Who Ever Heard of a Mother who has had a Perfect Record Her Entire Life but Can’t See her Children

Just one of many examples showing MARK F. HASSMAN will probably THROW YOU UNDER THE BUS even though you have HELPED HIM so BEWARE.
Also: Who ever heard of a Mother who has had a perfect record her entire life but can’t see her Children because her ex-husband is there and he forbids he to see her own Children based on a restraining order he was granted WITHOUT any rational basis?
Reasonable, Justice, Loving, Compassionate.
What are the true motivations?
What do you think a Criminal Jury will think?

What will the jury think when they find out this ex-husband got his “high class call girl,” “brain dead, bobble head” new Born Again Christian wife to go along like a brain dead robot and get a restraining order too. So now, since both of them are at graduations and other family milestones the loving Mother cannot attend.

***Why do they want to EXCLUDE the loving Mother and keep the Children alienated from her? Loving, REASONABLE parents should encourage their Children to have relationships with BOTH of their divorced parents since this is in the best interest of the children and everyone.
Didn’t they teach ETHICS and MORALS at Harvard? Should we ask Jeffrey Skilling from Enron who was in my ex’s Harvard class?

Plus, I sent my ex-husband and his new bobble head, Born Again Christian wife emails citing psychologists and other experts telling them how they were harming our Children with this alienation.
The jury, (and the news and Dr. Phil) will probably love MARK F. HASSMAN’s sarcastic responding email he sent to me and our children with many other incriminating emails never thinking I would ever recover from my epilepsy and he would just continue with his control, terror and abuse.
The late night comedians will probably have a heyday with these emails too which will be great for ending parental alienation.
This criminal jury trial is next month!!!

***Why are my very sick ex and his very sick new Born Again Christian wife causing this harm? To conceal millions of dollars of assets THEY HAVE WHICH BELONG TO ME and hide other frauds?
They are forcing my Children to obey them and not have their loving Mother there to protect them since they have this restraining order issued without a rational basis and I can’t attend any celebrations etc. since they are there.

I attached one of the photos today of how THEY, not just MARK F. HASSMAN forced my Son to live outside on a bare mattress without any sheets and blankets. My son was a MINOR at this time. CRIMINAL??? or Legal??? What do you think the jury will think? RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES refused to even make a phone call to help rectify this situation. CRIMINAL??? or Legal?? CAN HE AND HIS BOSSES BE IMPLICATED? Do you think the jury will think this is legal?

***Do you think they will think by refusing to make the phone call RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELESwas being “Religious?”

Time will tell and God and the Truth always prevail.
I, the loving Mother, have both God and the Truth on my side because to alienate Children of all ages from their loving Mother is emotional torture and abuse and other offenses all which are against the law.
This is called Parental Alienation.
BRINGING IT ON so my ex-husband, our adult Children and others who have helped and continue to help my ex- husband conceal millions of dollars of assets and income and most importantly; helped and continue to help destroy the sacred Mother/Son and Mother/Daughter relationship and harm my Children can all FACE THE MUSIC.
******One of many examples showing MARK F. HASSMAN will probably THROW YOU UNDER THE BUS even if you helped him. WATCH OUT, HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND:

My DELUSIONAL ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN’s elderly mother ELAINE ADELBERG who lives in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND may be called as a witness too because she refused to respond to a certified letter telling her that it strongly appears she is in receipt of STOLEN PROPERTY since MARK F. HASSMAN, my ex, paid her $55,000 after he SWORE in court he is “INSOLVENT” and can’t pay my support and had it eliminated. But, can you GUESS what MARK F. HASSMAN said in court on public records why this loan was left off his list of debts TWICE?
Come on, just guess.
HE BLAMES OTHERS all the time. This time he blamed his NEWPORT BEACH Family Law Firm for leaving the $55,000 loan off the list twice.
But there are more juicy details….His Declaration with this list was prepared by his NEWPORT BEACH family law firm still representing him even though they prepared documents and appeared for him in court STATING THEMSELVES he is ‘INSOLVENT?’
Think his NEWPORT BEACH Family Law Firm is a charity and doing his work for free?

How can he afford to pay them if he is “insolvent” and had my spousal support eliminated? How can he afford to pay his Mother ELAINE ADELBERG who lives in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND $55,000? There are others too; this is only one example.

Anyway, as usual, MARK F. HASSMAN said it was a “Mistake.” Like he swore it was a “mistake” to conceal from the divorce an LLC (limited liability Corporation) which his Joint tax returns show with his new bobble head wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY they have been receiving dividends and other PASSIVE INCOME from.
Whose mistake is it this time for concealing the LLC?
His NEWPORT BEACH Family Law Firm?
His Accounting Firm, BORNEMAN & TUSA in Bellmore, NY who has been filing his tax returns for decades including during his 23 year marriage to me? One of the founders of this Accounting Firm is MARK F. HASSMAN’s old buddy JIM BORNEMAN; they worked on an accounting project together after they both became CPA’s years ago.

MARK F. HASSMAN has a clear pattern of BLAMING OTHERS all the time.

This time he blamed his NEWPORT BEACH Family Law Firm for leaving the $55,000 loan off the list twice with regard to his Mother’s $55,000 loan.



This one example shows you how he won’t hesitate to throw


He is a SICK PREDATOR who will do what it takes to save himself. Beware!!! This is just one example and I have many.

BRINGING IT ON so my Children and myself, the loving Mother can be reunited, I can receive the millions of dollars of community assets I have been deprived of and all of our harms compensated. This will help millions like us too and change many laws.
This is truth and justice which is what I stand for and so do our laws.
BRINGING IT ON as I have a Criminal Jury Trial scheduled for next month.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org