Well it looks like jail is imminent for the defendants and Judge White

Phil Seastrom of the law firm Seastrom & Seastrom, Judge Claudia Silbar, my defendant husband, and all the other defendants plus Judge Elizabeth White are getting closer and closer to JAIL.

This is truly pathetic. They continue to misapply the law to AVOID JUSTICE so they can unlawfully profit.

Judge White unlawfully dismissed some defendants based upon the “litigation privilege.” Although this privilege removes the potential for civil liability, its purpose is NOT to protect litigation attorneys or provide them with a license to lie, cheat and steal. This is common sense and reasonable too.

So, DEFENDANTS, do you want to disclose the net worth of the community estate and its disposal? Judge White, do you want to reconsider your orders from the other day?

As these litigation attorneys and judges knew or should have known:
1) financial disclosures like the net worth of the community estate and its disposal and the PERSONAL net worth of the divorcing spouses are ALL disclosures REQUIRED by statutes and other laws in divorce proceedings and post-judgment proceedings and

2) the legal basis used for depriving me (and others in similar situations) of my legal right to have custody and visitation
DO NOT fall within the scope of the “litigation privilege” because these are LEGALLY REQUIRED DISCLOSURES NECESSARY TO OBTAIN JUSTICE. Refusing to disclose legally required information is also NOT protected activity because it is against public policy.

As these lawyers, judges and many other defendants knew or should have known; the purpose of the “litigation privilege” is to give attorneys as officers of the court the utmost freedom in their effort to obtain JUSTICE for their clients in GOOD FAITH and WITHIN the confines of the law. Unlawful activity is not protected activity as any reasonable person knows especially a litigation attorney and judges.

Unfortunately for many of the defendants, JAIL SEEMS IMMINENT as they keep incriminating themselves and showing their malicious intentions. Unfortunately, they are so delusional they do not want to face the TRUTH because they think they can continue being abusive and corrupt. Truth will prevail, just watch.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Comment: Thanks so much for sharing “End the court fraud.”
So what do you think all these judges, lawyers, business professionals, religious leaders and organizations, private schools my defendant husband who received his MBA from Harvard and is a certified public accountant and his new wife (he is a polygamist and she is obviously brain dead or corrupt like him) who are all hiding MY money and property and maliciously committing acts of parental alienation will do next?
Narcissists, sociopaths etc. commonly claim it is their obsessions which “control” them but they are really good people so they just need to get rid of their obsessions and not go to jail. Well, we will see. GIVE THEM ENOUGH ROPE AND WATCH THEM HANG THEMSELVES.
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