Which World do You Live in and Why and Upfront and Personal too.

 As the brilliant, acclaimed author Hermann Hesse explains in “Demian,” “Steppenwolf, ” “Siddhartha” and many of his other famous novels; there are 2 worlds that exist side by side (as explained below) and each human being has free will to CHOOSE for himself or herself which world to live in.

If you were raised in one world or due to parental alienation or any other reason find yourself suddenly living in a very corrupt world DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND YOUR CONTROL like a fraudulent divorce judgment which illegally deprived your loving, fit, honest law-abiding Mother (father) of her legal custody and visitation rights based upon lies, fraud and false reports …AS YOU MATURE and BECOME AN ADULT and realize this world you are now living in is NOT the world you want to live in and be associated with as there is “Guilt by Association” too:

***Remember YOU have the POWER to CHANGE and become the person YOU want to be. (Especially today with many self-help books, groups, the internet and REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET your wise, honest, loving alienated Mother (father) who is willing and very capable of helping you escape from this world of lies, fraud, abuse and corruption).

The famous philosopher Carl Jung who was respected by Hermann Hesse said; “ I am not what happened to me, I AM WHAT I CHOOSE TO BECOME.” Period, no excuses!

So, CHOOSE WISELY which of the 2 worlds (explained below) you have chosen for yourself to live in because YOUR CHOICES DETERMINE YOUR DESTINY and you ONLY have YOURSELF to blame for your choices because YOU, yes YOU: 
• are the ONLY ONE who can make YOUR OWN CHOICES,
• and the ONLY ONE who can exercise YOUR OWN FREE WILL.

As Hermann Hesse so brilliantly explains; there is a world of love, respect, kindness, empathy, manners and enrichment to help everyone reach their potential by having a purpose in life to not only make positive accomplishments yourself but to ALSO help and mentor others to do the same so our world becomes a better place for ALL, not just for a minority of wealthy, educated people in powerful positions in society who abuse their power by taking advantage of others by:
• physically and/or emotionally abusing them by telling them lies and deceiving them,
• and making them FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT upon them,
• Continuing to use the physical and/or emotional ABUSE and FINANCIAL DEPENDENCY to CONTROL THEM and force them to do what they want even though this is not what the person wants to do and truly KNOWS BETTER.

***A loving, fit law-abiding Mother (father) raises her Children to have a positive purpose in life and to make positive accomplishments and ALSO help and mentor others to do the same so our world becomes a better place for ALL.
*** This is how I raised my 3 Children as their numerous, stellar accomplishments and activities show along with their honest, kind, compassionate and respectful character which existed until the time of the divorce which was when the very well documented parental alienation began by my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman and others he enlisted to help him.

If anyone from the world of love, respect, honesty, kindness, empathy, manners and enrichment tries to EXPOSE this world of abuse, lies, deception and fraud and all the corruption being carried out by the minority of wealthy, educated people in powerful positions in society; they try to silence this honest, compassionate, loving person by telling lies and creating schemes to make her (him) look dishonest and crazy so many people will alienate her and she will be all alone and suffer from more and more severe emotional distress and other problems.

They also try to ruin her financially so she is unable to support herself and must stop trying to expose the truth about their world of lies, fraud, abuse and corruption.

By silencing this honest, compassionate, loving person; these corrupt, abusive people in powerful positions can CONTINUE to keep harming others, including Children of all ages and their loving Mother (father) suffering from parental alienation.
Then they can remain POWERFUL in their world of lies, fraud, abuse and corruption, PROFIT FROM DIVORCE and have fun doing this since they think it is fun to abuse people physically and emotionally and make them suffer from many problems as experts have proven.

These are the two worlds and any reasonable person with a SOUND MIND should very clearly know what world to CHOOSE to live in.

So, why is this happening to me? This is the 2nd time in my life. When I was a young adult I stood up for my legal rights against:
• my parents,
• sister 
• and their attorney 
who secretly used my social security number to commit unlawful acts for a PROFIT.
I knew this was wrong as any person with a sound mind knows. Well, I won my case and regained control of my social security number and resolved the issues they created by secretly using my social security number.

So, even though I was raised in the world of lies, fraud, abuse and corruption, I KNEW as an adult I was never going to live in that world again.
Thus, when my ex-husband started to insist I take out fraudulent student loans while he was doing other unreasonable and fraudulent things and he realized I would not listen to him and he could NOT CONTROL ME; he started to financially plan for our divorce and started to create the parental alienation.

My lawsuit filed in LA county Superior Court case#BC580980 is not about bogus criminal charges made against me…it is all about the millions and millions of dollars and property I have a LEGAL RIGHT to receive as my 50% of the community estate from my marriage of over 20 years where the divorce remains incomplete because the divorce judgment is fraudulent.

I, Sara Hassman, a loving, fit, honest, caring and wise law-abiding citizen of the United States have a LEGAL RIGHT to a legal divorce which includes custody and visitation rights, without parental alienation.

My case will show that the Government has created a market for businesses, professionals and individuals to ignore the law and have their own corrupt private monopoly intentionally harming society for a profit for themselves which as my facts show, this includes:
• Judge Claudia Silbar,
• Rabbi David Wolpe, Rabbi Ralph Resnick, Howard Lesner and others from Sinai Temple, 
• Pastor Rick Warren and others from Saddleback (Valley Community) Church
The following law firms: 

-Seastrom & Seastrom, The law offices of Alan Shifman; The law office of Harris Gonzalez.

All 3 law firms handle divorce matters and drafted and signed a fraudulent divorce agreement and/or a fraudulent support modification reducing my support to zero WITHOUT demanding my ex-husband’s assets and expenses be disclosed which is against the law…

BUT the corrupt Judge allowed this MANY TIMES as court records show. She even accuses me of being a vexatious litigant for trying to enforce my legal rights and threatened to have me sanctioned. This is what these corrupt people do who think they can make their own laws.

-The Kiken Group; a trust & estate law firm which created and administrated community trusts during the marriage and had to assist in reclassifying and removing trust assets in these trusts without a consent waiver since millions of dollars of assets have disappeared from these trusts. 

– and now it also appears the Law office of Garbiel Dorman which handles criminal cases and since October 2014 has refused to tell me the allegations my ex-husband and his new, current wife made against me for violating some restraining order they had issued against me without any legal basis so I cannot attend any graduations, celebrations, sports games and other events of my Children whom I raised from my marriage of over 20 years because I cannot come w/in 100 feet of them.

Also, I cannot contact them to help my Children as loving, kind compassionate parents should do.

 ***They just TOTALLY CUT ME OUT of my Children’s life using restraining orders without any legal basis since I have been an honest, law-abiding citizen my entire life of over 50 years AND the CORRUPT LAW FIRMS ALLOWED THIS and the CORRUPT JUDGE GRANTED THEM.*** 

Further, the Law office of Garbiel Dorman refuses to contact me and explain why he refuses get this case against me dismissed so now I continue to have a criminal jury trial PENDING on my record which my ex-husband, his new wife, the judge and others who I have sued in my civil case in LA Superior Court are EXPECTED TO USE to try to LIE and FRAUDULENTLY make Judge White believe I may have this misdemeanor granted against me so they can claim I don’t deserve my MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from my divorce (my 50%) and my support and a companionship with my Children.

These are the lies, schemes and manipulations corrupt and evil people use to try to SILENCE THE PERSON EXPOSING THE TRUTH to STOP the ABUSE and CORRUPTION and HAVE THEM GO TO JAIL and/or ORDERED TO PAY MONEY and OTHER SANCTIONS.

• My ex-husband Mark F. Hassman
• His current wife Mikel Sanders-Persky
• The court-appointed therapist, Alan D. Liberman
• Paul A. Moote and Associates, Inc. now called Moote Companies, LLC,
– Marji Knitter and her husband MJ Knitter
• Steven M. Murow and other partners in many Moote LLCs owned by the community estate

• Cate School and others

I am doing great because I live in the world of love, respect, honesty, kindness, empathy, manners and enrichment and I am surrounded by others who have these same values and act accordingly. 
Thus, I am well on my way to exposing this world of lies, fraud, abuse and corruption as many public records show.

***Lastly, I ask, what have I done that is so bad that my 3 children have alienated me for more than 7 years now 
AND refuse to even have a civil discussion 
AND all of those powerful well connected, educated professionals and individuals refuse to help us reunite even though I have been a law-abiding woman my entire life of over 50 years,
AND refuse to help me resolve my fraudulent divorce.

This is not reasonable and continues to show their intent to continue to commit abuse and corruption and perpetuate parental alienation and profit from divorce.

As history has shown, TRUTH WILL PREVAIL and so will a LOVING MOTHER.

The love of a Mother is a VERY POWERFUL FORCE.

I hope this post helps many alienated Children including my own to realize that they have FREE WILL and can CHOOSE to leave their world of lies, fraud, abuse and corruption. They are very lucky because they have me, an honest, compassionate, wise and capable Mother who can help them.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based on my knowledge and experience as I try to help others realize this horrible TRUTH and why Parental Alienation has become an epidemic problem along with Divorce because COMBINING THE 2 ALLOWS SICK, HORRIBLE PEOPLE to make DIVORCE PROFITABLE for THEM and those in their ELITIST GROUP who believe they do not have to follow the laws like everyone else.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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