1)    National expert Dr. Amy Baker describes the Consequences of Parental Alienation on our dear children and others:

 Dr. Baker’s video describes the behaviors of children, teens, young adults and even adults who have been harmed by the alienating parent and  have Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Dr. Baker also gives a very accurate description of the suffering children,  teens, young adults and adults. They are wrought with many emotional, psychological, physical and other heart wrenching problems these abusers have intentionally caused.

Here is Dr. Amy Baker’s video:, please have a Kleenex with you before you view this.

2)   Alienators Do Not Love Their Children, They Abuse Them; by Dr Les Linet.

Dr. Linet explains how these sick, abusive parents cause psychological and emotional harm to their children. This is affecting millions of children, teens, young adults and families in our society and has become an epidemic.

3)   National expert Dr. Phil on this video of his show, Parental Alienation, explains the brainwashing of the children, teens and young adults by the abusive, alienating parent and others.

Dr. Phil describes how this brainwashing actually occurs.

  As I have discussed with Parental Alienation experts, it is sometimes difficult for others who have not experienced the Child Abuse of Parental Alienation to understand how kind, loving children can all of a sudden turn against their loving, wonderful parent. Dr. Phil’s video explains how and why this happens very accurately

 Here is the video of Dr. Phil’s show illustrating this brainwashing:


 4)   National expert Les Linet MD explains how  Innocent (and  not Innocent) Bystanders & Others Aid & Abet the Parental Alienation:

 How many professionals, organizations and others who have respected “reputations” are actually aiding abusive, alienating parents.

Consequently  they too are harming millions of  children, teens, young adults and others and are creating many serious problems for our society.

Here is Dr. Linet’s video: showing that :

Professionals & Organizations have become  a serious part of this problem of child abuse but have refused to change their ways.


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