We are witnessing a New Era brought about by the exposure of the whole truth and nothing but the inviolate truth regarding Non-Profits and their leaders who are behind their secret policies of the Domestic Terrorism called Parental Alienation and the crimes which commonly accompany this Domestic Terrorism.

Parental Alienation and concealing, stealing and laundering the assets of the honest, loving, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter has to be a Secret Non-Profit VENTURE because no private business would ever finance this Domestic Terrorism because they would lose their credibility and honest reputation which would destroy their business. 

Who would want to do business with a company that profits from the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation? 
The company would also lose their business license because Parental Alienation is a criminal act which defies the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and many other State and Federal laws, codes and cases.

However, those who openly contribute to NON-PROFITS receive “legally” under our current tax system tax benefits. Thus, it would not be behooved for one to question the respected opinions of the Non-Profit leaders and promoters which include:
• Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG who has been a guest speaker discussing only chosen facts about Charitable Non-Profits; thereby intentionally and maliciously giving an unrealistic account and unrealistically shaping public opinion;
• Founder, Dean and Influential Jewish Leader RABBI MARVIN HIER and his Non-Profit THE SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER; 
• Former First Lady and Harvard Attorney MICHELLE OBAMA who claims to love Women and Children but chooses to ignore Parental Alienation and all the Non-Profits profiting from the Domestic Terrorism of Parental Alienation; 
• The non-profit SINAI TEMPLE;
• The non-profit EMORY UNIVERSITY and the Chairman of its Ethics Department PAUL WOLPE
• And many others.
Further, those who make donations to “charitable” Non-Profits in the name of some made-up philanthropic cause, which is hiding the TRUE illegal and immoral purposes of the “charitable” Non-Profit; PRETEND to feel charitable and well-connected since they are recognized by the so-called distinguished leaders of the Non-Profit who IN REALITY are nothing but shysters or criminals.

***Non-Profits today do not represent a technological, moral or legal purpose but stand as facades for criminal activity as my State and Federal lawsuits prove.

It is my Patriotic and Moral duty to repudiate and expose these Non-Profits and their shyster and criminal leaders who are profiting from the Domestic Terrorism of Parental Alienation with my lawsuits and also by spreading this truth.

THIS SECRET NON-PROFIT PROGRAM is not for the welfare of humanity but for the welfare of the shyster/criminal Non-Profit leaders and their Contributors. These leaders and their contributors are BETRAYING THE TRUST of the public and abusing their professional and moral duties. They are ENEMIES of Truth, Justice, Equal Rights, Freedom and Democracy. They need to be held to the same standards as all of us and not be allowed to have “immunity” for their unlawful, criminal and immoral acts.

The weakness of these so-called leaders and their Non-Profits is that they FEAR when someone like Me reasonably questions their policies.
They try to manipulate those who reasonably question them by telling them they are not as knowledgeable as they are and have a “lack of faith.” They think we are expected to follow them blindly because we are supposed to give up our mind, heart and soul to them. Human beings who think are not supposed to be OBEDIENT but are supposed to QUESTION and have enriching, educational discussions; not to following obediently and believe ridiculous, immoral and illegal propaganda. I fervently taught my Children this lesson.

Plus today, INDEPENDENT news agencies no longer exist and propaganda is reported as reality. However, as my State and Federal lawsuits prove; none of these so-called leaders will tell the truth. Instead, they have chosen to live in their world of lies and PROMOTE THE LIES IN THEIR PROFESSIONAL ROLES; even though they know this is in complete contradiction to our laws which they are bound to follow as professionals and decent human beings.

Despair should not describe the existence of most of humanity especially since many have sold their mind, heart and soul to Non-Profits and their leaders. These people no longer reasonably think or question and have become obedient and have some image of being “faithful.” Thus, they PRETEND not to see reality and/or think they have to “sacrifice” themselves to bear it, which is ridiculous. They have CHOSEN this reality for themselves instead of BEING REASONABLE BY QUESTIONING the evil, immoral and corrupt acts of their leaders like their acts of refusing to acknowledge and discuss the domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation.

******The criminal/shyster leaders act as a team, POOLING THEIR RESOURCES. The gross revenue from their criminal acts is turned over to the Certified Public Accountant, Harvard Business School graduate and Chief Financial Officer which in my situation is my idiot, evil husband MARK HASSMAN. 
He is acting as the TRUSTEE for this Evil Criminal Conspiracy who stole and/or aided and abetted in stealing my Community Assets and Income worth millions and maybe even billions of dollars as my husband swore under oath in his personal declaration. 
As trustee, my evil Harvard educated and very financially and tax experienced husband MARK HASSMAN secretly divides the total income from these secret activities among the various members and also accounts for tax benefits and tax refunds as the MOOTE LLCs are used for.
The losses are placed in one MOOTE LLC while the profits are place in another MOOTE LLC to maximize the tax benefits and refunds for the Evil Criminal Conspiracy as overwhelming facts prove. Those involved in this Evil Criminal Conspiracy are also the only ones who have PROPERTY RIGHTS as documents prove they unilaterally and illegally voted me out and denied me of my legal share while trying to extort money from me for my interest. 
This is not a horrible joke; I have proof of all of this.

All those very well educated shysters/criminals and the Non-Profits they run or contribute to know what they are illegally and immorally doing as they parade around in public with fake righteous images under false pretenses and lies. 
No wonder they have many problems and obsessions which will increase unless they admit what they have done, change their secret policies and compensate those they have harmed. This is Justice. 
There will be Justice despite what these so-called leaders and their Non-Profits choose to do. They think they can CONTROL JUSTICE but Justice will continue to control them.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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