Understanding the true disgraceful character of rabbis and Jewish leaders today

This post is for rabbi DAVID WOLPE and anyone else who wants to understand the TRUTH as to the disgraceful behavior and character of rabbis today, including rabbi DAVID WOLPE who Newsweek and other publications has named as one of the most influential US rabbis.

If you truly UNDERSTAND what rabbi David Wolpe does, you will understand that Jewish leaders and organizations today have lost their way. Unfortunately so have many Jews including my ex-husband who has created and perpetuates parental alienation and has stolen my 50 percent interest in OUR community estate worth millions of dollars.

So David, will you please stop hacking my computer and phone as you have been doing for the past several years and no one at Sinai Temple or any other Jewish Organization will stop you. Do they pay you to do this to try to keep me in a state of emotional distress?

But worse, you; a very educated man who gives therapy to others; do you not have the sense to get the help you need to change your detrimental and unlawful behaviors?
David, do you honestly think you are qualified to give therapy to others and qualified to be a rabbi?

Is hiding MY community property worth millions and keeping me alienated from my children qualifications a rabbi today must be willing carry out?
Please tell me the Jewish teaching that promotes this? You know it does not exist so why have you sold your soul and continue to act like a rabbi while you are harming mothers and their children of all ages? Do you think you are entitled to do this?

David, you may be able to charm others with your smooth talking and professional speaking capabilities but you and I are long past that. 
You know I will bring you down with all the others for continuing to PROMOTE parental alienation and HIDE community property of the wife/mother using your 501c3 and other charitable agreements so you and others you work with can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE while you are harming others. You are a disgrace.

David, if you have something to tell me then be strong enough to tell me to my face, call me or email me personally not as an alias and don’t send anyone on your behalf to give me a message or a bracelet, poems or any other gifts. Do it yourself AFTER you have changed your ways and BURNED your old bridges with those who are dishonest and corrupt.
You can ask my children for verification as they unequivocally know that I will not associate with anyone who is disrespectful and dishonest because I do not want to get sick again. This is very reasonable but are you? 
A person is never “in too deep” to change their ways because if there is a will there is a way and there is no excuse, especially for a rabbi to transform his negative habits and behaviors into positive ones AND set the example for others to follow.

I have said what I wanted to say so either join me by bringing an end to parental alienation and harming mothers and children so that you can profit from divorce or go down with the rest who believe they are ENTITLED to harm mothers and children for a PROFIT.

You know this is not what Judaism or any other reasonable religion promotes but are you willing to put your character on the line for the corrupt collective Jewish groups to PROVE IT? Show your true character of the type of person you truly want to be; not the image you want to promote but the true person you want to be.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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