What do you think the influential RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG will do? Do you think I will be able to make Aliyah or will I be denied my JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT to live in Israel?

from: Sara Hassman <sarahassman1@gmail.com>
to: mitchell wohlberg <mwohlberg@btfiloh.org>
date: Feb 1, 2019, 5:10 AM
subject: My one sentence letter with apostille attached needed to make Aliyah
mailed-by: gmail.com

Dear Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg,
I have yet to receive your response: 1) agreeing to send me the one sentence letter that I was born to a Jewish mother which I need from you so I can make Aliyah and 
2) if you agree to have the apostille affixed since you are in the United States and I am already in Israel. As an influential, senior Rabbi of a major congregation in America; I am sure you know the apostille must be affixed in the United States.

Rabbi Wohlberg, why are you delaying as it is the goal of the STATE OF ISRAEL and myself that I have the required paperwork so I am able to make Aliyah soon and not just wait for a one sentence letter from you stating that I was born to a Jewish mother? You know my mother and my family as they have been members of BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION for decades and you have been the Senior Rabbi there for decades as well. Also, Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg you married me and signed my ketuba as photographs and other documents prove.

Further, as I requested in my email to you on January 30, 2019; will you agree to have the apostille affixed so then your letter with the affixed apostille can be sent DIRECTLY TO ME IN ISRAEL. 
As the Jewish Aliyah agency in Jerusalem told me; I will be REIMBURSED for my Aliyah expenses so I CAN REIMBURSE YOU for any expenses you incur in helping me make Aliyah whereby I will be carrying out the mitzvah of MY JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT of returning to live in Israel. 
In addition, with regards to any fees involved in helping me make Aliyah; if necessary do you think the following would advance any fees you incur on my behalf until I am reimbursed by THE STATE OF ISRAEL since making Aliyah is a mitzvah:

1) my father’s foundation at your synagogue named the STANLEY Z. PENN MEMORIAL FUND;

2) MY RELATIVES AND OLD FRIENDS who are board members and/or members of BETH TFILOH or

As I am sure you know, ALL JEWS should graciously PROMOTE; not impede THE ALIYAH PROCESS due to TEMPORARY FINANCIAL RESTRAINTS.

Also, I am sure Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg you know as the Senior Rabbi of THE LARGEST MODERN ORTHODOX JEWISH CONGREGATION IN AMERICAN, as your synagogue’s website states; you are familiar with the Aliyah process of our JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT and the IMPORTANCE of being expeditious in providing your one sentence letter that I was born to a Jewish mother; and also the IMPORTANCE of helping me have the apostille affixed.

It is now very early Friday morning so would you please respond before Shabbat? If not, would you please respond on Sunday since I know the synagogue is open for Hebrew school and other activities?
***I just want to stress, Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg that I only need a one sentence letter from you stating that I was born to a Jewish mother with an apostille affixed AND any fees incurred will be reimbursed by the STATE OF ISRAEL as the Jewish Aliyah agency Nefesh B’Nefesh in Jerusalem informed me. Making Aliyah is a mitzvah and you and all Jews should want to help me accomplish this mitzvah fervently and expeditiously.
Sara Hassman formerly Sara Penn

Sara Hassman
Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder
Divorce is hard enough.
Let’s end a form of child abuse, terror, torture and oppression called Parental Alienation by reuniting millions of children with their loving , caring, law-abiding Mother or Father. A corrupt, heartless parent at the time of divorce has brainwashed these precious children which includes teens and young adults into believing their loving, law-abiding Mother or Father, should be eliminated from their life so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE.
As my case B267984 in the California Court of Appeal shows; crooked Jewish and other Religious Organizations, Law Firms, Judges, Executives, nonprofit Schools, the court-appointed Therapist, Bank of America and others help conceal assets from the loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother and then have a plan to profit using 501(c)(3) agreements and other fraudulent schemes. The loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother cannot receive her property, savings, retirement and other assets from her marriage of over 20 years. Further, she is legally still married because her divorce contact, which was signed by a crooked judge and crooked law firms is invalid and unlawful. The Wife/Mother was so distraught from the parental alienation at the time of the divorce and reasonably trusted her lawyer, the judge and others to follow the law but they cheated her and have abused, terrorized, tortured and oppressed her and her Children.
I am bringing awareness to the Nationwide Parental Alienation and Fraudulent Divorce Contract Crises and trying to change the laws to criminalize these acts. We need to protect our precious Children and loving Mothers (fathers too), not allowing the sacred parent/child relationship to be destroyed and our Children to be USED to help them PROFIT FROM DIVORCE. We need to end the religious and corporate policies of encouraging divorce and Parental Alienation so they can PROFIT.



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