When you LOVE someone, you do not try to destroy the relationships they have with their Mother, Brothers, Sisters and others so you are the ONLY ONE they receive emotional and financial support from. Thus, they reasonably are FEARFUL of disobeying you and FEEL ALL ALONE which makes them easy to brainwash and manipulate as you intended. Also, some in Israel have CALLED ME A PROPHET FOR MY WORK to end this TERROR of Parental Alienation being carried out by JEWS and others. Anti-Semitism or Protecting Humanity?

WHAT I JUST DESCRIBED IS ANOTHER SCHEME THOSE WHO LACK LOVE IN THEIR HEART carry out against innocent Children of all ages and also the alienated Mother or Father who are all suffering from this epidemic problem of terror in America, Israel and Worldwide called Parental Alienation. As intended the Children and the alienated Mother or Father all suffer from this intentionally inflicted very severe emotional and also physical distress which is a crime too.

A person with Love in his or her heart ENCOURAGES their children to have many positive and enriching relationships with others ESPECIALLY their Mother, Brothers and Sisters; NOT DESTROY THESE SACRED RELATIONSHIPS.

IF HOWEVER, A PARENT REASONABLY BELIEVES THEIR CHILDREN’S SACRED AND SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR MOTHER, BROTHERS OR SISTERS IS HARMING THEM, then the family needs to sit down and have a Civil and Loving conversation so this parent can explain; 1) why he thinks these relationships are harmful and; 2) if his reasons are valid then a plan to change this harmful behavior must be instituted and it may be helpful to have family therapy with an honest, well-intentioned therapist. 3) Understand that A PARENT WHO PROMOTES PARENTAL ALIENATION WILL NEVER AGREE TO THERAPY WITH AN HONEST, WELL-INTENTIONED THERAPIST because this alienating parent KNOWS his brainwashing and manipulating schemes will be discovered and HE will be the one the therapist recommends to alienate if he refuses to learn to change HIS abusive ways.
For example, as public records prove, my honest, loving, well-intentioned therapist in Los Angeles who specializes in therapy for those suffering from Parental Alienation named AMY GOLDMAN: 1) Was never able to get my still legal husband Mark Hassman to agree to any therapy himself or to any family therapy; 2) She adamantly questioned the professional protocol and practices of the court-appointed therapist who recommended, without any tests or other professional opinions that I be denied my SACRED, FUNDAMENTAL and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of custody and visitation. 3) She never received any return calls, emails or other communications from the court-appointed therapist who without any legal or rational basis, just wrote a report to the court stating I should have my SACRED, FUNDAMENTAL and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of custody and visitation taken away. [I highly recommend AMY GOLDMAN for therapy. Her office is in Santa Monica, CA and she may be able to have virtual sessions too].

The behavior of this evil court-appointed therapist named ALAN LIBERMAN proved that he lacks LOVE in his heart and is INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING THE SACRED AND SPECIAL MOTHER/ DAUGHTER and MOTHER/SON RELATIONSHIPS.

Another example is when DR PHIL so graciously offered my Daughter and Me therapy; my daughter was used again as a pawn of my still legal husband Mark Hassman. (This is called transference- the alienating Parent tries to control the alienated, loving Parent through the brainwashed Child.) Instead of being gracious for the therapy DR PHIL had offered, UNFORTUNATELY AND SO PATHETICALLY my Daughter ordered that I must take down my Website and Facebook page before she would agree to attend. FIRST, MY DAUGHTER WOULD NEVER ORDER ME TO DO THIS IF SHE WAS NOT BRAINWASHED OR BEING THREATENED.

MY DAUGHTER WOULD BE HAPPY that I have a Website and Facebook page which helps others, as I taught her and her brothers to always try to help others with your education, skills and experiences and I set this example for them to follow. SO, WHAT IS A REASONABLE MOTIVATION FOR MAKING THIS ORDER? It is not reasonable that I will give up MY FREEDOM to have a Website and Facebook page to help others and if someone wants to make that a requirement for going to therapy, then I know they do not have good intentions. What will they order me to do next? Is having a relationship like this one of Slavery, where if you disobey their orders, they will end the relationship?
My still legal husband Mark Hassman and those in this Parental Alienation Conspiracy who all lack Love in their hearts, just wanted the Truth Silenced and would next find another reason to not allow my Daughter to attend the therapy. This is their pattern of behavior. If not, anyone of them could agree to the therapy NOW and encourage my Daughter to accept it.

These terrorists who sponsor Parental Alienation do not want to be questioned and are quite aware of the TERROR they are promoting, especially a court-appointed therapist, judges, lawyers, religious leaders, executives and others who are very well educated and part of this Parental Alienation Conspiracy who obviously all lack Love in their hearts.

A LOVING PARENT DOES NOT JUST DECIDE TO ALIENATE CHILDREN FROM A PARENT, BROTHERS, SISTERS and others so that he can then use and abuse them to hide money, assets and commit other crimes which commonly occurs in Parental Alienation situations. This is not LOVE this is Terror and Abuse as any reasonable and rational person knows.

If the famous Jewish scientist and philosopher ALBERT EINSTEIN was living today; he would unequivocally join our REVOLUTION to RESTORE LOVE by ending this epidemic problem of terror called Parental Alienation being carried out by Jews and others in America, Israel and Worldwide since he said:
“The position of our scattered Jewish community is a moral barometer for the political world. For what surer index of political morality and respect for justice can there be than the attitude of the nations towards a defenseless minority.

Very wise JEWISH ALBERT EINSTEIN was NOT BEING ANTI-SEMITIC; he was being objective as I and millions of others suffering from Parental Alienation are being today.
Thus, this campaign of lies, perjury, abuse and malice on the part of very influential, unloving and greedy JEWS who lack Love in their heart and REFUSE to change, TARNISHES THE NAME OF JEWS FOR THE REST OF US who are Loving, Honest, Law-Abiding Jews who care about the well-being of Humanity.

A Jewish philosopher wrote in his poem “I Believe” the following: “that select individuals are, from time to time, called by GOD as PROPHETS and charged with the mission of declaring His will unto men.”

People here in Israel have called me a Prophet due to all the lawsuits I have filed trying to rectify this epidemic problem of Terror called Parental Alienation and also due to spreading these facts on-line and elsewhere which is TIKKUN OLAM, the Jewish commandment of using my education, skills and experiences to LOVINGLY, PEACEFULLY AND FERVENTLY DO what I can to Heal the World.

I am a Jewish Mother who has LOVE in her heart and who follows the basic principles of Judaism of Love, Respect, Morality and Helping Jewish brethren and others reach their beautiful potential so they can help Humanity thrive and be filled with Love and Happiness too for all their efforts and WAY OF LIFE. If this is being a Prophet too then so be it. I can say that like many Jewish Prophets; I have been ostracized, terrorized, abused, tortured and even thrown in jail for reasonably, and peacefully trying to reunite with my three Children and End this Terror of Parental Alienation for us and millions suffering like us.
I have been treated this way by those who call themselves Jewish, but are a DISGRACE TO JUDAISM and HUMANITY TOO as any reasonable person with Love in his or her heart knows. Are these Jewish leaders of today false Prophets?

In addition, as many Prophets have warned; I too continue to warn the following which Jewish author Olive Schreiner who promoted Women’s Rights so eloquently stated: “The nations which have received and in any way dealt fairly and mercifully with the Jew have prospered; and the nations that have tortured and oppressed him have written out their own curse.”

Since this post is getting long I will end it by saying what my wise and LOVING JEWISH GRANDFATHER BEN taught me and is written throughout the Bible and other Jewish teachings; “Never give up your good values and good character even if surrounded by those with corrupt and immoral ways because without them you will live in misery and shame and will never be able to LOVE.”

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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