When Monetary or Other Benefits Encourage PAS

In 1976, PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME was identified and described by Doctors Wallerstein & Kelly. Dr. Richard Gardner coined the term in 1985.

Parental Alienation Syndrome results when a child or teen adopts the alienating/strategizing parent’s unjustified beliefs and behaviors by becoming fearful or hating a loving, fit parent.

This child or teen all of a sudden begins criticizing, being very disrespectful, even verbally abusive to this loving parent and eventually alienates this parent. These behaviors have no justification and are engineered by the alienating parent.[1]

A very clear example of a child’s behavior that fits this description of parental alienation syndrome appears in Chapter 2 of the book “The New Rabbi,” written by the award winning author Stephen Fried.[2] As this acclaimed author shows, even in the early 1970’s very astute Jews, including the legendary Rabbi Gerald Wolpe and the Men’s Club President at his Congregation, were aware of parental alienation syndrome and were concern about “the future emotion health” of this child.[3]

However; chapter 2 in Fried’s book also shows how this alienating father:

  • was able to continue his strategies of parental alienation resulting in the “total alienation” of a wonderful, fit, loving mother by this child;
  • AND interfered with the sacred parent/child relationship and destroyed the loving Mother/Daughter bond. Unfortunately, teachers & administrators, religious leaders, doctors, counselors, lawyers, judges and others have been shown to aid the alienating parent in exchange for some monetary or other benefit.[4]

This is such a moral outrage but our laws do not have fines or sanctions for such harmful behavior. Often these individuals have a duty to protect our children and teens and know that our children/ teens trust them. Regardless, they often intentionally cause them emotional distress and other harms.[5] Often these individuals are intelligent and have resources to help these children/teens BUT instead choose to harm them by aiding the alienating parent and receiving monetary or other benefits.[6]
I am trying to pick up where many experts, parents, and others have left off by putting an end to those laws which encourage Parental Alienation by:

1. Bringing awareness to Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome

2. Bringing awareness to the harms this problem is causing for millions of children & teenagers

3. and by contacting members of Congress and others who can change these laws and enforce these changes

Our laws should PROTECT OUR CHILDREN and TEENAGERS by prohibiting a parent from individually or with the help of others to use strategies or a plan to destroy the sacred parent/child bond WHILE receiving monetary and tax benefit for using these strategies.[7]

Our laws should also fine or sanction those who choose to help this parent.
Please Help Me bring awareness to this serious problem effecting millions of children and change the laws.

by Sara Hassman


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