What has been done in the Dark is coming to Light, Big League.

There is no trust between hustlers; it is everyone for himself or herself while watching their back constantly. But, if one of the hustlers from the crooked gang, cult or group goes down; typically all the others will go down too. They live with the attitude that it is better to get them before they get me; but sometimes they are too late.

I don’t like fighting hustlers, gangs, cults or other crooked people and organizations but if they foolishly have chosen to abuse, terrorize, torture and oppress Me and millions of other Mothers like me and our Children; they have thrown me into their game and I will fight back.
However, I fight with my INDEPENDENT head leading and my heart following, which many hustlers don’t understand.

First, they don’t know how to use their heart to love.

Second, they are generally so high on drugs, alcohol, greed, control and money that they cannot see straight to save themselves. This is especially true when they are fighting a strong, confident, experienced Woman like me who is not intimidated by their behavior but expects it.
They are too delusional to realize that I have the facts on my side and I am forcing them to face the music. 
No one has ever taken away my legal rights without facing the music. If you doubt my words, ask my mother because she had to pay.
But, unfortunately, hustlers never go legit. 
 They just pay for the harms they caused when forced; they do their time in jail and then they return to the “street.” They have this perceived constant need for drugs, sex, money, control and power which they obtain by running this corruption and abusing the vulnerable. This is their livelihood.

These hustlers are involved in the drug trade, sex trafficking, pimping children, pornography, laundering money and the like and do what they have to do to survive while PRETENDING to be honest professionals, religious and trustworthy. This is so they publicly seem to have a legitimate job and it is not obvious to most that they are liars, cheaters, abusers, terrorists and torturers as my overwhelming facts show.
***Because these hustlers CAN’T TRUST ANYONE; they have to make their own retirement plan which is where the Parental Alienation and the illegal use of nonprofits, laundering money and all these other crimes are utilized.

As my facts show, these hustlers in these cults and gangs teach the Children to steal from their own loving, law-abiding Mother. I, like most Mothers, have proudly taught our Children right from wrong but; they must choose the life they want to lead. We try to lead by example, but; they need to open their eyes and FOCUS their mind to see the TRUTH and lead a life with Love; getting away from these hustlers.

Often these hustlers live together so they don’t have to worry about their neighbors reporting their criminal activity. 
My defendant SINAI TEMPLE provides apartment complexes for its clergy and others to carry out this corruption while pretending to be “religious.” I believe my defendant SADDLEBACK CHURCH does the same.
My defendant EMORY UNIVERSITY provides housing for their professors like their Ethics Chairman PAUL WOLPE who also carries out this corruption.
These hustlers also pay the police, judges, law firms and prosecutors to shelter them by ignoring their corruption; all for payouts. This is nothing new. But what is new is that this horrible game is ending. They will be held responsible for all their corruption by Me.

***It is one thing to harm Mothers but these hustlers have taken their corruption to a whole new level by abusing and terrorizing Children which includes Teens and Young Adults. 
They use the drugs to poison them and get them addicted so they become their slaves. 
They try to get these vulnerable children to envy them and idolize them since they, themselves, are so full of pain. 
They seek attention so they think they are loved. They refuse to acknowledge their serious problems and get the help they need.

In this horrible game, these hustlers are very angry and sad people because with all of their material possessions; they can’t quench their desire for more because they do not understand the power of love and live their life without it.

I am thrilled because even today, on Friday the 13th, Truth, Justice and Equal Rights are prevailing. It is just a question of how hard all my defendants will fall; not whether they will fall. 
So spread this truth in your own community so we help others protect themselves and not fall prey. Big change is coming.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; 

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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