What qualities should the person possess who wants to change the corrupt and immoral ways of the Establishment regarding Fraudulent Divorce Judgments and Parental Alienation?

These are the basic qualities an honest, compassionate leader must have as history has shown.

This person must have:

1. A sense of Justice;

2. Compassion for others;

3. Passion to help others especially the alienated children, teens and young adults succeed in many positive ways so they reach their special potential having self-esteem and confidence too;

4. Must be detached from petty issues and disinterested in the gossip of others who do not have the facts but just like to gossip instead of helping others;

5. Must have a personal abhorrence to Parental Alienation and using it to steal assets and income from the law-abiding, compassionate Wife/Mother (father) whereby a fraudulent divorce contract results;

6. Must not be afraid but instead feel empowered to have the OPPORTUNITY to bring forth justice to millions suffering from Parental Alienation and Fraudulent Divorce Judgments;

7. This next quality is a difficult one but very important to realize that if your alienated children want to live a life of corruption, immorality and using and abusing others and living without love; this is THEIR PREROGATIVE. If they continue to alienate you then know that you are better off without them in your life.

In a positive relationship of love which includes love between a Mother (father) and her Children; both people want the relationship to succeed for a long time not just for some purpose; have respect for each other; and treat each other with kindness and civility. They communicate honestly and often and resolve their differences in a kind, reasonable manner.

If the other person is controlled by others, due to a poor business position he or she has allowed himself to be in or due to a very controlling parent (due to parental alienation) or someone else who is very controlling; know that if you get involved with that person you will be controlled too. They must be independent and be able to think and act independently. WHY GET INVOLVED WITH A PUPPET ON A STRING?

With that being said; know that you have YOUR life to live and cannot let your children or anyone else pull you down to their corrupt or immoral level. You must lead your life with honest values for YOURSELF while also setting the example for those who care to see. 
You have your own self-esteem and should be proud of YOURSELF for your values and character.

***You do not need anyone to be proud of you. Just be proud for yourself. Then as I have, you will probably meet others with your similar values and all of you are proud for each other and also have fun in each other’s company.

I have these qualities and I will change the corrupt ways of the Establishment regarding Fraudulent Divorce Judgments and Parental Alienation. 
The Establishment is falling already in many ways, even with all of their resources and connections; many are the defendants in my lawsuit which is now in the California Court of Appeal case# B267984. I don’t need to derail the Establishment’s/ Defendants’ manipulations because the facts clearly speak for themselves more and more each day.

You may have these qualities too or want to develop them so you can help those in your own community and yourself too. This is a beautiful goal to strive for because you will be helping to make our world a better place.

So don’t be afraid to bring positive changes into your life. You will become RICHER in many important, intangible ways as I have.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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