What Donald Trump and my ex-husband have in common…

Want to know what Donald Trump and my ex-husband have in common?

Donald Trump has claimed he is insolvent and so has my ex-husband.

Companies and individuals can PERMANENTLY operate in a state of insolvency especially if they have debt like student loans and other loans like my ex-husband, who is a certified public accountant, chief financial officer and received his MBA from Harvard. Think he does not know this?
Think he is trying to deceive me?

Donald Trump is a much kinder and compassionate person than my ex-husband because he did not cheat his ex-wife out of her savings and retirement or destroy the Mother/Child relationship like my ex-husband. He did not use his INFLUENCE OR POWERFUL NETWORK to commit such horrible acts either like my ex-husband has.

Donald Trump obviously understands the importance of children of all ages being ENCOURAGED to have a relationship with their Mother and also MAKING SURE this happens along with MAKING SURE the Mother, his ex-wife receives her savings, retirement, investments and other sources of income from the marriage.

 My ex-husband should try to learn these lessons from Donald Trump before my ex-husband falls off his “throne of lies” as a friend of mine so accurately describes.

This friend of mine is very familiar with many of the lies, schemes and manipulations of my ex-husband and says he sit high on his throne of lies.

Let that be a warning to those who have and continue to cooperate with my ex-husband in destroying the wonderful relationships my Children and I enjoyed until they were all abruptly destroyed around the time of the divorce and who have also helped cheat me out of my property, retirement, savings and lawful spousal support award. ONLY A FORM OF TERRORIST would commit these acts and take such horrific advantage of a loving Mother and her Children at the time of divorce.

I will continue to fight for Due Process and Justice because if I don’t, I would just be allowing these terrorists to continue to take advantage of loving Mothers and their Children at the time of divorce since millions are suffering from parental alienation and have also been cheated out of receiving their property, spousal support and other interests from their marriage.

This is not a game or funny; this is destroying lives and is a violation of Due Process and is Immoral and Unjust behavior as any reasonable person knows.

I will not stand by and watch this happen.
Instead, I am destroying the throne of lies my ex-husband sits upon and bringing down those who have helped create his throne by cooperation with his lies and schemes.

I have a moral conscience, self-esteem, skills and experience too. Most importantly I have love and compassion for my Children, myself and millions like us.

As I forge forward bring out more and more of the truth so parental alienation can end and Due Process and Justice can be restored too.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org




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