What appears to be My ex-husband’s Student Loan Ponzi Scheme where my Son was abused at the School too

When you live in the shadow of someone else’s existence who bullies, lies and manipulates you so you feel forced to believe his or her lies or may not even realize they are lying and deceiving you; you are so GRATEFUL when you remove yourself from that abusive environment and find YOUR OWN VOICE and lead the peaceful, enriching life YOU want to live, learning and growing with your knowledge and experiences as you become stronger and wiser.

This is what I have done since my divorce over 6 years ago and I am so grateful I found a wonderful therapist and others to help me understand my divorce, parental alienation, psychological characteristics and behaviors common to those in a parental alienation situation including those who create and perpetuate it, and how to cope and grow from all of this.
I am also grateful for my friends who have helped me too as we have a lot of fun together being honest, kind and doing worthwhile things for ourselves and others.

I am so excited, my friend and I got tickets to Tim Burton’s new movie “Big Eyes” for opening day which is Christmas. The movie is about a woman artist who lived a lie to please her sick, manipulative husband because at that time in her life, she was not strong enough and felt this is what she had to do. There is also a very wise Judge who brings forth Justice.
One of the lines in the movie is the same line my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN stated in an email to me after we separated when I was very, very distraught from his emotional abuse which is well documented and I was trying to cope.
***He wrote; “You have no idea what the truth is.”

Do you think my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN was referring to what appears to be his PONZI SCHEME INVOLVING STUDENT LOANS?
Remember, my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, who received his MBA from Harvard and spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering in the 1980’s and since then has negotiated many multi-million dollar agreements; but he swears he is “insolvent” and I did not even receive any savings and retirement from our 23 year marriage and he controlled the community estate.

Do you think he took it all and using 501c3, vow of poverty and other agreements has hidden millions of dollars of community property and income and other interests with Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple, Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and Cate School which is the non-profit California boarding high school which abused my minor Son as photos and documents show?

My ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN acquired a student loan for about $50,000 to allow our Son to be abused at Cate School Boarding High School which I tried unsuccessfully to end.

However, during the last six years of our marriage which includes the years of the recession, in earnings only, NOT investments, trust income, capital gains, retirement, savings or other income, accumulations, tax refunds and tax benefits our joint tax returns showed about $2.5 million dollars so it is highly unlikely any student loans were needed.

But my ex-husband did not stop there with only that $50,000 student loan at Cate School.
He used our Children to acquire approximately $225,000 of student loans and now swears he is “insolvent” while buying himself and his new wife each a new Lexus and incurring many other expenses for what reasonable people would consider luxuries. (none of this is legal advice, it is my understanding).

However, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has not ordered him to comply with the discovery requests and show how he is paying for all of his expenses, loans and also verify his and his wife’s income which Judge Claudia Silbar said in her public courtroom on April 2, 2014; “And looking at the Income and Expense Declaration, he’s fortunate, he’s remarried and his wife’s earning over $xxxx a month. That’s why he’s presently at the time surviving.”

Where did the cash come from for the 2 Lexus vehicles or how did he get approved for a loan if he is “insolvent” and his wife is now unemployed?
Discovery should bring out the truth so we can find out and disclose concealed assets and sources of income which will bring forth Justice; this is what a Judge is required to do.

Discovery is needed so it can be shown how these expenses and loans listed on my ex-husband’s Income and Expense Declarations are ACTUALLY being paid and have been paid. Looking at the stipulated judgment, it shows on its face that it is invalid so the missing Declaration of Disclosure must be served and those alleged to be served must be amended and served with a Current Income and Expense Declaration as this is Justice and Due Process.

Do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR could be involved in what appears to be the PONZI SCHEME INVOLVING STUDENT LOANS?

When she secretly met with my “two boys” as she called them and only my ex-husband she did not use reasonable diligence to find out why as she stated our two boys “had no interest” in reuniting with me, even though we had wonderful relationships until they abruptly ended around the time of the divorce. I also helped them and our Daughter thrive, develop good values and make many accomplishments and I have had a clean record my entire life.
***There is no rational reason for my Children to want to alienate me from their life and refuse to have a civil conversation to discuss this alienation.
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR should know this.

Do you think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR threatened my two boys not to reveal what appears to be the PONZI SCHEME INVOLVING STUDENT LOANS?
Why didn’t she find out the reasons for their sudden alienation of me or try to arrange a telephone call or reunification therapy as all of these are reasonable actions using reasonable diligence as she knew or should have known?
She should have at least found out if their reason for having “no interest” in reuniting is rational or if they are being threatened or bribed because she said she was trying to help us reunite.
Her unreasonable behavior has led several to believe that she may be involved in what appears to be the PONZI SCHEME INVOLVING STUDENT LOANS.

This is not legal advice but just something I have found out which others may find helpful: the Federal Government requires that Federal Student loans must ONLY be used for educational purposes at the school; not for other expenses or to invest and earn a profit on the spread of the low interest rate of the student loans and what the investment earned.

As many court documents show; my ex-husband and our children have acquired approximately $225,000 of student loans and many of them are Federal Loans.
This is part of the email I sent to PASTOR RICK WARREN,
RABBI DAVID WOLPE, others at Saddleback Church and others at Jewish Organizations: “Don’t you think the Jews and Christians should hold each other accountable to end their secret policy of parental alienation and invalid use of 501c3 and Vow of Poverty agreements and what appears to be a

It appears this Rabbi, Pastor and Religious Organizations are involved in what appears to be a PONZI SCHEME USING STUDENT LOANS along with:
DALE KIKEN of THE KIKEN GROUP who helped reclassify community property to Mark F. Hassman’s separate property and remove the property from community trusts as discussed in
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’s pubic courtroom on June 11, 2014.

It also appears others are involved like:
CATE SCHOOL in Carpenteria, California
NICHOLAS SAMIOS of Westminster, Maryland
ELAINE ADELBERG of Baltimore, Maryland and others.

TO MY CHILDREN: Please do not worry about me and just take good care of yourselves and each other if all of you are reasonable and not uncivil and unkind. Otherwise take good care of yourself and contact me when you feel able to.

Only believe what is reasonable and can be accounted for.
Also, as you all are adults now, try to find your voice and courage so you feel comfortable FACING THE TRUTH and contacting me which will make you feel so much HAPPIER and help you continue to develop good values and character as you did when I was part of your life as your Loving Mother; as you know.
I hope you choose to hold yourself to HIGH HONEST STANDARDS as you use to and ignore those who don’t. Surround yourself with those who want to help you develop your potential in honest and positive ways; not with lies, schemes and corruption. That is not love but abuse as I am sure you understand now. Have fun and I hope you grow wiser too very soon as more and more of the truth is revealed and contact me. The truth will set you free. Love, Mom

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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