Unless you stand up for your rights Abusers like those at Sinai Temple will keep harassing you so they can profit from YOUR divorce

Have great news!!! I just finished listening to my voicemail messages and Howard Lesner, the executive director of Sinai Temple left a message around 1pm today 3/25/14 that if I don’t stop leaving messages at Sinai Temple for him and others to return my money and property and explain why they have banned me from going there and why they refuse to help me and other mothers reunite with their children due to parental alienation that the LAPD will investigate ME for HARASSING THEM. Really??? Has he lost his mind, along with his heart and soul???

They have MY money and property in fraudulent 501c3 and/or other agreements and have banned ME from all events(which I don’t want go to anyway anymore) but for no reason, and will not return my contributions I made to them either since 2012. They have not given ME any explanation since 2012 for any of their actions.Also, they refuse to discuss parental alienation and help loving mothers reunite with their Children but won’t say why. This is not reasonable.

All this has to do with the secret agreements they made with my ex-husband Mark. F. Hassman with my concealed and converted assets without my consent and to try to help him keep me alienated from my children so they can all profit from MY divorce as best selling author Stephen Fried explained this secret policy and custom has been going on in the Jewish community for decades. [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/]

Well, I just returned Howard Lesner’s call and told him that I plan to keep calling until he returns my money and property and also until he explains why I was banned from Sinai Temple when going to prayer services on October 27, 2012 and why they refuse to discuss parental alienation and help loving mothers and their children reunite. This is reasonable. He is not. He is just trying to take away more of my rights and PROFIT from my divorce.

I also let Howard Lesner know that I don’t understand WHY he refuses to resolve these issues in an amicable way since 2012? I really do not like to fight and I am reasonable so WHY isn’t he? My questions are REASONABLE so WHY does he refuse to answer them and help empower women and children at the time of divorce; not help destroy their companionship?

So, I will repeat what I just left on the voice message. I welcome an investigation by the LAPD so we can see not only who is harassing whom but who is ABUSING whom and who is abusing Children like my children and me and for a PROFIT too.
Can you guess where the money trail leads?
What do you think Judge Claudia Silbar will do on Friday?

Will Judge Claudia Silbar allow me to move forward with the subpoenas so I can PROVE all of this or will she try to keep it concealed and keep hiding all of this abuse?
This is getting very interesting but Truth, Love and God will always prevail.
Not abusers, liars and those who try to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE at the expense of loving Mothers and their Children. It is truly horrible beyond words. I am standing up for my rights so they think they can harass me more???


Well, I will update you with the results. I thought that was going to be my last post the other day for awhile but with all these interesting developments; I will keep posting the results.

It is truly horrible how since 2012 no Jewish leader will explain why I was banned from Sinai Temple while waiting in line to enter for prayer services and now when I call to try and get my money and property they have in agreements fraudulently made with my ex-husband; they tell me I am harassing them. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.
I am not intimidated because this is how corrupt and abusive people and organizations behave.
Let the truth be known!!!
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;www.PAlienation.org



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