We need to bring out this HORRIBLE TRUTH, NOW

As the Jewish Child Abuse Plot involving the emotional torture and terrorizing of children thickens; I need to bring to your attention some details now to protect all of us.

I need to do this because as millions of us know and history has shown; sick, abusive people, those who aid them and the organizations they control will stop at nothing, legal or illegal, to keep their terror and abuse going so they can maintain their sick, abusive way of life.

Just look at what Sandusky and those around him kept hidden for years as more and more children were being abused. We also know the same story with the Catholic Church.

Now I, a Jew myself, have uncovered the Jewish Child Abuse Plot and their emotional child torture and terror which has been going on for about 50 years to children of divorce and their families. It is very profitable for these Rabbis, synagogues and other Jewish organizations monetarily and in other ways as this acclaimed book cited in the references at the end of this article shows1 as well as the Jewish Child Abuse website page2, on the Parental Alienation Solutions website, also cited in references.

 These Jews accept monetary, political and other favors from these sick, abusive parents at the time of divorce in exchange for ignoring the emotional torture and terror of precious children. They use these children as their bargaining chips, pawns and toys and allow the sacred, loving parent/child relationship to be destroyed.

It is truly horrifying that the Jewish Rabbis, leaders, organizations and journalists prey on innocent, precious children at the time of divorce. These precious children so desperately need love and support and are very vulnerable as these evil Jews know but take advantage of them by allowing this emotional torture right in front of their eyes.1

 I need to bring some details to your attention and make them public now. I am going to begin by saying:

  1. If the Jewish leaders, their organizations and Jewish journalists had good intentions and were not trying to hide a child abuse plot and their emotional child torture and terror; WHY have they been deliberately refusing to talk and write about this abuse called parental alienation for about 50 year now, which they have been very well aware of?(Way back in the 1970’s the late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe referred to this emotional torture of Jewish children as “epidemic” in Stephen Fried’s acclaimed book, “The New Rabbi:”1) 
  2. Furthermore, traditionally Jewish people value knowledge.                                                                                                    

    ***So, if there really is not a plot to hide how the Jewish Rabbis, Jewish leaders, Jewish organizations and Jewish journalists are helping these sick, abusive Jewish parents emotionally torture precious Jewish children and destroy the sacred parent/child relationship; WHY are they refusing to talk or write about it so their congregations and communities can become educated?                

This has been the Jewish way throughout history; they value education and educate their communities. Why are Jewish leaders and their organizations refusing to have speakers, discussions, school programs and other events to enlighten their congregations and communities about parental alienation as this emotional child abuse and emotional torture is affecting millions of Jews?2,3  This is not reasonable or rational behavior for well-intended people or their organizations. 

Rabbis, Jewish leaders, Jewish organizations and Jewish journalists have all ignored this “epidemic” problem of Jewish child abuse and emotional child torture which has been afflicting the Jewish community since the 1970’s as Fried’s book shows.1

The late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe discovered this child abuse but then deliberately ignored it while accepting monetary and other favors from abusive parents. It is horrifying that this late Rabbi Gerald Wolpe’s own sons are continuing their father’s reprehensible legacy of ignoring this child abuse:

  • One son is the very influential Rabbi David Wolpe and also an influential Jew;
  • One son is the influential Director of the Center for Ethics at Emory University and a  Distinguished Research Chair in Jewish Bioethics, Paul Wolpe;
  • And his other two sons are also Rabbis,
  • All of these sons are educated in Judaism and know better.
  • Something must be dreadfully wrong with Judaism today if its leaders continue to harm innocent precious children at the time of divorce and hold themselves out to be leaders and righteous, respectable people.

***Well, “the buck stops with me,” as I have quite a lot of evidence to show the truth that these sons as well as many Jewish leaders and organizations are emotionally abusing and torturing precious children by turning their heads and allowing it in exchange for favors and benefits. As I will explain, this is why these leaders have tried to silence me and even told a friend of mine that I “had fallen off the deep end,” because they don’t want me to reveal the truth about them and their child abuse plot. They want to defame me so people will not believe what I have to say, which is the truth. This is an old strategy used by tyrants and other corrupt people.

If the Wolpe sons and these other Jews are truly people who support the teachings of Judaism as they claim they do, why would they behave this way and run their organizations which behave this way too? It seems they have all shamefully put the dollar and other benefits above the well-being of our precious children and our society but pretend to be righteous using God’s teachings as their front or image? This is so evil beyond words and so difficult for me to write as I am a Jew and will persevere for the sake of all these precious children, for the sake of Judaism and for my own morality. I am so horrified and disgusted.

 Apparently Rabbi David Wolpe, the most influential Rabbi in the US, has many other problems besides intentionally emotionally torturing children.

I need to make you aware of some details. His repetitive harmful behavior is quite typical as the bestselling book; “The Power of Habit, why we do what we do in Life and Business,” by Charles Duhigg explains: habits create a person’s behavior and character as does their business and home environments. In other words, a kind, caring person is generally that way throughout their life as is a mean, corrupt evil, person or organization with corrupt methods. This book scientifically explains human nature and that one’s habits and behaviors will continue unless they diligently transform their detrimental habits with an effective program.

This is what makes all forms of child abuse including emotional child torture so devastating because unless these children are taught new habits and behaviors, besides their destructive, corrupt ways; they will teach these destructive habits to others and destroy the good values of society and humanity. This is happening already as many in our society have depraved values and have become very violent.

Continuing, I met Rabbi David Wolpe about five years ago, about a year before his divorce. I had consulted him regarding the Jewish perspective on what several professionals had determined was “parental alienation” affecting my children and myself caused by my ex-husband. Rabbi David Wolpe recommended that I email him and begin to come to events at his synagogue since I was new to the area. I did and found them enriching. Rabbi David Wolpe and I had many email conversations involving parental alienation and Jewish teachings. I would even question his posts and sermons and found him to have certain tendencies of a narcissist, despite that his controlling, dictatorial ways are contrary to Jewish teachings. I even brought this to his attention as Jews have a responsibility to try and help those who have strayed from God’s ways and teachings as this is not healthy; especially basic teachings of being collaborative and discussing matters respectfully. There are emails about this, one where he even referred to me as an “object.”

We continued to email for several years about various Jewish topics and parental alienation. Then about two years after Rabbi David Wolpe was divorced;

I have emails and other information showing how Rabbi David Wolpe came on to me. However, I refused his overtures and told him he needed to change first as he showed signs of those of a narcissist and I was not interested in another relationship with a controlling, narcissist.

 I also found myself exiled from his synagogue but in a very unusual way: I attended a dinner at the synagogue one Friday evening in October, 2012 and had very nice conversations with the clergy, a board member and Rabbi David Wolpe even came to greet me. When I went to the synagogue the following morning for services, I was told by security I was not allowed to enter to pray. I was shocked. Since then, for over a year now, I have not been given any clear explanations as to why I have been treated this way.

  • Did my ex-husband make a contribution to the synagogue in exchange for an agreement to defame my character by exiling me?
  • Was Rabbi David Wolpe angry because I turned down his overtures?
  • People at Sinai Temple know I have good character as this character reference written for me by a clergy there and who works with Rabbi David Wolpe shows:I met Sara about 3 years ago when she was volunteering. I have found Sara has always shown and expressed very good values. I think that it is not right that her ex-husband is not encouraging their children to have any relationship with Sara. I believe that this is not in the childrens’ best interests, I have lived through a similar situation in my life and it was not healthy for the children. I know that Sara’s children would greatly benefit from a re-newed relationship with their mother so that they could see, now that they are older, the type of caring individual that she is and experience the values by which she lives her life. Ralph R. ResnickRitual Director

    Sinai Temple (2012).

 Here are the Jewish leaders and others I have contacted since being exiled from Sinai Temple, who have ignored my reasonable, civil and polite requests to merely UNDERSTAND why they exiled me from this synagogue.

Some have even blocked my email address.

***You know something is gravely wrong if all these people will not even respond to my civil requests to understand why they exiled me from Sinai Temple for praying and other events. They are a non-profit organization too and receive tax benefits for serving the public, not abusing them.

***I have all the evidence to show how corrupt all these Jews and Jewish organizations are and that this emotional child torture was deliberate and ignored by individuals in supervisory positions in many Jewish organizations.

Here is the list of the people and their email addresses.

In case something should ever happen to me, you have this information to follow up on.

It is quite obvious that they are not reasonable since they will not even talk or write about parental alienation or even tell me for over a year now why I have been exiled from coming to all events and services at the Temple where Rabbi David Wolpe officiates. They are a non-profit organization and receive our tax dollars for carryout out this horrific emotional torture and child abuse of millions of our children and their families as the Jews have been doing for 50 years.

Here are their names and email addresses:

1) Rabbi Julie Schonfeld; an executive of a Jewish organization which is responsible for overseeing the conduct of Rabbis and other Jewish leaders. She is even a member of one of President Obama’s Advisory Councils. I sent her many emails, even one entitled “woman to woman.” It discussed how I found it very inappropriate for a Rabbi to behave making overtures in his emails. He is acting as a “Rabbi”, not as an individual. I have emails discussing this liability. Any professional knows that they have certain duties and standards when acting under their professional titles; many professionals call these ethical standards of conduct.

In additional I requested that she get Rabbi David Wolpe off the internet until he takes some internet ethics classes. I said that I am older and more mature than many of the students and young people who email him. They may not have the experience to appropriately handle it if they too should be exiled from his synagogue.

Since then, I have learned that there has been a young woman who had consulted Rabbi David Wolpe for counseling did commit suicide with a note in her hand addressed to him.  I was told he was the cause of her suicide. I don’t have verification of this but, I doubt the person who told me would make this up.

 Why are the Jewish leaders keeping all of this hidden and not getting Rabbi David Wolpe and others the help they need?

I have also been told by many that Rabbi David Wolpe got divorced due to his “women problem.” But, Rabbi David Wolpe is allowed to continue creating more problems for women on the internet and elsewhere?

 ******* Emotionally abusing vulnerable women who come to him for counseling and emotionally abusing and emotionally torturing children of abuse must be Rabbi David Wolpe’s pattern of behavior, his habit, his character.

 I have yet to receive a response from this Rabbi, Julie Schonfeld who is one of the top executives of a Jewish organization responsible for the ethics and behavior of Rabbis and other Jewish leaders. All I want to know is why I have been exiled from Sinai Temple since October 2012. If you were exiled, I am sure you would want to know why too. What are they hiding?


2) Rabbi Daniel Nevins– Dean of the seminary who ordained Rabbi Julie Schonfeld and the Wolpe family Rabbis. No surprise as it appears they ban together and apparently have some horrific reason for ignoring this emotional torture of children. He responded to me and told me he was not getting involved and to contact Rabbi Julie Schonfeld. Why would he not want to get involved and help an alumni, Rabbi David Wolpe and help me a fellow Jew figure out why Rabbi David Wolpe’s congregation has treated me this way? His behavior also does not seem reasonable or responsible. danevins@jtsa.edu

3) Joe Berkofsky, Managing Director, Communications and Media Relations Strategic Marketing & Communications of the Jewish Federations of North America. He never responded to my polite requests to try to understand what I had done to be exiled from Sinai Temple.


4)The Central Conference of American Rabbis, the largest rabbinical body in the world. They never responded either to my polite requests to try to understand what I had done to be exiled from Sinai Temple.


 5) Mr. Hertog at the Tikvah Fund. This organization sent me an all-expense paid trip to NYC for a convention for leaders. When I inquired who was paying my way and what particular accomplishment of mine were they referring to when they invited me, I did not receive any responses. Were they trying to buy me off or corner me at this convention due to my activist work? Needless to say, I did not go and never did receive a response from them. I do believe Rabbi David Wolpe attended this conference. tai@tikvahfund.org

6)The Board Members at Sinai Temple. I sent them emails but they all blocked them. This is how tyrants behave not collaborative, peaceful people. I then sent certified letters to the synagogue and to some of their business addresses but never received a response.***Again, this is not reasonable as I am ONLY trying to find out what I did that caused me to be exiled from the synagogue. Also, why did I find out when I went to services to pray? Why didn’t they let me know during the week that I was doing something wrong? What is truthfully going on here? These are the board members I contacted:

Howard Lesner, Executive Director hlesner@sinaitemple.org

Ira M. Friedman, Past President;

Eric Diamond, President at the time.

7) Clergy at Sinai Temple- Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Ralph Resnick, both who blocked my email.

8) Penny Dain, the donation/campaign director at Sinai Temple. I requested that my small but none the less my donations be returned so I could give them to an organization that represents freedom and other important values. She refused and blocked my emails.

***Please note, this synagogue is a non-profit organization and is receiving tax benefits for treating people this way and emotionally torturing children. Disgraceful.

9) Danielle Berrin, a Jewish journalist who refused to look into why I have been exiled from Sinai Temple and even told me to forget about it and go to another synagogue. She refused to try to understand my concern for the emotional torture of children and why Rabbi David Wolpe and others refuse to talk and write about this abuse.

This is not reasonable behavior for a competent, caring journalist. danielleb@jewishjournal.com

 10) Daniel Gordis, another Jewish journalist who wrote an article entitled “Our Responsibility to Speak.” After contacting him and explaining this situation he told me he was inundated with work and wanted me to stop emailing him about this Jewish child abuse concern. Again, not reasonable behavior for a competent, caring journalist; especially one who wrote an article about our responsibility to speak. danielgordis@gmail.com

11) Jay Sanderson, President of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

He keeps sending me emails for contributions and telling me he wants to hear our requests as to what issues we want addressed. His words are worthless as he just continues to ignore my suggestion to discuss the child abuse and emotional torture of millions of Jewish children that has been going on since the 70’s.  This is such an important issue too.


 12) Paul Wolpe and several at Emory University.


I emailed them to alert them of what I have found and to please help me rectify this abuse and figure out why I had been exiled from Sinai Temple. I never heard from any of them.

There are others but these are the main people and institutions I wanted to bring to the public’s attention.

 People with a heart and soul filled with kindness, compassion and love who have a moral conscience do not stand by and watch innocent children be emotionally tortured with lies, schemes and misleading statements so they believe their loving mother or father no longer loves them or is horrible and should be hated or feared.

These children become angry, confused, insecure, emotionally and physically fragile individuals which is what these abusers want because then these precious children are too weak and scared to fight back.

***I and many of us are neither too weak nor too scared to fight back. This is our responsibility to be the voice for these millions of children, Jewish and otherwise, who have lost their voice, spirit, beautiful heart and soul and moral conscience.

Can you just imagine, just imagine for a moment, not years, what it would feel like being told your loving mother or father is horrible or crazy and you are not allowed to see them or talk to them ever again. Is it any surprise so many youth have been acting out in schools, theaters and many other public places? We have lost our family values and are using our children, not teaching our children how to be kind, caring, compassionate, and peacefully work things out; not just fight and be destructive.

If I don’t fight this corrupt Jewish establishment, the Jewish child abuse plot and the emotional child torture will continue. 2014 was a time I made a deliberate decision to take a proactive approach as I have been trying to reason with all of these people for about four or five years. As the facts and history show, you cannot reason with abusers and corrupt people; many also have narcissistic tendencies and other personality and emotional problems.

However I kept trying because of this story:

Esau was full of hatred for his brother, Jacob. But when Esau felt genuine love and kindness coming from Jacob, he couldn’t hold on to his negativity.

Esau’s hatred could not exist in the energy of his brother’s love and kindness. I had to give these Jewish leaders the benefit of the doubt before I came out publically with what they have done and continue to do. Their child abuse plot and their emotional child torture is just so evil and I am a brother, a fellow Jew. I even told them this would not be good for the Jews when I brought this out publically as it would be better to resolve this problem internally, immediately. They just ignored me as always.

I thought if I could generate some rational, positive energy of pure love for these precious children who they have mentally abused and emotionally tortured then they, especially Rabbi David Wolpe would change.

I have always in life tried to set boundaries not only for myself but to bring others, like my children up to a high moral and ethical standard and way of life. I thought I could do this with these Jewish leaders and journalists. Boy, was I wrong. I thought with my own efforts to connect with the Light that I have within myself, I could turn their hatred for themselves, many around them and these precious children into love, kindness and compassion.

Most of the time, the reason there is hatred in a relationship is because there is no room for one party to bridge the gap and create a different dynamic. Jacob’s ability to embrace and to care for Esau allowed him to create a change in his brother. I hoped I could direct positive energy towards these Jews, especially Rabbi David Wolpe through our email conversations about parental alienation and they would realize the errors of their ways and change. Well, I was wrong, but I did try.

My red line was 2014 and we passed it which is why I am bringing out these details publically.

*** It is common knowledge that a kind, caring and mentally healthy person or organization with fair and just policies would NEVER abuse children and emotionally torture them, destroying the sacred parent/child relationship.

As we continue to make a positive difference helping millions of emotionally tortured children and confronting, not turning away from evil, corrupt people, organizations and journalists like these Jews; who are truly a disgrace to Judaism. Be proud and keep forging forward for our children, humanity and ourselves.


1-The New Rabbi by Stephen Fried: http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/

2-The Jewish Child Abuse website page: http://www.palienation.org/donation/

3- Background website page:http://www.palienation.org/background/

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org. 




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