What Do You Stand For, Consistently?

What do you stand for? Do you know what your motives and goals are?
Do you want to know the truth or live a life believing lies?
These are all questions which everyone must decide for themselves which determines their values and character.
Then all through life, as wise people enrich themselves and grow; they may decide to change their motives and goals to make themselves a better person.

Does what you DO CONSISTENTLY show that you are a good, kind, moral person or that you are a corrupt and evil person because you intentionally harm others instead of trying to help them?
Do you try to get people to trust you and then betray their trust by making them feel insecure and that they need you and are incompetent without you?
Do you discourage or even forbid others to have confidence and be independent because then you can’t control them?

We were all given FREE WILL for a purpose.

*** So, alienated children, please don’t blame yourself for anything that happened during the divorce. It was not your fault.
Just create new positive meanings in your life and know how capable, kind and wonderful you can be and tune out those who try to tell you otherwise.
Surround yourself with those who encourage independent thoughts; not those who insist you agree with what they say or they will be very mean and abusive towards you.

***If you clearly define your motives and goals you will be able to understand what you stand for and what changes you need to make so you can become a better person with good values and character.
Be the leader that you would like to follow and others will follow you and you will also feel wonderful and get rid of any shame you have in your subconscious.

Also, once you define you motives and goals; then when you meet others it is easier to decide if you would like to get to know them better.
If they have similar motives and goals then that is a good indication.
If they lie, deceive others, harm others and are corrupt, you know you do not want them in your life or they will only bring you problems.

So define your motives and goals and SET YOUR BOUNDARIES and don’t be afraid to politely tell someone to please be respectful and not just give you orders or ultimatums.

But be realistic, SEE WHAT IS, see the TRUTH, not how you want things to be. This is very important because otherwise you will become delusional. It is important to face the truth and not live a lie. The truth speaks volumes.

Whenever you are unsure of what to do;
JUST DO WHAT IS REASONABLE. Then you will not go wrong.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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