Unfortunately but as expected, I never heard from the following people about helping me begin to communicate with my children after eleven years of the well-documented Parental Alienation especially for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow in addition: 1) my mother also about ordering my birth certificate which would help me complete the special act or mitzvah of returning to my homeland Israel to live, pursuant to the sacred Law of Return; 2) Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg also about his required letter I need to complete this mitzvah; 3) Any American Jewish leader, Jewish Organization or their members who are willing to help me begin communicating with my children, and gather these required documents for the mitzvah of returning to Israel to live.

First, please note that I have been hacked again and cannot load this post on my facebook page. This is how evil predators behave. Now…

Many people in Israel are disgusted with my mother and told me she doesn’t even deserve to be called a mother. They are also disgusted with all the other Jews and also non-Jews who have been refusing to acknowledge and help end the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation as any decent human being should want to do.

I was on the bus the other day in Israel and met a woman who was very grateful for all that I have done and continue to do to make the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation a crime in Israel and American as other countries have already done.    

         This Israeli woman knew a mother in Israel who had been suffering from Parental Alienation since the time of her divorce. Her adult children did not want to see her despite all of her love and care. When her children got married they excluded her from all celebrations and then alienated her from her grandchildren. This mother was understandably so distraught.

         The Israeli woman on the bus told me that this mother of course loved her daughters whom she raised and reasonably wanted to have a relationship with them, their husbands and her grandchildren but they repeatedly refused and kept alienating her.  

         Very sadly this woman said she had nothing to live for and killed herself; which is what these evil predators who create and promote Parental Alienation want. They want to silence you and destroy you which is why they are refusing to help me gather the documents I need to live in Israel as I have a sacred birthright to do. Instead they want me to return to America where they can use more lies and schemes to falsely accuse me of crimes as they have done in the past as public records prove. Then they will try to put me in jail again and try to leave me there until I die so they can:

1) keep the millions of dollars they stole from me,

 2) continue to use and abuse my brainwashed and terrorized children and;

3) continue carrying out acts of Parental Alienation SO THEY CAN PROFIT.  

This is not Judaism or any other reasonable religion; this is terrorism as any reasonable person knows. In addition today is the holiday of Lag BaOmer.

In Israel there are outdoor celebrations for Lag BaOmer where Israelis enjoy the beauty of nature and celebrate being respectful to each other.

So why do Jews in American, Israel and other countries throughout the world refuse to  acknowledge and help end the terror and torture of Parental Alienation? As my lawsuits in public records in California and United States’ Appeals Courts prove; these so-called Jews are PROFITING from stealing the assets of the alienated mother or father and PROFITING from turning the children into criminals as “evil begets evil.”

With that being said, here is an example of the evil mind of these evil predators who create and promote Parental Alienation. These are comments I received on my facebook page which show how this evil predator thinks. I believe this person is just an alias for Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, who I consulted for therapy at the time of my divorce regarding coping with Parental Alienation. At that time I thought rabbis and Jewish organizations were honest and law-abiding and did not use their nonprofit tax status [501(c)(3)] to hide and launder money belonging to alienated mothers and fathers.

Also, please note, it is believed Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple has been hacking my computer for years but the Jewish organizations do not care; they obviously pay him for this and Sinai Temple is one of my defendants for creating and promoting Parental Alienation. Anyway, the photos of my children do not appear on my website and facebook posts as I placed them. I just wanted to mention this.

Anyway, these comments show how those with evil intentions just talk about irrelevant things instead of DOING what is reasonable and compassionate. I do not even know what some of his comments mean. Basically, I know I was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital in downtown Baltimore because whenever my mother would drive past it she would tell me that this was the hospital where I was born. She also said that my sister was one of the first babies born in the new maternity wing at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore County.

I hope these comments are helpful for many of you to better understand how these evil predators think and act. Specifically, they are not reasonable or compassionate and get angry if you do not do what they want. Then they blame you and make up lies about you with the evil intentions of: 1) hiding the truth and; 2) trying to demean and shame you even though they know you are a loving, honest, law-abiding, brave, reasonable, innocent person who refuses to be silenced and peacefully continues to fight to end Parental Alienation.

So keep going and never stop spreading the truth. Here are the comments and those in the parentheses [  ] are also my comments:

Parental Alienation Solutions: As usual, you are mistaken. They never asked for my address and the Rabbi can easily ask for it now. I do not trust my still legal husband Mark Hassman. because he just lies and lies as the evidence in public records clearly proves. Plus, they are just continuing to prove their malicious intent.

Laurinda Hogbin: Both asked. You posted the emails where they said they would send the documents to you if you gave them your address.

Parental Alienation Solutions:  Well, then have them contact me so they can help me gather the required documents and send them to me which would show they have an INTENTION TO DO WHAT IS MORAL AND JUST. It is never too late to correct the errors of your ways and compensate those you have harmed. Let the positive changes of Tikkun Olam begin immediately. I hope to hear from them soon.

Laurinda Hogbin: What’s your address?

Parental Alienation Solutions: Are you an alias for them or an agent for them?? Have them contact me with their HONEST INTENTIONS NOW because I want to work DIRECTLY with RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG AND MY MOTHER TOO. I would be thrilled to work with them and I don’t want any confusion or misunderstandings. This is all very reasonable and we don’t need an agent or alias.

Laurinda Hogbin: I’m neither. The best I can do is use my own email, which the rabbi hasn’t blocked, to send your address to them.
You always have the option of posting your address publicly where Mark can see it so he can send you your birth certificate.[ I also have the option of creating a new email account but; I choose to use the one I have because this continues to show their evil intentions and malice.]

Parental Alienation Solutions: Mark has a fraudulent birth certificate to go along with our fraudulent divorce judgment and all of his lies. He claims I was born at a hospital that was not even built when I was born. What is your true intention? Do you or some in this evil conspiracy want to come and physically harm me? Also, you do not need my permission to forward my email to Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, just do it and contact other rabbis and others so they can help me too. Why not contact my mother?

Laurinda Hogbin: You were born before 1866? Really? Because that’s when Sinai Hospital was founded. The temple has already indicated that it’s done with you. It wouldn’t even meet with your friend. They’re not going to trade even more emails with you, so your plan is DOA.  [I do not even know what he is talking about]

Parental Alienation Solutions: The Maternity Wing was not built until 1960. ****** IF YOU HAVE HONEST INTENTIONS then contact my children and help us reunite. Contact rabbis and other religious leaders, judges and the press etc. and bring PUBLIC AWARENESS to Parental Alienation. Have Mark send this birth certificate to a Maryland apostille agency and let me know which one. I can work with them because I reasonably do not trust Mark. PROVE TO ME THAT YOU, MY DEFENDANTS which include Mark, NOW HAVE HONEST INTENTIONS. I HOPE YOU DO. Stop arguing; just prove your intentions with your ACTIONS. This is Tikkun Olam, which is a commandment of Judaism and what reasonable people do; they use their skills and experiences to help others and future generations too.*******

Laurinda Hogbin:   [Still arguing about this nonsense and not addressing the Parental Alienation].   That just means the maternity ward was elsewhere in the building. Do you really think the hospital had no facilities for the most common and basic medical condition in the world? A long-established Jewish hospital turned away all laboring mothers because, oops, they forgot to plan for a maternity ward? So sorry, we’ve been around for almost a century but we’re not going to have room for you until we have a purpose-built wing? The hospital probably doesn’t have an ICU Wing. Do all intensive care patients have to be shipped off to another hospital? Is there an ER Wing? If not, where do people with emergencies go? Is there a Geriatric Wing, or does the hospital serve only people under 65?

Laurinda Hogbin: [There is no need for his anger. He should want to do what is reasonable and compassionate by helping to end Parental Alienation. Also, I could create a new email address but I prefer to continue to show the evil intentions and MALICE of this evil CONSPIRACY which unfortunately includes MY MOTHER].   I’m not your servant, silly girl. I’m only offering to give two people your address so they can send you documents.
You don’t want to give them your address, do you? If you did, you would have done it when you had a chance. You only want to rant at them some more, and you’re trying to use me to get to them now that they’ve blocked you.
That’s not going to happen. Either give me your address, or quit whining.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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