Understanding those who Create and Perpetuate Parental Alienation and their Minds

UNDERSTANDING those who create and perpetuate Parental Alienation and their minds and WHY it makes them feel powerful to harm innocent vulnerable children which includes inexperienced teens and young adults and their loving Mother (father).

With understanding comes knowledge and with knowledge comes the understanding that change is needed to PROTECT not abuse Women and Children (and fathers in similar situations too.)

Commonly the parent who creates parental alienation and those who agree to go along with him(her) to destroy the companionship between the Loving Mother and her Children so that:
1-they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE, by helping to hide community property and take it for themselves instead of giving it to the Loving Mother.
In my case the value of the community estate was never established which is against the law and also it is impossible to be divided equally. 
But, the law firms and judge went right along and signed an invalid agreement. To make matters worse for them there is an agreement clearly stating their intent to “purposefully conceal assets.” and NOT do what is in the best interest of the children. Can you believe it? Well, it is all part of my case file.

2-they also go along with the parental alienation so they can conceal a clause in the divorce agreement regarding custody and visitation and typically without defining its terms so the abusive father gets custody even though the Mother is loving and law-abiding. Then they can use and abuse the children to even help steal their own loving Mother’s property;

3- then the judge working with them orders therapy with a therapist who writes a false report to make the loving mother look crazy when they are the sick and crazy ones;

4-Criminal lawsuits with false allegations are filed;

5-Restraining orders are issued by the same corrupt judge without any rational basis or legitimate reason so the Loving Mother is prevented from attending graduations, birthdays, school events and other events if the alienating father and step-mother are there.

All because the judges, law firms, religious organizations who help hide the Loving Mother’s property in 501c3 and other agreements; schools which also have agreements to hide the money and property; executives, corporate owners, and others go along too and hide the money and property.Of course for a profit.

They think they can steal the Loving Mother’s hard earned money and property because they have a corrupt network and they think the Loving Mother will never figure all this out and be able to prove it. I guess they forgot I am an attorney who clerked for a judge.Well, this is a wonderful opportunity to enforce the laws so at the time of divorce women and children will have EQUAL RIGHTS as our laws provide and those involved will be held accountable for all the severe harms they have intentionally caused.

***What do all of these people have in common??? 

This is why they have a great need to control others and surround themselves with those who are intimidated by them and will ALLOW themselves to be controlled by them instead of getting away from them.

This is why they write and promote discriminatory and abusive corporate policies and will not reasonably change their corporate policies which harm others.
For example; many Jewish Organizations have had a secret policy for decades to promote and encourage parental alienation so they can keep vulnerable Children and their loving Mother subservient to them as bestselling author Stephen Fried describes.[http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/]

The Jewish leaders try to make themselves honored and feared so they can PROFIT from divorce and also abuse the Loving Mother and the Children. This is all part of my case as the facts clearly show. The others who perpetuate parental alienation do this too.
They REFUSE TO STOP too because then they have to TRANSFORM which means they must adopt new thought processes and behaviors involving LEARNING how to be HAPPY FOR OTHERS and even trying to HELP OTHERS FIND HAPPINESS AND LOVE.
They don’t want to do this; they want to keep intimidating, abusing, humiliating others and stealing the Loving Mother’s money so they can deprive her and her Children of happiness.

This gives them sick pleasure because they think this makes them seem more POWERFUL. This is their way of profiting from a REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. That money and property belongs to the hardworking mother as any reasonable person knows; being a full time mother takes a lot of effort and energy and of course love.

These people PRETEND to care but they only care if THEY benefit. 
A true, caring person is there for you whenever you need to talk to them AND does not do harmful things to you BEHIND YOUR BACK to try to KEEP YOU FROM BEING HAPPY. This is commonly what these professionals, religious leaders, relatives and others do; all working together to STOP the Loving Mother and her Children from being HAPPY. They want you to be under their control and only be happy when they ALLOW YOU.

This is the big picture of parental alienation. I hope this helps many understand these horrible truths but as the wonderful Judge I clerked for taught me; Ignorance is not bliss, just ignorance.

Truth is knowledge and knowledge is power and can bring about very positive changes for many, as I intent to do.
If not I, then who?
As always, none of this is legal advice or advice of any kind.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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