Where is your heart and soul if you remain Silent?

 What are you living for and where are your values if you stay silent when:

 1-You allow others to defame your character by allowing them to treat you as a person who does not deserve rights.

Stand up for yourself and your Constitutional, Fundamental, Inalienable and other rights you are afforded in this Democratic country we live in.

 As my wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me, the Nazis took many things from us but they could not take our good characters.

Always defend that and be proud. Hold your head high as you have done nothing wrong.

My Grandfather was right because it is an unassailable fact that I have done nothing wrong, because it has been about a year now since being exiled and if I did something wrong, the synagogue would have told me and ended this problem.

Are they trying to discredit me because I am trying to make them and others aware how they have become part of the child abuse problem of parental alienation since they are knowingly allowing it to go on at their Temples and schools as the Jews have since the 1970’s?

Why not admit their mistakes and move forward making positive changes so these millions of Jewish children and families can begin to heal and we can stop this from continuing to harm many Jewish families and others?  This is not only reasonable, but is loving and “treating others as you want to be treated yourself.” (It is also Teshuva and Tikkun Olam).

I know RABBI DAVID WOLPE is a very capable man. He is not only brilliant but he has a way with words and I believe I have seen some sides of him many have not seen. He is very understanding and compassionate as he was very instrumental in helping me cope with my situation of parental alienation (along with other experts). Due to his wisdom and talents I am confident he could lead the way in bringing awareness to the child abuse of parental alienation to the Jewish community in the US and even around the world.

I believe, due to his extensive travels and projects, he has many contacts all over the world who I am sure would be willing to help him with such a worthy cause.

I do not know if he would be willing but this would even solidify his legacy since it was his father who first discovered parental alienation and its harms among the Jewish community and ignored it. Thus, Rabbi David Wolpe could now pick up where his father left off, as no one is perfect but we can learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Furthermore, today parental alienation is even a much more serious problem since the divorce rate is much higher than it was in the 70’s.

 I have seen Rabbi David Wolpe’s capabilities and I know he is qualified for this undertaking as I do not know if I would be as healed as I am today if it weren’t for his insights and willingness to help me.

I still miss my children terribly, but at least I don’t cry all the time, can focus and make some worthwhile accomplishments for myself and others. He deserves a lot of the credit for getting me to this point.  He gave me so many perspectives I was unaware of and I even took a course because of his encouragement. He is really a remarkable man with many special talents which he is currently keeping hidden.

I hope if he reads this, he will decide to begin to give sermons, write articles and have discussion groups and panels on the child abuse of parental alienation. He knows a lot about it already and I know with his knowledge and way with words he would help millions as he helped me.


 2.  Most importantly, when your children are being harmed, do not remain silent; be their VOICE.

These are your PRECIOUS children whom you brought into this world (or adopted or became their foster parent) and you have a RESPONSIBILITY to protect them and be their voice when they cannot speak.

This is what a loving parent with good morals and ethics does.

A loving parent with good morals and ethics does not stand by and watch their children be harmed?

At a minimum, there should be HONEST communications where the child is not afraid to speak the truth so misunderstandings can be resolved. This is what mature, caring, loving adults try to facilitate. Those individuals and organizations which try to block and inhibit such honest discussions are not facilitating the Democratic methods our country was based on and are truly not interested in pursuing justice.

 My requests to know the facts, bring awareness to the child abuse of parental alienation and empower our children and adults in our society so this abuse can stop reoccurring, are all rooted in achieving justice which is the backbone of Democracy. Why am I being met with such adversity? I hope it will stop.

I hope leaders and individuals can “begin again” by rethinking their goals with the plight of alienated children and their families in mind. Sometimes mistakes are not mistakes at all as they lead us out of the darkness and into the light. Sometimes they make us realize things we would have never realized before as none of us are perfect.

-by Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org-






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