What a Loving and Moral Mother DOES on Mother’s Day and every other day of the year.

More for my Children and others too on Mother’s Day and in preparation for my upcoming jury trial:

Children, since all of you are adults now; you will be held liable for what you say and don’t say under oath. WHY do you think all of those I sued so far are so angry and upset??? Why do you think I am being hacked daily and they try in other ways to trick me and manipulate my mind and I have even received death threats?
*** If they did not do anything wrong, they would not have anything to be angry about and would reasonably reach out to resolve the issues.

***THEY KNOW what THEY have done is immoral and illegal but they never thought anyone would ever be able to put all the facts together and hold them accountable.
They think they are kings and queens and can control the world, and don’t need to concern themselves with the Law and doing things according to the Law, not in violation of it. Many of them have corporate policies and practices to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE AND PARENTAL ALIENATION which is against the law as my lawsuit clearly shows.

PLUS, THEY REFUSE to be reasonable and CHANGE by mitigating their damages AND changing their immoral and illegal policies and practices. 
Instead try to devise more lies and schemes to hide the truth and make me look wrong and keep violating the Law.
***This is what many experts and classic authors and history have shown is THEIR DOWNFALL. 
Once they (and you too if you CHOOSE to go along with them) start lying and cheating they cannot stop because one lie builds on the next and they must keep trying to cover up their corrupt acts.

Even the Torah says, they fall into a life of corruption and lies and are never happy and must keep lying and cheating. 

IS THIS THE LIFE YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF? Look at all of them. Your father since the divorce has become very angry and more and more unreasonable and associates with those who are the same and help him do more corrupt acts.

All those 16 I have sued so far, (and I expect more to be sued) have a major problem…the evidence is in my favor and many of their actions contradict each other. All of their stories and actions do not match with each other and do not match with the evidence which much of it is part of pubic records already. (I will post my complaint once everyone is served with court papers).

So, I know all of you are very smart but NOW it is time for you to decide…are YOU wise and moral too??? If you choose to go along with them, you will suffer for lying and cheating too so SEPARATE YOURSELF.
Also, remember what Judge Sfekas taught me and showed me many times; 
there is Guilt by Association.

I highly recommend you separate yourself from them and contact me; this is common sense too. 
***It is NOT common sense to keep lying and cheating and associating with those who behave this way so this becomes YOUR character and YOUR life too.
You know I never raised you to be this way and have SHOWN YOU how to live a moral life. 
That is why I sued my parents, sister and their lawyer when I was 27 years old; I refused to lie and cheat the government with a fraudulent tax scheme and won and helped change the “kiddie trust” grantor trust laws.
I turned a challenge I was faced with into a very POSITIVE experience for me and also improved our society.

I am going to do the same thing again.
My sister ignored it which meant she went along and she is a miserable being full of so much shame and anger as is my mother. My father died angry and very bitter and so will your father unless he changes; just watch. 
Is this how you want to be? 
LOOK AROUND YOU at all those who are corrupt; they are miserable and have tempers and many other horrible characteristics. 
Do YOU want to be like them? 
If not, then SEPARATE YOURSELF and stand up for JUSTICE.

You are involved. You were my motivation and are still my motivation for figuring out and working out this abuse.
I discovered this conspiracy of PROFITING FROM DIVORCE because when I approached many people to try to help us REUNITE; they unreasonably refused and even HARMED ME AND STILL TRY TO HARM ME. 
I couldn’t believe it but; as time went on the conspiracy became clearer and clearer. 
They all want to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE which includes destroying the companionship of loving Mothers (fathers) and their children of all ages so they are in a state of shock and are less likely to be able to figure all this out and hold them accountable. Well, they were wrong with me.

***So, will they be wrong with you too or will you play into their hands and allow them to use you as their SCAPEGOAT and become part of the corruption?

I hope you CHOOSE to prove them wrong too and contact me and STAND UP FOR JUSTICE AND MORALITY WITH ME, and not be immoral and corrupt and fight against me.
I am very, very strong and have truth, love and of course God on my side.
So, I recommend you stop listening to their lies and see the TRUTH AND ACT TRUTHFUL AND MORAL AS I RAISED YOU AND LIVE MY LIFE AS AN EXAMPLE FOR YOU.
*** This is what a wonderful Mother does on Mother’s Day and every other day of the year; ACTS TRUTHFUL AND MORAL.
I hope you are able to appreciate the wonderful Mother and woman I am and how lucky you are to have a Mother like me. Love, Mom

As always, none of this is legal advice, just based on my knowledge and experiences of which I am very grateful to have many worthwhile ones because I FACED my challenges with TRUTH AND MORALITY and REFUSED to go along with the lies and corruption.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org




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