WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE whether this is your child, spouse, parent, sibling, friend or someone else; you try to give them what they want and if what they want is unreasonable or irrational; you try to help them understand why by having civil and kind CONVERSATIONS. You also try to give them the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT which is why FORGIVENESS is very important and why ENDING the relationship should be a LAST RESORT. LOVE is worth (peacefully) fighting for with great effort, passion and courage.

Ending the relationship should be a LAST RESORT because there are many POSITIVE RESULTS when you WORK TOGETHER to try to RESOLVE YOUR DIFFERENCES IN AN HONEST AND REASONABLE MANNER.
As the lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s song “Send One Your Love” go:
Don’t hold back your feelings
You don’t need a reason
Waiting are they the day they once LET SLIP AWAY
HIDING NEED to fulfill their heart’s desire for love’s passion
I know that people say two hearts beating as one is unreal
And can only happen in make believe stories
But SO BLIND they all must be that they CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY SEE
For around us are MIRACLES OF LOVE’S GLORY.”

WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE, if YOU are reasonable; YOU cannot let the depraved and immoral ways of those YOU love change your honest, compassionate and reasonable ways because then YOU will lose THE ESSENCE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER.
If you do change so you have depraved and immoral ways; YOU will no longer be able to LOVE because YOU will be filled with shame, guilt and misery for all YOU have done. If this corrupt majority promoting Parental Alienation includes the one(s) YOU love, like a parent, child or spouse; YOU have to “let them go,” as painful as this may seem, because otherwise, YOU and YOUR beautiful righteous character will cease to exist. Plus, I personally will get sick again from their emotional abuse and very disrespectful behavior.

Further, A PERSON WHO LOVES YOU SHOULD NEVER TRY TO GET YOU TO GIVE UP your beautiful, honest and compassionate character especially since this why they fell in love with you and you shared years of love together (this includes your children who have alienated you; they should not try to cheat you and believe the lies ESPECIALLY WITHOUT HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH YOU to discuss the Parental Alienation).
Plus, A PERSON WHO LOVES YOU knows your relationship thrived until THEY DECEIVED and BETRAYED YOU which is not how a person with LOVE IN THEIR HEART would behave. They, NOT YOU, need to change because; they need to stop lying, deceiving and betraying others INCLUDING THEMSELVES.
Unfortunately, as my lawsuits PROVE, they don’t want to change so they make up lies about you and threaten others who love you, like your alienated children, to believe the lies.

*****Those promoting Parental Alienation HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO FIGHT FOR LOVE and have SURRENDERED TO THEIR HATRED AND GREED. Thus, they do not want to MAKE LOVE WORK.
So very unfortunately they cannot admit to what Stevie Wonder so brilliantly sings:
Done a lot of foolish things
That I really didn’t mean
I could be a broken man (but now instead)
Here I am Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours (to honestly mend our relationship)”

Very sadly my lawsuits also prove that MONEY AND CONTROL are more important to fight for than LOVE.
WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE you do not want to control them, you want to give them FREEDOM to express their beautiful, special character and to (peacefully) FIGHT TO KEEP THIS BEAUTIFUL LOVE ALIVE.

In our world today, one must also be realistic by understanding that there will ALWAYS BE TEMPTATIONS. But again, a person with love in his or her heart will NEVER WANT TO succumb to these temptations knowing they will HARM and even DEVASTATE the one(s) they love. Plus, they would not want others to treat them this way which should be a clear warning not to succumb to these temptations.

As a loving, compassionate person; I and others like me try to PROTECT the ones we love FROM THESE TEMPTATIONS but THEY must try to help themselves too. If they REFUSE TO LISTEN and also REFUSE TO SEE the example we set by living as an honest, loving person; we cannot force them to listen and see so that they UNDERSTAND the IMPORTANCE OF LOVE. Thus, it breaks my heart and I also feel very sorry for them because they cannot experience the BEAUTY OF LOVE.
They choose to understand greed, hatred and revenge while PRETENDING to have honest and loving character. They don’t want to be AWAKEN WITH THE TRUTH BY MAKING POSITIVE CHANGES TO THEIR BEHAVIOR so they will stop lying, cheating and deceiving others and themselves too.

*******For the past eleven years I have been using my education, skills and experiences to try to END the epidemic problem of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION. However, I have come to realize that I cannot open the eyes and hearts of those who WANT TO REMAIN BLIND. I tried to be the “wind beneath their wings,” but I have been unsuccessful, even with my own children since our Parental Alienation still exists.
I am tired now and am focusing on my new life in Israel. Attached are some beautiful photos I took of Eilat which is where I am living now.

*******I KNOW MY CHILDREN had HAPPY HEARTS during the years before the Parental Alienation began as notes, cards, photos and other overwhelming evidence proves. I hope one day they can open their eyes and hearts so they are happy again because happy children and happy people would WANT TO have a civil and kind conversation to UNDERSTAND why the Parental Alienation began and why it still continues. If you doubt my word ask any reasonable person especially any reasonable therapist especially one who specializes in this epidemic problem of terror called Parental Alienation. Remember, THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL whether or not we see this success in our lifetime.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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