When I reached out to those who I thought cared about Women and their Children

Just like Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is reaching out to his friends, the United States by giving a speech to Congress on the dangers a nuclear Iran poses not only to Israel but to the entire world, trying to reasonably convince countries to prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons; I have reached out to those I thought were friends of women and children.

I have been trying to convince Jews, like Rabbi David Wolpe and others at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, many Jewish organizations in Los Angeles and national Jewish organizations in NY to discuss and help stop the destruction of the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship at the time of divorce by a wealthy, influential father; a custom in the Jewish community that has been going on for decades as best selling author Stephen Fried explains in his book “The New Rabbi.” This is called parental alienation.

The Jews not only ignore me a fellow Jew; they block my emails, phone calls and banned me from going to Sinai Temple ever again; hack my computer etc. 
Why would the Jews do this if they cared about Jewish Mothers and their Children? Why would Jews do this if they weren’t using 501c3 agreements to hide the loving Jewish Mother’s property she should have received at the time of divorce?

Jewish leaders and organizations should diligently work hard to help Jewish children and their loving Jewish Mother at the time of divorce, not destroy their relationship. This is what terrorists do.

Jews have become terrorists for having the practice or custom of destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship at the time of divorce and PROFITING by stealing the loving Mother’s property.

It is not reasonable that Jewish leaders and organizations have been ignoring this epidemic problem called parental alienation for decades when they have the resources and an obligation to PROTECT Mothers and their Children from harms, not cause them harm. 
The greed and psychological problems of Jewish leaders is becoming clearer and clearer especially when you trace the money and property and see that they have mine which I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter.

The same is true for Christian organizations I contacted especially Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. They have my money and property too. 
But do you think I am the only one??? Really? 
Do you think they are using 501c3 and other agreements legally? Do you think they are working with the sick father like my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN to help separate the Children from their loving Mother so they can more likely keep their practice or custom of stealing a loving Mother’s property and money a secret and keep doing this as they have for decades as author Fried explains?

What about Cate School boarding school which is a not-for-profit school who abused my Son as the photographs and other information shows. Think they have my money and property and abused my Son because he did not want to alienate me from his life? So they forced him. Rabbi David Wolpe was aware of this as I told him when I consulted him for therapy. He would not even lift a finger and make a phone call to try to resolve this abuse. This is not reasonable and it shows the Jews are part of the abuse especially when you trace the my community property.

Law Firms, Judge Claudia Silbar and many others have aided and abetted in this abuse and all you have to do is trace the money and look at the stipulated judgment case ‪#‎09D002792‬ and the conspiracy is quite clear. 
Why do you think my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN quashed my subpoenas to SEE how his is paying for his 2 new Lexus vehicles and other vehicles when he has a legal obligation to disclose his payment history for expenses he listed on documents he signed under the penalty of perjury. Think he and the others in his conspiracy are getting nervous?

Well, I hope my children are realizing the truth along with millions of others like them. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing and get away from the corruption and abuse. You will be so much happier and know you do not need to listen to their lies and threats. They are empty, like their hearts, minds and souls.
It is not necessary for you to become empty like them. Just choose to get away from them. Remember, your choices determine your character and your destiny. Are you corrupt or honest, evil or caring?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org



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