When You Truly Love Someone AND Learn from My Mistake

When you truly love someone you don’t become the cause of their pain, you try to protect them from pain.

When you truly love someone you want them to be happy and reach their potential so they make worthwhile accomplishments and have honest, kind, compassionate people around them; EVEN IF you are not one of the people around them. You want them to become the best person they can be.

When you truly love someone, show them so they understand and never let that opportunity slip away.

When you truly love someone and you decide to get married, not only do you agree as to whether you want children and the religion you want to practice but; you also set your financial goals and decide how you will save your money; hopefully you will choose to live within your means and not accumulate much debt.
If you can’t agree on basic financial goals, your marriage will not last because you will always be arguing about the topic of money.

****It has been proven that the 2 primary reasons people divorce are due to money issues or infidelity issues.
(LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE because my ex-husband demanded that I sign student loans when I knew we had millions of dollars saved.
[It is believed he is running a student loan fraud scheme investing the low interest student loan money for his own purposes which is a Federal Student Loan violation. I just knew it was unreasonable to sign student loans because we saved millions of dollars for our children’s educations.]

However, my ex-husband refused to give me an accounting of all of our retirement accounts, savings accounts, investments, assets from several trusts, profit sharing accounts, rental income, capital gain accumulations and many other assets and accumulations over our 23 year marriage.

I trusted him, as a wife should be able to trust her husband especially since he is a certified public accountant and a chief financial officer with an MBA from Harvard and I made the mistake of not keeping close track of our finances.

As a result, since we filed our last joint tax return in 2008 before our divorce; I am STILL being deprived of receiving MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of undisclosed, concealed community assets acquired during our marriage.
Then since I refused to sign the student loans my ex-husband demanded; then BY DESIGN so he could put me in a state of emotional distress so I would not be able to figure out what he did with our millions of dollars of investments; he intentionally started telling our children lies about me, making up false stories and even encouraged them to be rude and disrespectful to me as he sat on the sofa and watched. This was when my seizures began and also the beginning of the Parental Alienation as experts have determined.

My ex-husband’s motives were money driven and still are because he
STILL refuses to rectify what he has done by giving me my community property interest and income of many MILLIONS he took all for himself as many public records and other documents show.

The facts also show my ex-husband could not have concealed all of these millions of dollars of assets by himself and many law firms, a judge, religious organizations, an accounting firm, joint venture partners, corporate executives, his new born again Christian wife and others have KNOWINGLY, INTELLIGENTLY AND VOLUNTARILY become involved in some capacity as many facts show.
Think they did not know what they were doing? Really?
Think lawyers, executives, accountants, religious organizations, a judge and others don’t know how to read documents and don’t understand the law and what their licenses require them to do and not to do?

My seizures began due to what experts determined was emotional abuse and parental alienation and while I was coping with my health issues: My ex-husband forced our Children to attend a very expensive Ivy League College telling them they deserved to have such a great education so as many facts show; HE COULD USE THEM to acquire several hundred thousand dollars of student loan money to use for his own purposes while HE AND HIS NEW WIFE FORCED OUR CHILDREN TO PAY SOME OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES even though they were away at college.
Domestic Violence? Forced Labor? Involuntary Servitude?

***** As my ex-husband stated in Judge Claudia Silbar’s public courtroom on April 2, 2014: MARK F. HASSMAN swore: “they have jobs at school at xxxxx. They work quite a few hours a week in addition to school. And, you know they are blessed to have gotten this far. And they have really small loans in the scheme of things, because we have had over $350,000 grants and aid, because I’M INSOLVENT.” ******

*******To make matters worse for my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and those who have been assisting him and still refuse to help me receive my community property:  A document my ex-husband signed under the penalty of perjury shows he bought a new Lexus for himself and not long ago, one for his new wife; and they have been traveling but; he swears “I’M INSOLVENT” and Judge Claudia Silbar reduced my spousal support to the jurisdictional level of zero while the Family Law Firms representing both myself and my ex-husband agreed when they KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN this was invalid because all the factors the law requires to be evaluated were not but the transcript shows THEY ALL AGREED to look ONLY at my ex-husband’s current income.

They knew or should have known this is not what the law requires before a valid spousal support modification can be granted.

Think they can lose their licenses and be sanctioned?

***By the way, TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE AGAIN; I have an email from my ex-husband where he said; “You are wrong & don’t have a clue as to what the truth is.”

Think my ex-husband and others have committed perjury, domestic violence, student loan fraud, unemployment fraud and done or assisted my ex-husband in committing other unlawful acts?

***So, just make sure in a relationship; YOU learn from my mistake and keep a CLOSE watch of your finances, EVEN IF your partner is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer and received his MBA from Harvard, spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering and you are exhausted at the end of the day from being the full time Caregiver for your 3 wonderful Children.


True love solves many problems and heals all kinds of pain.

True love is what a loving Mother feels for her Children as well as what couples feel for each other knowing they can truly trust and respect each other ALWAYS;

anything short is not true love but deception and maybe even abuse.

When someone you love very much like your precious Children, even adult Children; leaves your life pretending you no longer exist, you never get over it. You slowly learn to go on without them but; you always have a special place in your heart just for them.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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