Using the strategy of MISANTHROPY to CONTROL Children, Teens Young Adults and their alienated, Loving Mother who are all suffering from Parental Alienation

Using the strategy of misanthropy to CONTROL Children, Teens Young Adults and their alienated, Loving Mother; who are all suffering from Parental Alienation. The JEWS, especially RABBI DAVID WOLPE, are known for this as explained below, so stay away from him and them.

Learn from my mistakes because I believed the Religious Leaders’ IMAGE AND THE LIES as many millions in our society still do. Do not email Rabbi David Wolpe or other Rabbis and Jewish Leaders and also be careful about emailing and associating with other Religious Leaders because THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER which includes Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.

*** IF YOU DOUBT MY WORDS, just ask a Rabbi, Pastor, other Religious Leaders, Religious Schools or Religious Organization ONE question:
Why they have refused for DECADES to DISCUSS Parental Alienation and EDUCATE society with sermons, books, discussion groups, classes, lectures and other events to bring awareness to the emotional abuse called Parental Alienation which is harming millions of Children of all ages at the time of divorce, their Loving Mother (father) and Future Generations as many experts have proven. Ignoring Parental Alienation is not reasonable, kind, compassionate or religious because it is an epidemic problem in the United States. []

Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or disdain of the human species or human nature. A misanthropist is someone who holds such views or feelings and is very angry and often unreasonable. Some misanthropists also think THEY are Gods and try to get people to ONLY TRUST THEM and idolize them. Commonly, as many experts have shown, some misanthropists have narcissistic tendencies and think they are all knowing and all powerful and you should ONLY trust them and obey them and IF YOU REFUSE they will bully, threaten and use other acts of initiating violence until you agree to obey them.

They use THEIR NETWORK OF CORRUPT PROFESSIONALS AND INDIVIDUALS to help with the manipulation. This is all part of parental alienation which has been going on in the Jewish Community for decades as author Stephen Fried explains. [ ]

Rabbi David Wolpe constantly hacks my computer and he along with other Jewish Leaders refuse to disclose the 501c3 agreements and other agreements they made with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN using community assets without my knowledge and consent and refuse to help me resolve my fraudulent divorce.
In addition, my “insolvent” ex-husband with his 2 new Lexus Financial Leases and monthly expenses of over $12,000 who had my spousal support reduced to zero because he is “unable” to pay it; now is filing complaints with fraudulent allegations like he has done before and were dismissed. Now, some of them are in front of Judge Claudia Silbar, who is part of his “team,” so we will see what transpires.

As the court transcripts show; I have been repeatedly denied my right to due process as JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, ignores the invalid stipulated judgment, fraudulent disclosure forms, refuses to set aside the judgment so unadjudicated assets “purposefully concealed” can be disclosed and adjudicated pursuant to the law.

As many transcripts show; she tries to bully me and tell me I am in contempt of court when I am trying to disclose the truth that she wants to keep hidden.

I have rights but JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR tries to show her feelings of misanthropy and that only she should be trusted and believed; NOT LEGAL PRECEDENT AND MANY CASES ON POINT. The next hearing is February 19, 2015 at 9am so feel free to come to the hearing and see for yourself. Many think it will be quite a show because they are saying it is becoming more and more difficult for her to ignore the truth with subpoenas being ordered to show the concealed facts which she did not order be produced pursuant to discovery requests. She also allowed a witness to violate her subpoena and based her judgment to reduce my spousal support on what she “thinks,” as the record reflects and is mine and the understanding of many others, is against the law. Reasonable?
I even asked at the December 31, 2014 hearing if this witness could give her testimony by phone but Judge Claudia Silbar refused as the record reflects. Ignoring the violation of a subpoena, do you think this is reasonable? Why would she do this if she wanted to promote justice?

***Thus, as many experts have shown, the alienating, sick and evil Father (or mother) combines his strategy of misanthropy with bullying, threats and other acts of initiating violence along with Judges, Lawyers, Therapists, Schools, Joint Venture Partners, Accountants and others he is WORKING WITH.

IT HELPS IF YOUR EX-HUSBAND LIKE MINE received his MBA from Harvard, is a Chief Financial Officer, a Certified Public Accountant who spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering back in the 1980’s and obviously does not care about using and abusing his Children or his ex-wife. They like those kind in a Terrorist Group due to his money and influence as author Stephen Fried explains. []

IT ALSO HELPS IF YOU, like me were suffering from seizures and emotional abuse so they thought you would never recover and they could all cheat you knowing you were relying on them including the law firm YOU hired to guide and represent you.

It is a pathetic reality but it is a long time overdue for the TRUTH to be exposed so these Professionals, Organizations and Individuals can be reigned in so this form of terrorism will stop and Children, Teens and Young Adults and their Loving Mother will not be emotionally abused with acts of Parental Alienation as many experts have proven is an epidemic. []

I have threatening emails from many in this “terrorist group” when they should reasonably be trying to help me resolve my invalid stipulated judgment and what clearly appears to be their unlawful acts including refusing to help me and millions of other Loving Mothers like me, reunite with our Children of all ages.

Rabbis especially RABBI DAVID WOLPE are great salesmen. Rabbi David Wolpe hacks computers and uses aliases so he acts like he is your friend and then tries to get you to divulge information that he wants to use against you; like how you plan to end parental alienation or what you plan to do with regards to JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who is part of his “team” or the Terrorist Group which has the team goal of DESTROYING the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship and SHARING the Loving Mother’s community assets and other interests that were unlawfully “entrusted” or “assigned” to them by my corrupt and immoral ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN AND MILLIONS LIKE HIM as bestselling author Stephen Fried explains has been going on in the Jewish Community for decades. []

My ex-husband, Rabbi David Wolpe, Judge Claudia Silbar, Law Firms, Joint Venture Partners, the Court Appointed Therapist and others in their Terrorist Group or Team plan to share all of my assets and other interests after they think some statute of limitations has run and I can no longer claim them. I am one of millions who have been treated like this, which is why millions of divorced women have been left in poor financial conditions while their ex-husband has thrived financially and they involve the Children so they can thrive financially but; must alienate their Loving Mother and now live a corrupt and abusive LIFE.
Religious? Promoting Justice? Promoting Honesty?
How about immoral and evil? Destroying future generations?

They all sell an IMAGE but behind that IMAGE is not only corruption but immorality and EVIL. I once believed the image as do many in our society.

They have built a BUSINESS on Parental Alienation as author Stephen Fried explains. []

Rabbi David Wolpe and other Jewish Leaders and Organizations refuse to take a stance on many issues that will alienate wealthy congregants, even if they are immoral wealthy congregants. At the same time they try to be friendly with those they are abusing so they can get contributions from everyone and use and abuse everyone as they see fit.

Just beware and don’t fall prey and NEVER consult Rabbi David Wolpe about parental alienation as I did regarding my role as a Jewish Mother which got me into this mess to begin with.

But, maybe this is my challenge since I have the skills and had a similar experience of fighting corrupt Jews, a corrupt father, a corrupt Law Firm and changing the laws.
I had many wonderful, honest Judges, a Law Firm, a great Therapist, Jewish Law School Professors, the famous handwriting expert who worked on the JFK assignation and reviewed Lee Harvey Oswald’s handwriting named Lyndal Shaneyfelt working with me so; they are out there. Don’t give up the struggle.

God, Truth and Love will prevail. If you doubt me; ask my Mother, my father has since passed away but they were wealthy and part of the “terrorism” too. I was not.

I am repeating many lessons I learned from my past never dreaming I would be using them against my ex-husband who appears to have involved our Children who are now Young Adults. It is pure evil and abuse but this is what immoral and sick people do so expect it.
*** Just use your free will and get away from them and adopt moral, positive behaviors.

In life, as many authors and experts have shown, if you embrace your challenges in a moral and honest way; you will be fine and have peace of mind like I do. Just only trust those who are CONSISTENTLY reasonable, kind, caring and compassionate.

As always, none of this is advice of any kind; it is based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;



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