We must BE PATIENT with OUR CHILDREN who have alienated us because THEY LOVE US but are scared because they have been abused in many ways. Also, MY MOTHER is now lovingly communicating and helping me after thirty years AND as my wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN taught me, NEVER GIVE UP your good values and character REGARDLESS of what others in this world do.

To begin, as many experts have proven, Children coming from homes of Parental Alienation WANT TO HAVE THE FREEDOM to love BOTH of their divorced parents and one day they hopefully will feel secure enough to do so. Also, remember; they have very unfortunately become accustomed to this abusive way of life. There is no love and compassion in that world of greed, money, lies and manipulations and abuse.

*** I know, along with many of you reading this that MY CHILDREN (and yours too) WOULD NEVER ALIENATE ME (you) FOR ELEVEN YEARS NOW and NOT EVEN WANT TO HAVE A CONVERSATION. Thus, they must be THREATENED.
**** But the problem is that OUR LEADERS in America, Israel and Worldwide will not step forward IN A MAJOR WAY to help them. Disgracefully this includes RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles who is known as ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL RABBIS IN AMERICA and THE WORLD. He was the one I consulted for Parental Alienation therapy and to this day REFUSES to even try to help me have a conversation with my Children. He just pretends this terror does not even exist.

SLOWLY changes are coming to the Israel courts, as the Jerusalem Post article I posted proves and in some European countries and Brazil too. However, it takes time to change peoples’ thoughts and habits because they must be MOTIVATED to do what is moral and honest and willingly not SECRETLY PROFIT from Parental Alienation.
I hope, believe and pray that somehow GOD will step in and help HUMANITY.
**** I KNOW there must be a GOD because otherwise; I would have never recovered and be able to cope with all this terror now. Also, I would have never been able to use my legal and other skills and experiences to help others. I also believe that GOD has been protecting me and providing for me all this time too so I could file my lawsuits to prove this terror and use my education, skills and experiences to help others with my website, Facebook page and in conversations.

I just think we need to be patient and keep believing that GOD’S help will come AS we do what we can to bring awareness to this terror. I am 61 years old and I hope Parental Alienation will end in my lifetime for me and millions of us but if it doesn’t; I am HOPEFUL that one of MY CHILDREN or other ALIENATED CHILDREN AND PARENTS will pick up where I left off. The truth is clearly on my divorce judgment; all my lawsuits and other legal records are additional evidence proving this terror. Also, of course I am not perfect; none of us are, but I ALWAYS HAD GOOD INTENTIONS throughout my life and still do, especially in raising MY CHILDREN as their full-time, stay-at-home MOTHER.

Second, as prior posts have explained, I HAD BEEN alienated from MY MOTHER for about 30 years because I refused to violate the law in 1985. MY MOTHER gives me GREAT HOPE NOW that people can become reasonable, compassionate and change. Here is the email she sent me this week in pertinent part:

“As for coming to Israel, I thank you for the invitation but I am now 84 years old and cannot make the trip which is too long. I have been to Israel three times. The first trip I took was with your Father and it was wonderful. Wishing you a very Healthy, Happy New Year. Much love, Mom”

Maybe as people age; they become more honest with themselves and are willing to face the truth. MY MOTHER is a religious Jew so maybe too; she knows she is getting closer to the time when she will have to answer to GOD for her behavior. So have faith and keep helping others UNDERSTAND this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation so they will not fall prey.

For myself, of course I miss MY CHILDREN dearly, but I do love my new life in Israel because so many people in Israel are very kind and helpful to me. They also tell me how proud they are of me due to all I have done regarding trying to END this terror of Parental Alienation. As I have said before, some call me a prophet.

So as we approach Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year; even if at times YOU HAVE TEARS IN YOUR EYES; trust GOD and if you want please feel free to pray that this terror will end soon as we continue to DO OUR PART by remaining honest, compassionate and caring as GOD encourages along with my beloved wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN. Here is one of his favorite songs.
As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

A short reflective piece on the words of the song



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