What does it mean to be reasonable? Here is a funny, short story which explains what being reasonable and what being foolish means.

I was talking to my very good friend Joel and telling him that I told Rabbi David Wolpe (through our Pandora and Google communications) that if he wants a relationship with me like he says that he must clearly publish his beliefs showing that:

1. He repudiates acts of Parental Alienation and will help change the laws so Parental Alienation is listed as a form of abuse and considered a criminal offense as many experts have proven it should be and reasonable, compassionate people also know it should be;

2. He will help reunite Mothers (fathers) who have been alienated since the time of divorce from their Children due to acts of Parental Alienation;

3. He will give sermons, write, have discussion groups, classes and other educational events to educate the community about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation so they do not fall prey and can get the sick parent creating the alienation the help he (she) needs.

4. He repudiates the fraudulent and immoral use of 501(c)(3) agreements whereby they are used by non-profit organizations to steal the community assets and income of the Wife/Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter and also used to launder money.

Well, my friend Joel says to me:
Sara, what is wrong with you?

Why don’t you want a relationship with a man who believes destroying the bond between loving Mothers and their Children is a good thing and a good way for the synagogue and other non-profit organizations to profit?

Why shouldn’t you want a relationship with a man who believes charitable organizations should use their 501(c)(3) agreements to steal a Mother’s savings, property and income from her marriage so she is forced to go on welfare and should also use these agreements to launder money for criminal and terrorists?

Why shouldn’t you want a relationship with a man who believes that the public should be keep ignorant about the use of 501(c)(3) agreements so those who have the power and are entitled professionals can take advantage of Mothers (fathers) and their Children and others by secretly using these 501(c)(3) agreements?

Why should professionals and others have to follow the law like everyone else?

Well, I rest my case since I believe I have clearly made my point.

What do you think RABBI DAVID WOLPE will do? Write and publish this article or continue to go along with the corrupt and immoral establishment which promotes Parental Alienation and the fraudulent and immoral use of 501(c)(3) agreements?
Do you think he is an honest and moral Rabbi and individual or a thief and abuser?

Time will tell but learn from this that if someone is NOT reasonable; do not get into a relationship with them or you will be harmed.

As always, this is not legal or any other advice but based upon my knowledge and experiences particularly a conversation I had with my friend Joel.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org


Parental Alienation Solutions: Thanks Michelle for your like and please feel free to share so others understand this horrible truth.

I also want to mention the Bliss comic today in the Los Angeles Times which Rabbi David Wolpe writes.

This is horrible as any reasonable person knows, not funny. It shows a lawyer in court presenting the judge with a bag of money saying; “May it please the court.”

Rabbi David Wolpe is truly so sick. This is not funny to anyone like me who has had their life turned upside down due to the CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM AND THE CORRUPT JUDGES.

Also, as his Marmaduke comic states; Rabbi David Wolpe is not a cute, big baby; he is a very sick and uncompassionate man who is destroying Judaism and many lives.

Unfortunately Peanutbutter:  Your recent posts have been very enlightening: I do hope you will continue to detail your ongoing communication method with Rabbi Wolpe. It makes many things clear regarding your world view and degree of insight, and are likely relevant to the appeal of your lawsuit(s). Mostly I feel for your adult children, having lost their mother and peaceful home life a very long time ago. I’m sure they will be strong enough to create for themselves now what they have missed.
Parental Alienation Solutions Dear Unfortunately Peanutbutter,      I feel for my adult children too BUT they know better especially since they know I would never give up custody and do some of the horrible things I have been accused of especially those in the criminal lawsuits that were all dismissed.Thanks again and please feel free to make more comments and I will respond as always.
Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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