Unless JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR reports MARK HASSMAN to: 1) the Criminal Division of her court, the California Superior Court of Orange County; 2) JUDGE CHARLES MARGINES who is the presiding judge of this Court; 3) the Government Student Loan Authorities and other appropriate Student Loan Authorities; 4) CRIMINAL and FRAUD authorities; SHE can go to jail for BEING AN ACCOMPLICE by aiding and abetting MARK HASSMAN in carrying out STUDENT LOAN FRAUD due to the STRAW PURCHASES of these twenty-seven student loans he swore to under penalty of perjury while SHE was acting as the judge on behalf of the State of California.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, as the transcript from the September 12, 2018 hearing proves; heard the evidence of the STUDENT LOAN STRAW PURCHASES MARK HASSMAN advised OUR THREE ADULT CHILDREN TO COMMIT as several prior posts explain in detail. This is IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE.
Remember, MARK HASSMAN, aside from being an evil, crooked, heartless, malicious predator; is also a Harvard business school graduate, certified public accountant and chief financial officer who has taken companies public and has spearheaded mergers, acquisitions and other financial arrangements and financial contracts throughout the U.S. over the past 35 years or so. 
      Do you really think MARK HASSMAN with all of his education; skills; experiences; and certifications did not know he was advising OUR CHILDREN to commit these STRAW PURCHASES using Student Loans? Then as MARK HASSMAN swore on September 12, 2018 before presiding JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR; Our Three Children “passed along” their unused student loan money to each other AND do you think they also “passed along” some of this LOW INTEREST money for MARK HASSMAN to use for HIS OWN investment purposes?

THIS WAS THE REASON FOR OUR DIVORCE…MARK HASSMAN wanted ME, yes ME around 2008, to take out student loans claiming on forms to be for our children’s college education but really for HIS OWN INVESTMENT PURPOSES for “the family.” He wanted to use the LOW INTEREST MONEY from these student loans to invest and help “our family” profit. 
Well, I told MARK HASSMAN my husband of about 23 years at that time that:
• He was crazy and I would never do that because it is criminal and illegal;
• He should have known better than to ask me to do something like that due to the lawsuit against my parents, sister and their attorney regarding their criminal and illegal use of MY social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust, in 1985 when we were first married. “My family” which I was born into, and their attorney in 1985 wanted to continue to cheat the U.S. Government and pay less taxes claiming I was earning their money and investment profits at My lower tax rate and I told them they were crazy. I then sued them because they refused to stop as MARK HASSMAN knows because we were married at that time and he was very supportive of what I was doing too. 
Since MARK HASSMAN knew I refused to go along with their criminal and illegal tax fraud scheme when I found out about it in 1985; he should have known better over 20 years later to ask me to do the same thing AGAIN!!! I refuse to violate Government Tax Laws and any other laws.

******MARK HASSMAN has become like “my family” I was born into… Crazy and Criminal along with many other horrible descriptions.

• As MARK HASSMAN does today when he doesn’t want to answer one of my very important questions; he just ignores me. 
Specifically, around 2008; I reminded MARK HASSMAN that we had been saving for years for our children’s college education and that EARNED INCOME ALONE from our joint tax returns showed over $500,000 per year for many, many years of our marriage, including those leading up to our separation. I asked him to SHOW ME WHERE ALL THAT MONEY IS, (show me the money, dear) since he with all of his prestigious titles, education, certifications and experiences controlled our community estate and marital finances. MARK HASSMAN REFUSED and just ignored me. 
However, then MARK HASSMAN began the Parental Alienation, SECRETLY telling our children that I did not want them to go to college because I refused to sign student loans so they could then be able to attend because:
i) I didn’t care about them anymore 
ii) I didn’t love them anymore
iii) I just wanted to treat them “like they are dead” as an email from my youngest son proves.
iv) This is how horrible and evil those who create and promote Parental Alienation are who as I have been advised professionally have characteristics of not only evil predators but of narcissists too.

So, now it has come full circle. 
Will MARK HASSMAN admit to “helping” our children carry out this STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME or will he try to BLAME THEM by claiming THEY had the financial wherewithal to carry it out and knew they were creating STRAW PURCHASES and cheating the United States Government and other Student Loan Agencies? Will he agree to being the financial “mastermind” of this STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME with 27 student loans or try to blame our Children?

Here is the many million dollar question and also KEY TO THE JAIL CELL which it reasonably appears will be used for MARK HASSMAN, JUDGE SILBAR and others in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE who have been benefiting from promoting Parental Alienation, which includes this Student Loan Fraud Scheme….WHY was MARK HASSMAN swearing in court about this scheme on September 12, 2018 instead of helping our children to END IT and RECTIFY the harms they have caused the U.S Government and others?

*******MARK HASSMAN knows or should know that if he did not create the Parental Alienation that I would have explained this STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME and how it involves STRAW PURCHASES which is a very serious FELONY. Thus, like I did, I am sure My Children, whom I raised as their full-time, stay-at-home Mother with my honest and compassionate values and character, would have AGREED WITH ME and also not taken out STUDENT LOANS and 27 of them too.

Thus, have a great day knowing that very incriminating evidence is becoming MORE AND MORE IRREFUTABLE due to testimony, overwhelming documents signed under penalty of perjury and due to the characteristic behavior of those involved.
It is UNNATURAL for My Children to suddenly alienate Me at the time of divorce and continue this alienation for TEN YEARS NOW as I have been advised professionally and any reasonable, compassionate person knows too. 
PARENTAL ALIENATION has proven to consist of acts of terror, torture, abuse and oppression because it forces Children and the alienated Mother or Father to behave UNNATURALLY because it DESTROYS LOVE.

Attached is a song which is what I reasonably believe MARK HASSMAN, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, my other defendants and those aiding and abetting them will be doing unless they ADMIT TO and RECTIFY the harms they have caused regarding the Epidemic Problem of Parental Alienation.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience. 
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children).



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