What a plan and a purpose in life; to steal from a loving, law-abiding Mother and deprive her of her Children’s love and brainwash the Children so they hate her.

Today was another wonderful day for those of us living in the World of Love promoting Truth, Justice, Equal Rights and Freedom for ALL so that Alienated Children will have the FREEDOM to think reasonably and compassionately and not feel threatened and so that alienated Mothers and Fathers will not be deprived of the love and companionship of their Children.

I had a hearing today regarding the fraudulent and invalid restraining orders issued against me which have never been proven by my idiot and evil (still) husband MARK HASSMAN to have any validity or legal purpose.

In a nutshell, the court hearing proved again how my State and Federal defendants, which includes the judge who repeatedly refuses to recuse herself as required by the law; keep incriminating themselves more and more. They continue to prove that they want to DESTROY LOVE and those who live in the world of love even though they become more frustrated, angry, unreasonable and delusional due to their lies and schemes which they think will bring them happiness. Just EXPECT them to keep lying, cheating, stealing, hacking, and committing other crimes. Never expect them to become reasonable and change.

My idiot and evil (still) husband MARK HASSMAN and those aiding him are trying to PRETEND that I, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother, am a felon based upon illegal and invalid restraining orders. They are using lies and schemes with invalid restraining orders trying to have me declared a felon so my idiot and evil (still) husband can retire soon KEEPING the many millions of dollars of marital assets he stole from me with their help; which all of them get a piece of too.

My idiot and evil (still) husband MARK HASSMAN, who already had a heart attack and looks like he has one foot in the grave already, is getting very nervous because all his efforts thus far have failed. He has failed to prove that I am anything but a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother who is suffering from Parental Alienation and a fraudulent, illegal divorce judgment where he and those aiding him stole all of my assets when I was so tortured by the Parental Alienation and could not see straight. This is truly domestic terrorism.

I reasonably relied on judges, lawyers, my husband, religious leaders and many others to TELL THE TRUTH as they have LEGAL AND MORAL OBLIGATIONS TO DO; not take advantage of me due to the Parental Alienation they created and/or are perpetuating. Their acts are evil beyond words. They never expected me to recover and be able to exercise my First Amendment rights to address my harms in State and Federal Courts of Law and hold them accountable since Justice must apply to ALL OF US.

Thus, my State and Federal defendants and those aiding them are trying to use invalid restraining orders with their false allegations to PUNISH ME, since I am exercising my legal rights by suing them. They don’t like that because they think they are ENTITLED to violate the law and abuse me with acts of Parental Alienation and take away many of my Constitutional, Property, Contract and other legal rights.

********HOWEVER IT IS A REAL SHAME, that my evil (still) husband MARK HASSMAN, who already had one heart attack and looks like he has one foot in the grave; STILL REFUSES to give me our Children’s contact information in time for the UPCOMING JEWISH HOLIDAYS and no Jewish leaders will help. *******************************

*******I can’t keep hiring a private detective to find my children only to have them fearful of communicating with me.

My (still) husband OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT LOVE OUR CHILDREN because if he did he would not deprive them of my love, as experts have proven AND ANY REASONABLE PERSON KNOWS. He just wants to HARM ME or PUNISH ME by not “allowing” me to have a companionship with our Children since I would not agree to go along with his criminal Student Loan Fraud Scheme, Real Estate Scheme and other illegal schemes which violate State and Federal laws too which I have proven and continue to prove.

The facts speak for themselves and they speak clearer and clearer daily and I am thrilled. This is all part of obtaining Justice and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I will give specific disgraceful details soon showing how evil my defendants truly are. 
To brainwash Children against their loving, law-abiding Mother is shameful and disgraceful beyond words. My Children must really be brainwashed too because for about 10 years now they have not even reached out to me. 
Do you think they have been turned into drug addicts, prostitutes or other criminals? 
Why do you think they refuse to contact me? Do you think they are being reasonable? 
Do you think they are being compassionate? Time will tell I am sure. 
In the meantime, have a great evening knowing that truth, justice, equal rights and freedom are prevailing for all of us living in the World of Love.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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