Using Children and Step-Children; Love or Abuse and Corruption??

Love or Abuse and Corruption?
It appears my Daughter and the step-daughter of my ex-husband are AIDING AND ABETTING my ex-husband in BREACHING HIS FIDUCIARY DUTY OF DISCLOSURE regarding a Hyundai in Florida and a Bank of America loan and my Daughter and Sons with regards to some student loans.

LYING to a Federal Bank to obtain a car loan or a Federal Institution to obtain Federal Student Loans and their sources of repayment is a FEDERAL CRIME as I understand and is common sense too.

My Children and the Step-Daughter are all young adults and trying to find their way in this world with a father and others trying to LEAD THEM ASTRAY and apparently have done a good job too.
Think they could be liable?

Do you think they UNDERSTAND what appears they have done and are continuing to do or are they so controlled and brainwashed that they do not realize this or CAN’T COMPREHEND this?

Do they lack a sound mind?

What about my ex-husband, Law Firms, a Judge, a Rabbi, Pastor and Religious Organizations, Accountants, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, a New Wife, an Ex-Mother-in-law and a Therapist; do you think they are controlled and brainwashed and they TOO do not realize what appears to be AIDING AND ABETTING my ex-husband in breaching his fiduciary duty of disclosure and some of his other fiduciary duties and in other offenses?

It my understanding my ex-husband’s fiduciary duty of disclosure is ONGOING until the community estate is distributed and completely disposed of in ACCORDANCE with the very clear and objective community property, contract, family, constitutional and other laws not in violation of them.

The procedures the law mandates MUST be followed and one spouse cannot TRANSFER and CONCEAL property because he does to want to follow the law as a letter states between lawyers where he was copied in; there are “purposefully concealed assets.” Plus the contract or stipulated judgment is invalid and no informed consent could have been given by myself or my ex-husband as I understand.

Think I was taken advantage of since my ex-husband ended up with millions of dollars of conceal property and other interests from the community estate as many documents in the court file and elsewhere show? Think they all thought I would never recover from my seizures and emotional abuse and never figure this out and hold them accountable?

It gets worse; instead of my ex-husband also paying my spousal support (alimony) as he is legally obligated to do because of a contract; documents show he has HIDDEN sources of income which he used to buy many vehicles for himself and others and make Federal student loan payments and pay for other expenses of his and his new wife and my children and his step-children.
So the Children are forced to pick sides and alienate their loving Mother if they want these “benefits.” (This is just the tip of the iceberg).

Do you think this is why my Daughter ALLOWS herself to be controlled for example; telling me she will NEVER see me again or go to the reunification therapy which Dr. Phil so graciously offered UNLESS I take my website down on Parental Alienation? Reasonable or shows she desperately needs therapy to discuss and understand her rationale?

My Daughter also told me I do not DESERVE to have any spousal support because I did not work and was “just” a mother (who helped everyone thrive in many ways and provided a beautiful warm home as a TREMENDOUS amount of evidence shows, especially my Children’s and ex-husband’s accomplishments. A mother and spouse provide the INFRASTRUCTURE for the family’s success as any reasonable person knows. Meals just don’t appear on the table, and children’s values and other lessons are taught and all this takes a tremendous amount of love and energy.)

***I tried to explain this to my Daughter which is the purpose of the spousal support (alimony) law and why it is very important but unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears. Maybe if my Daughter ever decides to get married and become a mother she will understand.

***I guess they did not teach these types of lessons at the Ivy League University where she graduated from. I guess respect and responsibility is not part of the program; just bullying and making statements not backed with credible sources is.
My Daughter had to learn this behavior somewhere because I never allowed it when I was “just” a Mother who was the full time caregiver who she believes does not DESERVE spousal support.
I guess she thinks SHE DESERVES my savings and retirement and other interests too, along with my Sons. Someone had to teach them this behavior and allow this ENTITLED ATTITUDE; I never did as “just” their Mother.

Think my Daughter and Sons, as young adults now are reasonable or being controlled and brainwashed? Think my Daughter and Sons are WISE AND REASONABLE OR NAÏVE to think a mother who was the full time caregiver does not deserve ANY SAVINGS or RETIREMENT and ANY INVESTMENTS from a marriage and that the spouse who worked outside of the home should JUST TAKE IT ALL? Think their reasons for alienating me from their life are reasonable?

What about Law Firms, a Judge, a Rabbi, Pastor and Religious Organizations, Accountants, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, a New Wife, an Ex-Mother-in-law and a Therapist aiding and abetting my ex-husband in breaching his fiduciary duty of disclosure and other fiduciary duties; do you think they are WISE AND REASONABLE OR NAÏVE OR ARE THEY CORRUPT? Do you think they REALIZE some of them are also breaching their own fiduciary duties and are just betting I can’t prove it and they won’t be held accountable and can keep treating divorce women like me in these immoral and what appears to be very unlawful ways?

Think my Daughter and Sons just follow my ex-husband’s orders without even THINKING so their father will shower them with money and “gifts” with very heavy strings attached which they are not realizing they may be liable for since they are adults?
Is this Love or Abuse and Corruption?

What about Law Firms, a Judge, a Rabbi, Pastor and Religious Organizations, Accountants, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, a New Wife, an Ex-Mother-in-law and a Therapist; are they treating me and my Children this way for financial and other benefits?

Think the STEP-DAUGHTER can be liable for hiding my money and property since my ex-husband testified in Judge Claudia Silbar’s public courtroom under oath that this Hyundai is for her and it appears she is sharing it with my Daughter who also has a motorcycle.
But the SOURCE of MONEY to PAY for this Hyundai and other vehicles appears to tell a story because it is money which was STOLEN from me.
What do you think the credit applications will show?
What about the payment history?

What do you think the sources of the money are for the student loan payments and other expenses since my ex-husband is “insolvent” and “unable” to pay my spousal support and his new wife is unemployed as he swore under oath and on documents he signed “under the penalty of perjury”?
A money tree?
Judge Claudia Silbar “thinks” my ex-husband is “credible” as the transcript shows but has not ordered that he comply with discovery requests and disclose this information requested. Why? Is this reasonable? Is this legal?

501c3 agreements and other agreements backed with my concealed property and other interests that have not been distributed to me appear to be the source of payment for many expenses. Think this is STOLEN PROPERTY?

There is OTHER concealed property which belongs to me which represents passive income, delayed tax returns of over $100,000, capital gains and so much more which my ex-husband and his new wife took all for THEMSELVES with the aiding and abetting of an Accounting Firm and others all in violation of the law as I understand, and common sense too. All property the spouses HAVE OR MAY HAVE an interest in must be disclosed at the time of divorce and divided and distributed 50/50 ACCORDING  TO, not in violation of the law.

I have a letter which is part of the court file and discussed at public hearings in Judge Claudia Silbar’s court between Law Firms where my ex-husband was copied in which discusses “purposefully concealed assets,” and “unadjudicated assets” and it even gets worse. It discusses the “risk of punitive damages.” Incriminating? You can bet there are punitive damages for FRAUD, THEFT, CONCEALMENT, AIDING AND ABETTING in breaches of fiduciary duties and other offenses as I understand AND many cases have proven.

Does this show Law Firms, a Judge, a Rabbi, Pastor and Religious Organizations, Accountants, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, a New Wife, an Ex-Mother-in-law and a Therapist are Naïve, Corrupt, Brainwashed or Modern Day Hitlers who STEAL property from others and DESTROY the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionship?

*** I JUST FEEL SO BADLY for my Daughter, Sons (and the step-daughter, who I don’t know).

MY DAUGHTER and SONS do not realize how unreasonable they are being and how they are depriving themselves of my knowledge and experiences too.
But it gets worse… my Daughter, Sons (and the step-daughter, who I don’t know) are all being used and placed in compromising positions it appears especially since they are all adults.
But they are all ALLOWING THIS because they have Free Will and can make their own CHOICES.

I hope they are beginning the realize the importance of DOING what they KNOW is morally correct and REASONABLE and CHOOSE TO STOP FOLLOWING the orders of their father and others BLINDLY because they could be facing legal ramifications.
As the wonderful Judge I clerked for and my wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me too; it is important to seek the TRUTH because ignorance is not bliss and ignorance is not a defense of the law.

In a Democratic Republic, the laws must be handed down equally to ALL; not with some getting away with unlawful acts while others are punished. This is a Dictatorship or a government based on Totalitarianism; not Democracy.

***It is so horrific, beyond words…using your Children and step-children to help you violate the law, it appears.

Unfortunately, many who should care don’t because it appears they have my property, retirement, savings and other interests through their 501c3 and other agreements and are also going along AIDING AND ABETTING my ex-husband in many unlawful acts including breaching his fiduciary duty of disclosure; which includes community, separate and other property too as all of them should know.
This is how MODERN DAY ADOLF HITLERS behave.

As I forge forward bringing out more and more of the Truth behind parental alienation, an invalid stipulated judgment and other abuses involved in my divorce and the divorce of millions of others where parental alienation is involved.

With truth comes understanding and change. Silence only helps the Adolf Hitler types so EXPECT THEM to try to silence you and harm you. This is what they do.

It doesn’t matter what they do; just know that YOU are strong and have God and the Truth on your side and Love too.
You can’t lose.

As always, none of this is advice of any kind; it is just based on my experiences and understanding.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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