When someone Betrays Your Trust, you are Not to Blame but it is Important to Learn so this does not Happen Again

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. When someone betrays your trust, especially when you have been in a long marriage or relationship; this is not your fault; YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME YOURSELF because in a relationship, you are EXPECTED to trust each other.

However, even though the other person has a serious problem of understanding why they have a need to betray peoples’ trust and also not care how they have harmed them; (which most never face and rectify and intentionally keep betraying others’ trust); it is important for YOU to realize some things too SO YOU DON’T GET HURT AGAIN.

As we try to learn from our mistakes, it is important to understand the WARNING SIGNS which are the character traits of those who commonly betray the trust of others.

Many narcissists betray the trust of others because narcissists USE PEOPLE and do not love or care about them. They only care about how others can HELP THEM. Then once that person it no longer of value to them, they betray that person’s trust which harms them.
But narcissists don’t care.

There are many characteristics of a narcissist but one main one is that they talk about how great they are and all the great things they do; but if you watch them closely, it is just an ACT because they do many hurtful things to others.
For example, many narcissists create parental alienation or help the alienating parent continue the parental alienation instead of reasonably and compassionately trying to reunite the alienated Mother (father) and the Children of all ages.

***Any reasonable, caring person would try to reunite a loving Mother (father) with her Children; period, no excuses!!!

But these narcissists constantly BETRAY THE TRUST of children or a spouse or someone they know who trusts them so they can use them for THEIR advantage; like to fraudulently obtain several hundred thousand dollars of student loans to use in fraudulent ways or to do other illegal acts.

Remember, people who are corrupt don’t just do one illegal act; they usually do many because this is their behavior and character. Just as good, kind people do many good, kind acts because this is their character.

It is so evil and sick but this is what corrupt people do.
Many corrupt people also think they are invincible and are very delusional and believe their lies so they get confused as to what is reality and what is a lie.

As many authors have written; they will eventually drive themselves crazy.

Also, many narcissists are NOT HAPPY FOR YOUR HAPPINESS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS UNLESS you are following their orders.
If you will SURPASS their success and accomplishments or have INDEPENDENT thoughts and accomplishments that are positive but differ from theirs; THEY WILL FEEL THREATENED.

This is why they try to harass, control and manipulate your mind because they refuse to be reasonable, peaceful and collaborate and only initiate violence which includes harassment, lying and other acts of manipulation and intimidation; so just EXPECT this from them.

They are a form of TERRORIST, because this is what terrorist, like ISIS and others do and don’t be intimidated because it is important to help yourself and also make our world a better place  by supporting FREEDOM, not corruption.

So notice the characteristics of those who have harmed you and next time you meet someone with those same characteristics, you will know to stay away from them.
This is all part of growing wiser and maturing in a positive way and not CHOOSING to allow yourself to be manipulated. Use your FREEWILL and be strong and do good things for yourself and others and be the leader I know you are.

Remember, many narcissists and other controlling people WORK TOGETHER to manipulate the minds of others and try to intimidate them.

For example; I am waiting for confirmation but it is believed my ex-husband, along with Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple who hacks mine and others computers and his bosses know and don’t care and obviously he doesn’t either even though they all know hacking is illegal. (so what else is new, they are corrupt so they don’t care about the laws. If they did they would stop and also rectify the harms they have caused). Bestselling author Stephen Fried shows this corruption and manipulation for a PROFIT has been going on in the Jewish community since the 1970’s.[ http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]

Anyway, they all send messages under aliases agreeing with each other, I guess trying to intimidate me.

My ex-husband OBVIOUSLY wants to stop me from reasonably rectifying our fraudulent divorce so it is legally completed and no longer fraudulent.

Do you think as Dr. Phil touched on that many like my ex-husband and Rabbi David Wolpe and others at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and other “Religious” organizations and others do not want me to resolve my fraudulent divorce because they have MY MONEY or ASSETS or are benefiting by not allowing me to lawfully receive it?

Remember, many corrupt people will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to try to intimidate me and many others like me from rectifying our fraudulent divorce and receiving our money and assets because even though their corrupt acts are illegal; they are benefiting.

This is what they do and how they think. They don’t care about the law or harm they have caused for the loving Mother and Children of all ages as bestselling author Stephen Fried shows this corruption and manipulation for a PROFIT has been going on in the Jewish community since the 1970’s.[ http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/ ]
As bestselling author Stephen Fried shows; the Jews just think they can keep doing corrupt acts and keep trying to stop anyone, like me who tries to bring out the truth and end the corruption; as a true Jew or a true Religious person would do. They would not stand by and watch millions being harmed when they have the skills and the iron will to stop it.

So, anyone who can’t reach my high standards of spreading the truth; not trying to manipulate the minds of others with comments filled with lies, uneducated and uninformed information; post your lies and manipulated thoughts elsewhere.

with lies and false information. My page is to help others with the TRUTH, not manipulate people with lies or brainwashed thoughts of the precious Children of all ages you have brainwashed.

I have very reasonable high standards of spreading the TRUTH to help others as a reasonable person does.
So have a wonderful day spreading the TRUTH as I will.
If not I, then who?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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