What is LOVE?

What is Love?
Is love being married and together bringing into this world wonderful children and together nurturing the children by spending years doing things that are in their best interest and fun too?
Is love spending years learning and growing together, discussing your differences in a civil manner and resolving them and sometimes agreeing to disagree on unimportant issues?

Or is love having sex or affairs and bringing into this world a child or several children; not even sure who the father is or if you fathered a child, not knowing or caring how to care for the child so he or she grows up in a healthy, secure, loving environment?

Is love SEPARATING the parent and children who have spent years together learning and growing together so you don’t have to pay child support or can receive tax and other benefits; not caring how this emotionally and physically harms your children and the parent too?

Is love not even caring if your children sleep in a clean room on a mattress with sheets or if they gain so much weight that their doctors are reasonably concerned, but you aren’t?
–Not even caring if you teach your children how to lie, cheat and do other corrupt things.
–Not even caring if your children have a nice computer for their school work while you drive around in a paid off Lexus, lease your new wife a Lexus and even buy your stepdaughter a car?
–Is love out with the “old” and in with the “new,” not being a responsible parent to your children from your first marriage?
–Is love using your children and ignoring their physical and emotional needs while forbidding them to associate with their loving Mother (Father)?
Isn’t this evil and terror since it certainly is not love?
This is the emotional torture and manipulation of Parental Alienation.

This is a horrible Emotional War which millions of children and loving divorced parents are fighting. Many stand by and watch like the Jews and other religious leaders who refuse to discuss Parental Alienation. Many teachers, administrators, relatives and many others stand by too because “they don’t want to get involved.”
Is this love or being part of the emotional torture and terror of Parental Alienation?

EVERYONE can make a difference to a child, adult or parent if they want. If there is a will there is a way.
I will never give up bringing out the truth of the terror, abuse and corruption of Parental Alienation which is very common to millions of our stories.
As many of our stories also show; one corrupt act leads to many others.

***Also, if a parent is willing to destroy the heart, soul and mind of their children; you know they are willing to do many other horrible and corrupt acts. It is pure evil to emotionally destroy children and I will not stop trying to end this evil.

If not I than who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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