What a fabulous day for all of us living in the World of Love as I will explain and also I was amazed; my evil, idiot, crooked husband appeared to be trying to offer my court-appointed attorney a payoff, or a “deal” right in front of my eyes.

Outside Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom this morning my husband with his very arrogant, angry demeanor came up to my attorney and me. He looked very nervous and was “chewing at the bit” or “foaming at the mouth” about something.

This idiot (still) husband of mine then said that he wanted to talk to MY attorney alone. I reminded him that he is MY attorney and represents me not him and he can’t do that. Then my attorney, very professionally said that it would not appear proper for my husband to talk to him alone so that my husband could say what he wanted to say in front of me, his client or could put it in writing and send it to him. So what do you think my idiot (still) husband did?

He said “no” in his lovely demeanor and stormed away. I would bet that my idiot (still) husband whose name is MARK HASSMAN, has tried to contact my attorney since the hearing this morning to try to offer him a “deal” like he has with my other defendants as the facts clearly prove; especially the facts sent in my Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court recently. Before I discuss that, I want to tell you what else my idiot (still) husband did.

***Also, I was very impressed with how my attorney handled the situation and his name is Brian Baron, if you want to know. So far, he has been very professional and I am hopeful he will not accept any “deal” from my husband.

 I am a law-abiding citizen and never had any problems with the law until the time of divorce when my idiot (still) husband MARK HASSMAN and the law firm representing him, crooked SEASTROM AND SEASTROM, started requesting invalid restraining orders against me without any validity or reasonable basis proven and until crooked judges began granting them without any validity or reasonable basis proven.

INVALID RESTRAINING ORDERS ARE A COMMON WEAPON USED AGAINST MOTHERS AND FATHERS SUFFERING FROM PARENTAL ALIENATION because then the loving law-abiding Mother or Father can’t attend graduations and other events of their children because their evil spouse is there with the restraining order. Also, the evil spouse MAKES UP FALSE ALLEGATIONS that the law-abiding spouse violated the restraining orders and should be declared a felon. As a felon the evil spouse and those aiding him in the (grand) theft, Parental Alienation and other criminal activity can keep the property and other assets THEY STOLE which the law-abiding spouse should have received at the time of divorce, NOT THEM. It is collusion, a conspiracy and a criminal racket as my overwhelming facts KEEP PROVING.

SO NOW after my idiot (still) husband MARK HASSMAN claimed twelve (12) counts of allegations alleging I violated restraining orders which were never proven to have any validity; today in court he said he was DISMISSING six(6) of them. Which ones do you think he now AGREES I never committed? Think this is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE? Think this shows INCRIMINATION for him and my other defendants? Think this shows he has committed PERJURY too?

Today my idiot (still) husband MARK HASSMAN agreed that my declaration I filed which “included a claim regarding concealed assets” is NOT PERJURY (he was claiming it was) and he also is now NOT claiming that my declaration “directly violates the vexatious litigant order.” (which was also issued by the same Judge Silbar, and also never proven to have any validity as public records prove.)

But it gets better for all of us living in the World of Love. Now my idiot (still) husband MARK HASSMAN is claiming what he originally stated under penalty of perjury is false and I am quoting his affidavit: “On or about 9/6/2017 Respondent’s declaration (my declaration) filed with the Supreme Court of California includes multiple counts of perjury as it relates to both concealed asset claims and that our divorce settlement judgment (final 5/7/2010) is invalid.”

So now he is AGREEING there ARE CONCEALED ASSETS and THAT OUR DIVORCE JUDGMENT IS INVALID.  Wow. What do you think he will allege tomorrow; what about the next day? This is what evil, crooked liars and predators do; they lie, cheat and steal in one way or another until someone is BRAVE ENOUGH to stand up to their corruption and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Think he is trying to concoct a new scheme? Of course, this is what they do until they destroy themselves with all their lies, schemes, shame and anger.


My horrible husband is still alleging that I made a paperwork mistake and should be held liable as a felon. Really, this is not a joke. He doesn’t care that I have been trying to obtain the contact information of our 3 children so I can end this Parental Alienation which has been going on for TEN YEARS NOW. He is worried about paperwork!!!

 My (still) husband so disgracefully stated on the court documents as I quote:  “Respondent” (this is me) filed a motion regarding an order to provide personal information of 3 adult children-without filing form MC-701 for approval or denial to proceed with the motion, as required.”

Why shouldn’t he want to help us reunite and give me their contact information without ANY court order but out of the “goodness” of his heart as a father?

My (still) husband really needs to get a life and stop trying to “win” the divorce and “win” the control of our adult children forever but he never will. He looks very much out of shape, angry and nervous which is what commonly happens to evil predators as THEY DESTROY THEMSELVES. It looks like he already has one foot in the grave and is doing a good job of destroying himself; even with all the money and assets he stole from me as many court documents prove.

These are the highlights from the hearing today and I will keep you updated.

Now I want to list some of the questions I presented to the United States Supreme Court as part of my Petition for Writ of Certiorari which should help millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation. I have 25 questions so I will keep listing them over the next few days. I am thrilled so many facts are being exposed.                 


1)    Whether a law-abiding Woman/Mother can legally be deprived of her  Civil, Constitutional and Fundamental Rights provided by the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1964 and the Fifth, Fourteenth and Thirteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution by being denied Custody, Visitation and an Ongoing Companionship with her minor Son: a) without having any tests performed and also; b)  without having any evidence proving she is unfit and a danger to her children; c)  while public records were ignored including but not limited to her clean record from the Department of Justice at Appendix A proving she has been a law-abiding citizen her entire life and; d) while other documents were ignored proving she has been an “integral part of the positive upbringing” of her three children?  (Appendix A of said record from the DoJ appears on page 000744 of the Clerk’s Transcript from the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, Division Eight, volume 4 of 4, case number B267984.)

2)     Whether a law-abiding Woman/Mother has Equal Rights under the law at the time of divorce and thereafter pursuant the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1964; the entire United States Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights, the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment which is extended to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment, the Equal Protection Clause and the Thirteenth Amendment OR; whether these laws do not apply to her at the time of divorce and thereafter?

3)    Whether a law-abiding Woman/Mother and her husband who were both represented by legal counsel are legally divorced when the divorce judgment in Appendix B (in pertinent part) facially proves Plaintiff has been denied her Civil, Constitutional and Fundamental Rights to Due Process of Law and Freedom to receive the fruits of her labor from her marriage as the Wife and stay-at-home Mother because the:   a)  Net Worth of the Community Estate worth millions of dollars and under said husband’s control;  b)  Its legally required agreed upon Division and;  c)  legally required agreed upon Distribution; both remain a mystery?   

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children)


Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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