Update, a better solution to help resolve the secret policy of encouraging Parental Alienation and Profiting from Divorce

Update. I just left my FINAL message to Howard Lesner the executive director of Sinai Temple. I will no longer be calling ANYONE at SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles anymore.

Instead, I have decided there is a much better way to address my very REASONABLE and SERIOUS concerns regarding Sinai Temple and those of other Jewish Organizations and their leaders. The following is a summary of my FINAL message I left Howard Lesner at 7:22am and I began writing this post at 7:23am for the record.

1-WHY they banned me from ever going to Sinai Temple again; especially when I was told at such an inappropriate time; while all dressed-up waiting in line to enter for prayer services on Saturday October 27, 2012 by an LAPD officer. 
This LAPD officer told me I could no longer come to Sinai Temple for public or private events and had to leave immediately. 
He refused to give me any explanation and NO ONE at Sinai Temple or any other JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS I contacted have given me any reasonably explanation since that Saturday in 2012.

Even Rabbi Julie Schonfeld of The Rabbinical Assembly who is also on President Obama’s counsel regarding religion refuses to even have a conversation with me. This is not reasonable. I was told by Rabbi Daniel Nevins, the dean of the seminary in NY which trains and educates many Conservative Rabbis; that Rabbi Julie Schonfeld of The Rabbinical Assembly is in charge of SETTING POLICIES and ENFORCING THEM which Conservative Rabbis and others must follow. I also understand her late father had this responsibility before her.

Some of these Conservative Rabbis under the authority of The Rabbinical Assembly in NY which Rabbi Julie Schonfeld is one of the Officers included the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, whom bestselling author Stephen Fried describes as PROMOTING Parental Alienation even though he and others Jewish leaders KNOW this practice of promoting parental alienation is harming the well being of Children and their Loving Mothers but helps the divorced father and the synagogue PROFIT.

***These Jews acts and those of others PROMOTING parental alienation KNOWING the harms they are causing is all in black in white and quite clearly written by bestselling author Stephen Fried. [http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/ ]

Rabbi David Wolpe is the son of this late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, also discussed by Stephen Fried. Rabbi David Wolpe is employed as the senior Rabbi at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, whom I saw for therapy and showed him the abusive photographs of my minor Son at Cate School.

Rabbi David Wolpe repeatedly refused to even make a telephone call to Cate School, and others who approved of this abusive situation in the photographs as many emails and other facts show their approval. Some of those who approved of my minor Son’s abusive situation include(can you guess?); my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman and his current wife Mikel Sanders-Persky.

Every time I look at those photos and think about the abuse my Son has endured I get upset. Would you? Wouldn’t ANY REASONABLE PERSON?

Promoting abuse is NOT what Judaism stands for and I am ashamed by these Jewish leaders and organization who are clearly are giving those of us who live our lives by Jewish teachings a bad name. They are a disgrace.

Howard Lesner is the executive director of Sinai Temple and as I understand is responsible for supervising the acts of his employees including those of Rabbi David Wolpe. I also let Howard Lesner know that I don’t understand WHY he refused since 2012 to resolve these issues in an amicable way? I really do not like to fight and I am reasonable so WHY isn’t he? My questions are REASONABLE so WHY does he refuse to answer them and help empower women and children at the time of divorce and strengthen their companionship; not help destroy it for a PROFIT? This is not Judaism, this is what Hitler did which is TERRORISM.

I am known for my beautiful values and character as another Rabbi at Sinai Temple clearly explained. Sinai Temple’s employee Rabbi Ralph Resnick wrote a letter I posted on the first day of spring below. He knew his letter was being used to help DISMISS false and misleading charges made against me by my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman who has a habit of this type of behavior; using the law to try to silence others as my DISMISSED cases and those of OTHERS show. I have had a clean record my entire life of over 50 years and I am known for my beautiful character .

***No one at Sinai Temple, including Howard Lesner will even agree to have a conversation to REASONABLY DISCUSS what I could have POSSIBLY done to be banned from Sinai Temple. They won’t even help me UNDERSTAND WHY I was banned and also WHY they refuse to help me and many other Jewish Mothers reunite with their children since our companionship was abruptly destroyed at the time of divorce. This is not how moral, kind, responsible people behave; terrorists keep abusing and bullying and behaving this way like Hitler did.

2- WHY, as facts show, Sinai Temple refuses to discuss the agreements they made with my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman or someone on his behalf, and the property used in these agreements which I am informed and believe is MY concealed and converted community property and other interests I should have received at the time of divorce, It does NOT belong to him or others so THEY CAN PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE. We are talking about millions, yes many millions of dollars.

It is the law as I understand that at the time of divorce the community estate is divided and distributed equally between EACH SPOUSE 50/50. I am not aware that anyone has the RIGHT OR AUTHORITY to change this law as they see fit; even Jewish leaders and organizations and others using or not using 501c3 or any other agreements.

3- WHY Sinai Temple and other Jewish Organizations their leaders REFUSE to help me reunite with my Children since our companionship was abruptly destroyed around the time of divorce and experts, authors and others have described our situation as characteristic of those suffering for the emotional abuse and torture called Parental Alienation.[http://www.palienation.org/background/].

I am informed and believed these Jews’ REFUSAL to help loving, kind, caring mothers with clean records and their children reunite is all part of their SECRET POLICY AND PRACTICE to promote parental alienation so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE, with the husband who controlled the community estate and at the EXPENSE of the Loving Mother and their Children.

***It is all about the money, not about LOVE. This is all they appear to care about…money, money, money.

These Jews don’t care about love and helping Children reach their potential. They just want to CONTROL them so they can have more money and show their POWER. It is truly very sick and evil and what HITLER did to millions also; destroyed their companionship and stole their money.

I am informed and believe that due to the “agreement” Sinai Temple made with the ex-husband or someone on his behalf if I was not KEPT alienated from my children I would have prevented my children from doing the unlawful and immoral acts they have done thereby preventing my ex-husband, Sinai Temple and many others from PROFITING from MY divorce.

My Children had wonderful values and character up until the time the parental alienation began and would have never intentionally done anything illegal ESPECIALLY to harm their own Mother who they loved very much. It is truly horrible beyond words.

4-WHY since 2012 Sinai Temple has refused to return my contributions I also made to them as I have repeatedly requested.

So, I left these questions and concerns on Howard Lesner’s LAST voice mail I will leave him. I also told him I will NOT call anyone else at Sinai Temple again either so he can let the LAPD know.

This does not mean I will forget about the abuses and harms they have intentionally been causing and intentionally keep causing Mothers and Children as bestselling author Stephen Fried clearly explains has been going on for decades in the Jewish communiyt.

I have just found a better way to address all these SERIOUS and REASONABLE issues of concern. Then WE will see if they believe as Howard Lesner claims that I am harassing him or if HE and other Jews, many under his supervision are intentionally harassing, abusing, manipulating, intimidating and bullying me and others.

Please just never give up on yourself and always SHOW you have wonderful morals and values; despite what others say or do because Truth, Love and of course God will always prevail.

Remember, without Love, which includes Love for yourself and what YOU stand for; you have become a toy or robot of another who will treat you as their slave because you have given up love; even for YOURSELF. You will always feel miserable, be full of shame and have many problems.

So take control of YOUR life by getting away from those who intentionally harm youbecause they obviously do not love you. You can do it and will by so happy you did. I promise.

As always, none of this is legal advice or any other advice. It is just based on my knowledge.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder;www.PAlienation.org



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