What the US President and “Religious” leaders have in common

When the US President, unlike the French President, is incapable of objectively and quickly looking at the facts and ADMITTING that there was a terrorist attack and we are at war as many experts have been stating for days; it is no wonder the US has so many UNNECESSARY problems.
***The US is UNPREPARED for war and obviously UNPREPARED to defend itself because its leaders refuse to even admit we have been attacked and must CHANGE our current foreign policy strategy.
It is also no wonder that many at home and abroad think the US President is a fool along with many other US leaders and that these US leaders clearly have a DIFFERENT PRIORITY than the security of the American people.
Similarly, as the facts have been showing for decades, JEWISH and CHRISTIAN leaders and organizations refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE the epidemic problem of abuse called Parental Alienation commonly occurring at the time of divorce.
Accordingly, it is no wonder that millions of Children of all ages from a divorced family and millions of divorced Mothers are UNPREPARED to cope with the expected problems caused by the abuse called Parental Alienation as many experts have proven. [www.PAlienation.org].
The SICK and CORRUPT JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN LEADERS have tried to keep Parental Alienation a secret so they can continue to prey upon the vulnerable Children and Mothers with their SECRET AGENDA of PROFITING from divorce.
They steal the Mother’s property and income by using their “charitable” agreements and working with the sick husband/father, judges, law firms and others.
***The wellbeing of Mothers and their Children is NOT A PRIORITY of these “religious” leaders whose actions show they are not leaders but are TERRORISTS.
***To destroy the bond between millions of Children and their Mother at the time of divorce with lies, schemes and manipulations so the “religious” leaders and others in their “group” can profit is clearly terrorism and not what Judaism or Christianity teaches or promotes.
***For ALL JEWISH AND CHRISTIAN LEADERS AND ORGANIZATIONS in the US to refuse to help millions of honest, loving, law-abiding Mothers and their Children reunite is not religious but is TERRORISM.
Thus, they should be punished criminally and also lose their NON-PROFIT TAX BENEFITS since their acts violate the US Constitution and other laws. Their Organizations should be destroyed just like the Mosques which are also promoting TERRORISM.This is what the FACTS CLEARLY SHOW.
It is not only immoral but unconscionable how Jewish and Christian leaders, especially RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE and PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH try to make divorced Mothers’ and their Children of all ages see them as a confident who can support them emotionally and financially if they will only become their pawn and do as they demand; even if this means the Children must treat their loving, law-abiding Mother like she is dead and the Mother must have an affair. Is this another form of SLAVERY?
Below is an email I sent to Jewish leaders which makes these points very clear:
Dear Jewish leaders,
Are you qualified to be Jewish leaders as you are making a mockery of our Jewish teachings?
Where is our Jewish checks and balance system as we need to fire, punish and get leaders the help they need when they knowingly, intelligently and intentionally disregard sacred teachings that are the backbone of what a Jew stands for; especially when their behavior harms others, like aiding in child abuse?
RABBI DAVID WOLPE has the audacity to post on the internet, publish articles, books and make sermons about teshuva, ethics, morals, Jewish teachings and the shofar being our “alarm clock” as he, himself, is promoting child abuse by knowingly, intelligently and intentionally choosing with his own free will to make a kind, loving parent look like she has bad character.This is nothing new, as RABBI DAVID WOLPE, BOARD MEMBERS of SINAI TEMPLE, other CLERGY and EMPLOYEES have all been choosing to do this for almost a year.
RABBI DAVID WOLPE, and many if not all of the others, should be fired and sanctioned because their behavior is making a mockery of our religion and is harming others and so is all of your behaviors.
We need leaders that exemplify Jewish values and a Jewish way of life and also do not violate our US laws of democracy.For example, why have you and many Jewish Leaders, Organizations, Journalists and others refused to answer my peaceful, respectful emails or tweets trying to merely understand what I have done to be exiled from SINAI TEMPLE for public and private events and my contributes not returned as requested?Wouldn’t you want to know or would you just let your character be defamed?
My wonderful, wise Grandfather Ben taught me that although the Holocaust showed us that they can take everything from us; they can never take our good name. Always protect that because without that, you have nothing.
My wonderful Grandfather along with many Holocaust victims and survivors would be sickened to see how I and millions of other suffering parents and children have been treated by the current so called Jewish “leaders” and organization; especially now after Yom Kippur when we have all had time to reflect and change.
Why have you defamed my character by exiling me from public and private events at Sinai Temple?
Why have you added insult to injury by ignoring my attempts to peacefully resolve this issue by blocking all of my communications and telling me if I try to communicate I will be served court papers?
You know this behavior is not in accordance with Jewish teachings or even basic American public relations and compliance systems.
The United States Constitution and other laws support Freedom not a Dictatorship. Hitler supported a dictatorship who the Jews and the Americans adamantly fought against.
You have seen the emails to the Board Members of Sinai Temple which seems to also show behaviors that are in violation of the non-profit tax status and Jewish teachings which prohibit abuse, harassment and defamation.To refresh your memories:
ERIC DIAMOND, the current President of Sinai Temple, who is a successful businessman and should know better than to act this way; chose to use his free will and not even respond to my emails trying to merely understand why I had been exiled. Then he proceeded to block my email address. Reasonable or Harassment? Abusive? Conciliatory? Would you want to be treated this way?
*****If I was a successful businessman would I have been treated differently as RABBI GERALD WOLPE honored the abusive, successful businessman who was harming his daughter and family with strategies of parental alienation?http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/IRA FRIEDMAN, who is an attorney and should most definitely know better; his email stated; “not good at riddles,” and not to bother him with whatever my problem is.
*****Again, if I was a successful businessman would I have been treated differently as RABBI GERALD WOLPE honored the abusive, successful businessman who was harming his daughter and family with strategies of parental alienation?
This is as form of child abuse which has been plaguing the Jewish community since that time?
Can you imagine if Rabbi Gerald Wolpe did his job and also acted with the values and behaviors that Jews are supposed to?
He could have stopped this abuse affecting millions of children of divorce and their families from becoming so widespread.
Instead, he chose to fill his coffers and look the other way which not only promoted the child abuse, has destroyed millions of Jewish homes and children.
Aren’t SINAI TEMPLE’S services required to be open to the public?
I was refused entry even though the email from Rabbi RALPH RESNICK said that both he and Rabbi DAVID WOLPE had NO, and no was capitalized, problem with me attending services?Furthermore, RABBI RALPH RESNICK wrote a character reference to a criminal attorney knowing it was being used in court to defend me in a lawsuit that was eventually dismissed due to misleading allegations.
Yes, this is a common parental alienation strategy used by the abusive, dysfunctional alienating parent to make the loving, caring parent look “bad.” Well, the Judge saw the truth and threw out the case.
If RABBI RALPH RESNICK denies what he wrote about me in the character reference, he could be found guilty of perjury which is a felony and punishable by incarceration. We are talking about an ordained Rabbi here and a synagogue which supported his actions. He is employed by SINAI TEMPLE and the BOARD MEMBERS can be held responsible for his actions too.
I think that it is not right that her ex-husband is not encouraging their children to have any relationship with Sara. I believe that this is not in the childrens’ best interests, I have lived through a similar situation in my life and it was not healthy for the children. I know that Sara’s children would greatly benefit from a re-newed relationship with their mother so that they could see, now that they are older, the type of caring individual that she is and experience the values by which she lives her life.
Accordingly I, DR. PHIL, and many others want to know why I have been exiled from Sinai Temple and my contributions not returned as requested? Aiding the alienating parent in an abusive parental alienation situation?
DR PHIL asked me on his Parental Alienation show which will air during the upcoming Fall 2013 season why I had been exiled from SINAI TEMPLE. He even had a visual where it was written that I had been exiled from a synagogue. This greatly defamed my character before the studio audience and has not even aired nationally yet.SINAI TEMPLE operates as a NON-PROFIT.
Do you think the behaviors of the ERIC DIAMOND, the President of the Board and IRA FRIEDMAN, the immediate Past President and Board Member, the clergy, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and RALPH RESNICK and other employees is violation of those regulations?
Don’t you think a collaborative compliance system and not promoting child abuse and other Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights violations and instead promoting Democracy would be a reasonable requirement of the US government for its non-profits?
SINAI TEMPLE doesn’t seem to be following the laws of democracy, does it, so shouldn’t it lose its non-profit status?Why should SINAI TEMPLE, or any organization for that matter, receive tax benefits for violating the laws of democracy? Plus, shouldn’t they be fined for violating these laws so others are deterred and those harmed required to receive restitution?
What do you think the IRS and other government agencies will have to say about that?
Did all of you enjoy a nice holiday with your families and children and grandchildren?
Do you care that millions of Jewish children have been brainwashed into believing their loving, caring parent is horrible and did not even call this parent on the holiday AND it appears the JEWISH LEADERS are aiding this abuse as they have been since the 1970’s AND are claiming non-profit tax status too.
This child abuse is called parental alienation and is very well described in Stephen Fried’s award winning book, The New Rabbi, chpt 2, where RABBI GERALD WOLPE ignores the abuse of the wealthy, powerful abusing father while accepting donations from him.http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/Why have I been exiled from Sinai Temple since October 2012 for PUBLIC and private events?
Were you, individually or were your organizations or causes paid by an abusive parent who happens to be a successful executive and tax expert who graduated from Harvard Business School and is one you may find beneficial to form an alliance with? Is his name Mark Hassman?
Does it matter that innocent children are being harmed along with a loving parent as you placate this parent and form your alliance?Did you receive financial benefits in the form of tax deductible donations like Rabbi GERALD WOLPE and his synagogue did?
Other Jewish leaders did not seem to mind and have not minded since the 1970’s.
It was an epidemic at that time at his synagogue and a bestselling book was even written about this abuse so please do not try to make excuses that you did not know about it.:http://www.palienation.org/?p=687&preview=true ….
Millions of Jewish children and their families have been harmed by the child abuse of parental alienation. Just think, if RABBI GERALD WOLPE and JEWISH LEADERS at that time and even now did their jobs and also followed Jewish teachings; how many millions of Jewish children and others would not have been abused nor their families harmed by the child abuse called parental alienation.
In addition, this child abuse leads to other types of child abuse since the parent is incapable of love and only uses the children as his pawns. Once he has control of the child’s mind, he commonly uses them to carry out other forms of abuse which is so heart wrenching… as the Jewish leaders who had and have the resources to make a difference stood by and still stand by aiding this abuse as they filled their coffers.
There is government action so the Jewish organizations are bound by the Constitution since you collect donations which involves interstate commerce; mine included.You do not have Jewish or even kind hearts or souls because if you did you would care and help resolve this abuse in many ways and act in righteous not abusive, unreasonable ways.
Why not change and show you care about preventing abuse? Teshuva? Do you practice Judaism or just PRETEND to?
Let the facts speak for themselves as I have plenty and so do others.You have seen the emails from the clergy RALPH RESNICK who included DAVID WOLPE saying there was NO reason(the NO was capitalized) I could not attend services but there was an “emailing issue,” which for almost a year now, has not been explained. So, even though there was no problem of me attending services; security, banned me back in Oct 2012 when I came to pray. OFFICER GARCIA has followed up with threatening emails and a phone call saying that I will be filed papers if I try to communicate with Rabbi DAVID WOLPE or others at Sinai Temple.
How am I supposed to figure out what I have done if I can’t communicate?
Rational? What are they trying to hide?Is this treating others as you want to be treated yourself as one of our Commandments demands?
I was even at Sinai Temple the night before I was exiled and everyone was very cordial. No one even told me about any emailing issue.
What is REALLY going on?
Aiding an abusive parent like Rabbi GERALD WOLPE did and his congregation shamefully supported him? (The New Rabbi by Stephen Fried Chapter 2http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/)
RABBI DAVID WOLPE, Rabbi Gerald Wolpe’s son, has the audacity to post on the internet articles and words about teshuva, ethics, morals, Jewish teachings and the shofar being our “alarm clock.”
He should be fired for behaving as he does as he is making a mockery of our religion and so are all of you. Plus, all of you should be held responsible for the harms you too have caused many children, their parents and others.
There is something called nonfeasance and don’t you have certain duties and responsibilities that come with your titles?
Isn’t this fair, just and moral and exactly what Jewish teachings support or do they support child abuse?
Not only have I and my children been harmed by many Jewish leaders’ actions but millions of other children and parents have too, since 1970’s while the Jewish leaders like RABBI GERALD WOLPE, stood there and watched the abuse. No one took any effective actions, as leaders or as individuals, to resolve this abuse or even bring it to the attention of our Jewish Community.
RABBI GERALD WOLPE had the gall to even question, what could he do and state that he could only do two things?http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/
He was educated as an ordained Rabbi?
Doesn’t RABBI DANIEL NEVINS and the JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY teach Rabbis not to tolerate abuse and how to stop and resolve it? Obviously not, or not very well?
Shouldn’t Rabbis be held accountable for watching or aiding abuse since they have the means to stop it even though they may lose their alliance with the wealthy, powerful abusing parent who fills their coffers?
Don’t Jews value the wellbeing of our children and society or do we place a higher value on money? Need I tell you what the facts since the 1970’s have shown which is so disgraceful and appalling?
And RABBI DAVID WOLPE has the audacity to blame the decrease in synagogue membership on the internet?
Millions of Jewish children as their families have been treated like this as this abusive behavior seems to be Jewish leaders pattern of behavior; watching and aiding child abuse. Shameful.
Does DANIEL NEVINS and the Jewish Theological Seminary promote abuse and corruption even after it is brought to their attention, as I have done on numerous occasions? RABBI DAVID WOLPE had the gall to write on Facebook that only those who are not asleep can change so why; is he and many others choosing to remain asleep by not addressing the abuse of parental alienation affecting millions of Jewish children since RABBI GERALD WOLPE’S time?
Is this righteous Jewish leadership or is it promoting abuse while filling their coffers and building corrupt alliances? What do you think the facts show?
Parental Alienation is child abuse and Jews and Jewish teachings do not promote child abuse so shouldn’t all the SINAI TEMPLE CLERGY and BOARD MEMBER and some EMPLOYEES, besides the clergy, be fired and sanctioned and the harms of those who suffered due to their abusive behaviors, redressed.
If not, these CURRENT JEWISH LEADERS will just continue this abuse as the Jewish Leaders apparently have been doing since the 1970’s when RABBI GERALD WOLPE accepted money from a very powerful, wealthy congregant and then watched the abuse play out right in front of him at a Bat Mitzvah. RABBI GERALD WOLPE could have easily stopped this abusive behavior from continuing and also, could have chosen to address it afterwards with not only his congregation but with the Jews as a Community. Isn’t this part of his responsibility as an ordained rabbi? http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-…/
Journalists and many others want to know too why I have been exiled from SINAI TEMPLE and my contributions no returned; even someone from Israel.
Don’t you think we all deserve a truthful answer?
What about how this behavior is currently harming many in our society, like others who have been treated this way and continue to be treated this way. You know Jewish leaders and their organizations are not above the law.For example, SINAI TEMPLE was found guilty of violating a long time Cantor’s EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT. Does this behavior exemplify Jewish teachings and behaviors? Teshuva? The holiday is over and there was no teshuva? Is SINAI TEMPLE just a Temple of corruption and abuse as this is what the facts seem to show?
Didn’t HOWARD LESNER and RABBI DAVID WOLPE leave a woman and her friend crying in the sanctuary after services one Friday evening, after yelling at her? Is this the way Jewish leaders are supposed to act or is this Abuse? Harassment? Bullying? Is it kindnesses and respect? Is it treating someone as you want to be treated yourself?
Why didn’t they have a civil, kind discussion with this woman privately in an office? Reasonable?
Again, if this was a successful businessman, do you think HOWARD LESNER along with DAVID WOLPE would have behaved this way? What have our Jewish leaders become?
Tyrants, Dictators, Uncaring, abusive, harassing, bullying individuals?RABBI DAVID WOLPE and BOARD MEMBERS ERIC DIAMOND and IRA FRIEDMAN are not shy. If someone is doing something they do not like, then why not act in a civil, responsible way and discuss it with them at an appropriate time and place?
Why are they trying to intentionally bully? Harass?
Exiling me on that Saturday morning in October 2012 when I went to pray is unequivocally bullying especially since RABBI RALPH RESNICK’S email said there was “NO problem with me attending services.”Now, why did RABBI DAVID WOLPE get divorced? Was it because he was found coming on to women on line in an effort to get more Facebook followers and likes so he could be named the #1 Pulpit Rabbi in the US?
Is it all a game to him and others at SINAI TEMPLE where RABBI DAVID WOLPE disregards how he hurts his ex-wife, daughter, women emailing him and totally violates Jewish teachings and practice while these SINAI TEMPLE leaders and other leaders just turn their head?
Or am I totally wrong? Doesn’t he have certain codes of ethics to comply with since many of these women emailing him have consulted him for therapy?
*****He knows their vulnerabilities or is that the idea?
Why is it that many people have left SINAI TEMPLE SCHOOL AND SYNAGOGUE? Rabbi David Wolpe can’t blame it all on the internet and video games although he and another rabbi tried on a youtube Facebook video.So, in summary, SINAI TEMPLE, who receives tax benefits for their non-profit tax status, can exile a woman who RABBI RALPH RESNICK wrote to an attorney to be used in court that this woman, “is very dedicated in living a Jewish life and by incorporating many of the Torah’s teachings in her daily life and in her relations with the people has always shown and expressed very good values and she supports many Jewish causes.” What is the rationale to exiling a woman like this as you would think this is the type of congregant they want?
*****Are these JEWISH LEADERS trying to please her ex-husband who is trying to defame her character so their abused children will continue to think their mother is one to hate or fear and thus, continue to alienate her from their lives? This way the abusive ex-husband can continue to control the children and continue to abuse them as he uses them as his pawns.Is this what Judaism has become and what our Jewish leaders and Organizations stand for and support?
When are Jewish leaders going to take care of themselves and get the help they and others drastically need so future acts of abuse and other harmful behaviors will stop occurring.
Also, when are the Jewish leaders and organizations going to help those who they have harmed learn to heal and empower them so they will no longer be victimized?Should a synagogue’s non-profit status be tied to a program which tracts these results and makes sure that if abuse, harassment, bullying and other such behaviors reoccur, the non-profit status will disappear and they will also be more stringently sanctioned jointly and severally?
Shouldn’t Jewish religious leaders and organizations embrace these fair and just changes which promote the wellbeing of Jewish children and their families and the Jewish Community as a whole?
Or should these so called Jewish leaders and organizations continue to stand by and watch the child abuse of parental alienation, not be sanctioned and even continue to exile the loving parent, block her emails and Facebook and Twitter comments when they want to have an alliance with the abusing but wealthy, powerful ex-husband?
Shouldn’t these Jewish leaders be concerned and held responsible jointly and severally for making a good, kind parent look “bad” and defaming her character for some very harmful, unjust reason?What do the Jewish leaders and organizations today stand for? Goodness or Evil and Abuse? The facts seem very clear and there are plenty more.
These current leaders need to resign and get the help they need so this child abuse and other abuses will end. Rational? Reasonable? Or do you just want to turn your head as many did during the Holocaust?
We are not the slaves of our Jewish leaders; we have free will and have a responsibility, yes responsibility to question their behaviors when they deviate from our Jewish teaching and our Laws of Civility, Freedom and others the United States was founded upon and many Jews and others have fought hard to protect and preserve.
This is exactly what I have been trying to do since October 2012 and millions of Jewish children and others suffering from the abuse of parental alienation have also been trying to do. We need Jewish leaders who want to hear our cries and see other telltale signs of abuse instead of trying to close us out and silence us. Isn’t that what Hitler did to millions of Jews, silence them?
I also want to let you know that a Judge left a voicemail message on RABBI DAVID WOLPE’S office phone on Friday, September 13th, Erev Yom Kippur, saying he better return her call or she will come and hunt him down and she was calling about Civil Rights and other issues involving SARA HASSMAN. I truly recommend he oblige her.I have copied in the Board Members from Sinai Temple as well as many Jewish leaders so everyone is cognizant of these issues and I truthfully hope chooses to address them relatively quickly before more harms come to millions of abused children and families including my own. Yes, I have standing. Don’t forget, DR PHIL would like to have some answers before his show airs as would others; many who also have standing.Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will bully us away; you won’t as someone must give these abused children a voice and what better person than one with many years of evidence who confronted years ago with much less knowledge and experience, the religious corrupt Jews of Baltimore and succeeded.
Please try to act like righteous Jews and resolve this in a collaborative but fair manner. Please don’t destroy the character of many Jewish leaders anymore that has already been done by their own egregious actions.
Please don’t continue to treat your fellow Jews as Hitler did by trying to silence them and hiding the truth that they were kind, loving wonderful individuals, as are millions of abused alienated parents.
Sara Hassman




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