What does an honest, loving, law-abiding Mother and Justice have in common; not a father who is a controlling narcissist and the creator of the terror of Parental Alienation?

An honest, loving, law-abiding Mother teaches her children important skills and also moral values so they will be responsible people and assets to society. This will enable them to:

1) reach their beautiful potential using their special skills and talents; 
2) being able to love and; 
3) being able to be proud of themselves;
DUE TO their honest and moral accomplishments and character.
An honest, loving, law-abiding Mother does not fear that one day her children she nurtured and mentored with a lot of love will be able to teach HER new moral and honest ways of the current times; she welcomes this.

• An honest, loving, law-abiding Mother does not fear that one day her children she nurtured and mentored with a lot of love will have the skills to put HER out of business OR obtain a professional title more superior to hers; she also welcomes this.

• Only a father who is a controlling narcissist has to be the one to know all, and be the best all the time at everything due to his insecurities and other emotional and psychological problems. 
He is afraid of any competition so he tries to stymie competition by HOLDING DOWN THE POTENTIAL OF OTHERS, even his own VERY CAPABLE CHILDREN. To do this he will DESTROY LOVE by creating Parental Alienation so his Children have trouble functioning and reaching their beautiful potential.
However, JUSTICE STILL EXISTS, especially while I am able to peacefully defend my rights and promote Justice for All. My defendants think they can Control Justice too. 
This includes my controlling narcissist husband 
MARK HASSMAN who STILL REFUSES TO GIVE ME OUR CHILDREN’S CONTACT INFORMATION so we can try to resolve this Parental Alienation BEFORE THE UPCOMING JEWISH HOLIDAYS. The Jewish leaders and organizations who are also my defendants and others too refuse to help. This is very evil beyond words and incriminates all of them in very serious ways.

My (still) husband MARK HASSMAN, and my other defendants are so delusional they do not even realize that by using their “connections;” “influence” and by “trading favors” all in the name of business, politics and/or religion that they will end up having JUSTICE DESTROY THEM.

Oh well, our choices determine our destiny. I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.-Carl Jung.

Have a wonderful weekend knowing that Truth and Justice are prevailing regardless of what these controlling narcissists and other immoral people and organizations do which are part of the Evil Criminal Conspiracy promoting Parental Alienation and concealing, stealing and laundering the assets of the loving, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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