What good is a collective group of people which merely exists? They live life without being allowed to show compassion, empathy and reasonableness but live being fearful of stepping outside their allotted role of an obedient person or controlling person while being forbidden to express their individual thoughts and forbidden to act as an individual?

They must exist following the beliefs of the collective group.

As my overwhelming facts show, this describes:

crooked judges, law firms, religious leaders, religious organizations, nonprofit schools, the court-appointed therapist, executives, joint venture partners, the profit sharing plan administrator, Bank of America, First Lady Michelle Obama, my husband Mark [F] Hassman, his mistress “The High Priced Call Girl” Mikel Sanders-Persky

and others who are aiding and abetting in perpetuating the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation and the fraudulent, immoral and illegal use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements used to steal the property and other assets of the loving, law-abiding Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter.

To exist is simply to be there but you can’t deduce anything from them because they are amorphous, vague and sad because they try to deceive others, including defenseless Mothers and their Children, while being charming and manipulative.

Thus they flip-flop with their thoughts and actions because they have to change them depending on what their prey believes. They are constantly remolding their ideas and have no morals or convictions; they just do what it takes to manipulate and control their prey so they can profit at their expense.
Accordingly, their corrupt, abusive, oppressive, terrorist and immoral acts define these people in this collective group which comprises many in the Establishment.

The corruption, abuse, oppression and terror have become part of them and their existence because this is how they HAVE CHOSEN to routinely act and profit.
They have no sense of any moral or civil responsibility and only care about the well-being of their corrupt and immoral collective group comprised of many in the Establishment.

Some claim that they refuse to be honest, kind and helpful because they want to “mind their own business.” However, any honest, compassionate, reasonable person knows that it is immoral, unreasonable and cruel, and can also be illegal and criminal to ignore the suffering of others WHILE YOU PROFIT FROM THEIR SUFFERING.

But, they are afraid to leave their corrupt, immoral collective group so they can thrive by living in freedom with a heart filled with love and a mind filled with reason.
Instead THEY CHOOSE to drown their true feelings and act as slaves to the immoral and illegal causes of the collective group so they can profit.
This is indicative of living a life of mere existence because it shows they lack compassion and empathy for others. 
Accordingly, their actions show they are indifferent to suffering of others WHICH THEY CAUSED and also are indifferent to their capabilities to help them.

***Those in the corrupt, immoral collective group repeatedly choose to profit at the expense of those they harm which only a heartless, unreasonable person could even do.

***They lie to themselves in order to rationalize their actions. They constantly make immoral concessions to falsely try to justify their corrupt ways. (I know this because this is how my mother, sister, relatives, old friends and late father and those they associate with behaved and still behave).

WHAT IS THE COST TO BEGIN LIVING AND NOT JUST MERELY EXISTING in a corrupt and immoral collective group?

To do this, a person needs to REVIVE their heart and mind so they begin to feel compassion for others and no longer remain indifferent to their suffering or want to profit at their expense.

To begin this process; they need to ABANDON their belief that they are “entitled” to harm others for the well-being of their corrupt, immoral collective group. America is based upon Equal Rights and Justice which must apply to Everyone.

Also, they need to think about ALWAYS treating others as they want to be treated themselves.

Once a person has compassion and empathy for others and also wants to find a moral and legal way to profit; then they can learn to LOVE.

First, they can LEARN TO LOVE THEMSELVES by eliminating their destructive behaviors and obsessions and begin treating themselves and others with kindness and respect. 

They will also want to learn to ENCOURAGE others to love, have respect and collaborate like encouraging a Mother and her Children and having PRIDE for teaching them these important skills and lessons; not taking advantage of their vulnerabilities but making them stronger. 
They want to help them reach their potential and become an asset to our society so they too can be proud of them and themselves for their guidance, support and compassion.

This thought process and behavior will eliminate the desire to create and perpetuate Parental Alienation and illegally and immorally use 501(c)(3) agreements and other nonprofit agreements and fraudulent Restraining Orders to abuse, terrorize, torture and oppress others emotionally, financially and in other very harmful ways.

However, many who exist in this corrupt and immoral collective group DO NOT LIVE IN REALITY and do not have accurate memories either because they are REVISIONISTS; they revise their memories to suit their selfish, corrupt and immoral needs. Remember, they are heartless and unreasonable so they ALLOW themselves to behave this way.

To make matters worse, THEY TRY TO SILENCE anyone who tries to reveal the truth, like me.
My mother and sister behave this way and so do my relatives and my old friends and those mentioned above who are defendants in my lawsuits.

********A compassionate, empathetic, reasonable, moral person COULD NOT refuse for over eight (8) years now to help a me, a loving, law-abiding Mother (and millions like me) to: 
1) Reunite with my Children and 
2) Receive my assets worth millions of dollars so I can have a legal divorce contract. If you doubt my words, consult with an expert and read my website and the references cited there. [www.PAlienation.org].

People in this corrupt, immoral collective group have stopped learning and growing in positive ways and have become filled with hate and shame while becoming more and more detached from Reality.

However, they are an EMBARRASSMENT TO THEMSELVES which is why they try to destroy anyone who tries to expose the truth, like me.

The famous author and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre made a very poignant analogy of merely existing and being controlled by a destructive collective group; not living with freedom and love involving the wind and trees:
        The wind takes possession of a tree, it shakes it and damages it and then moves on to the next tree and does the same to the entire forest. The trees are just collateral damage because the wind believes it is “entitled” to control, use, abuse and harm the trees for its own benefit.

Jean-Paul Sartre also explains how it is foolish, unreasonable and unnatural to be stoical all the time like those in the immoral, corrupt collective group. 
However, how can all these people remain for over eight years now, stoical and insensitive to: 
1)    My Children refusing to communicate and see me which SUDDENLY began at the time of the divorce without any legal or rational basis and 
2)    My husband stealing millions of dollars of assets with the aiding and abetting of those mentioned above, which should have been distributed to Me not them or their immoral, corrupt collective group?

Why have they refused to help me resolve these serious problems so my Children and I can restore our loving and enriching relationship and I can obtain a legal Divorce Contract and become legally divorced?

Do you think they are PART OF THE PROBLEM because they are profiting and their corrupt and immoral collective group is profiting? Are my Children and I just collateral damage?

This suffering they have caused and continue to cause is so UNNECESSARY but; this is how corrupt, immoral, terrorist cowards behave. They prey on defenseless people like a defenseless Mother going through a divorce and her defenseless Children so they can live a life of luxury and entitlement lacking love and compassion which is a very shallow existence.

But they TRY TO JUSTIFY THEIR EXISTENCE of being indifferent and apathetic for the very important causes of ending the abuse, terror, torture and oppression called Parental Alienation and ending the fraudulent, immoral and illegal use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements.

As history has shown, people like this destroy themselves because they cannot continue to justify their corrupt and immoral behaviors as more and more of the overwhelming facts are exposed; despite their corrupt and abusive acts to silence the truth and harm the one trying to expose the truth.

Thus, Truth and Justice and I also believe God will prevail as we keep exposing the truth to obtain justice and equal rights for all which includes, millions of Mothers and their Children and others suffering from Parental Alienation and the fraudulent and illegal use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).




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