What has evolved is bigger than I am and bigger than the evil, criminal conspiracy which is comprised of many so-called America leaders, nonprofits and other corporations and businesses.

I have blown up the world of this conspiracy and their members as my State and Federal lawsuits show. Thus, they are afraid of me and the truth I am exposing and HAVE GONE TO WAR AGAINST ME and all the lawful and moral values I represent.

This evil, criminal conspiracy wants to pretend that I DON’T EXIST, its evil and criminal acts and policies DON’T EXIST and that it can DELAY Justice forever by MANIPULATING our rigged legal system with its connections and influence.

This evil, criminal conspiracy FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS has tried to defame my character with invalid restraining orders, lies and schemes.
It still tries to use false and misleading evidence to have me declared a felon so it can keep the millions of dollars of assets it stole from me at the time of divorce and since then. 
This is not Democracy or what our American values and laws support. Democracy and our Laws demand that we SOLVE, not ignore the epidemic problems of terror and torture involving:
• Parental Alienation;
• Fraudulent and Invalid Divorce Judgments; 
• and Selling the Alienated Children into Slavery.

I started out trying to reunite with my Children and became aware of these other criminal and immoral acts along with secret business policies promoting these epidemic problems.

I AM AT THE POINT NOW where this evil and criminal conspiracy CANNOT EXPLAIN AWAY their criminal, illegal, immoral and malicious acts as I clearly explained at the Court of Appeals in my oral argument this week. Plus, the longer this conspiracy continues its terror by refusing to admit the truth and change its secret policies; the more it PROVES its criminal intent and malice. 
This is exactly what the TOBACCO COMPANIES and the NFL (National Football League) did by refusing to admit the truth which they had KNOWN FOR DECADES, just like all of my defendants.

The Tobacco Companies refused to admit for decades that smoking cigarettes is linked to lung cancer. Keeping this fact a secret cost Tobacco Companies millions of dollars in damages including punitive damages and also ruined their reputations and credibility.

The NFL refused to admit for decades that football head collisions are linked to very serious brain damage. This cost the league millions of dollars in damages including punitive damages and ruined its reputation and credibility too.

Apparently, just like the Tobacco Companies and the NFL; my defendants which consist of this evil, criminal conspiracy of judges; law firms; individual lawyers personally liable; Jewish and other religious organizations and their leaders; the court-appointed therapist; the court-appointed public defender; nonprofit schools; Bank of America; former First Lady Michelle Obama; U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; my heartless and evil husband; his mistress and others; they also think they can keep their secret malicious and criminal policies a secret like they have been doing for decades.

However, all of my defendants and those aiding them have GIVEN ME A GREAT GIFT. I have been given the gift of KNOWING what they have done because I recovered enough to be able to use my education, skills and experiences to figure out the truth and peacefully expose it online, in courtrooms and elsewhere.

When loving, law-abiding Women, Mothers and their Children DON’T KNOW THE RISK that they will one day face by being terrorized and tortured by acts of Parental Alienation, being Sold into Slavery and having a fraudulent and invalid Divorce Judgment; then this TRUTH must be exposed because our laws demand that they PROTECT its citizens.

With my State and Federal lawsuits; I have been trying to convince this evil, criminal conspiracy and its members who are TERRORISTS that Women, Mothers and their Children deserve to KNOW the Truth and HAVE Equal Rights and Justice but this means NOTHING to them. 
THEY THINK THEY ARE IMMUNE just like my parents, sister and their lawyer very wrongfully thought in 1985 when I sued them for illegally using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust to evade taxes.

Terrorists often harm the Children to hurt the Mother which is evil beyond words. Not one of them will come to the defense of Women, Mothers and Children which shows their evil conscience and soul. 
Only a very evil person would want to create or promote Parental Alienation as doctors and other experts have proven.

For decades, my defendants and those aiding them have been able to keep their acts of abuse, terror, torture and oppression
However, I TURNED THE LIGHTS ON with my lawsuits and my facebook page and website but my defendants and those aiding them want the lights turned off again immediately. 
They also want to harm me so I can’t turn the lights on again and also so others won’t try to turn them on. They rationalize that what they are doing is “business” and “politics” and that Women, Mothers and their Children are expendable. 
They DON’T WANT TO WORK TOGETHER to SOLVE these epidemic problems because this is reasonable. 
They want to use their authority by destroying the one exposing the truth so they can then have the lights turned off again and continue operating in the dark as they have been doing for decades. They are a disgrace to our society and to themselves. They are missing so much of life because they do not understand LOVE.

I am very grateful to have been given the wonderful opportunity of exposing the Truth, Changing our Laws as I did in 1985, and Holding those Accountable for maliciously harming Women, Mothers and Children so they can profit. All of this clearly shows my LOVE.

When you have the facts which PROVE THE TRUTH, you must embrace them to make our society a better place which will also help future generations. This is what Democracy, Reason and Love represent.
***Our Courtrooms and Religious Establishments are not intended to be STAGES or a CIRCUS for acting and putting on a show while IGNORING THE TRUTH AND HARMING MILLIONS.
This is making a MOCKERY OF JUSTICE AND RELIGION which I will end. If not I, then who?

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge
and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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