PERSON KNOWS, it is moral and just to diligently help end Parental Alienation and help loving, law-abiding Mothers (fathers) and their children reunite. To do the opposite makes a person part of the abuse.

***If you are more concerned about what others think then doing what you know is moral and just then you become the slave of those whose opinions you are so concerned about.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.orga

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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