Who has the Right to Express their True Thoughts and Feelings Without Being Harassed or Punished?

-Who has the right to express their thoughts and feelings in a respectful, civil manner and be treated fairly?

  On the other hand;

-Who should expect to be harassed or taken advantage of when someone does not like what they have to say or what they legally do?

-Do only men have the right to express their thoughts and feelings?
– Do only those women who obey these men and say what these men want them to say and do have these same rights while women who want to peacefully express a different opinion or peacefully act differently find themselves harassed and taken advantage of financially; ridiculed and possibly their computer hacked by these men trying to intimidate them so they succumb to their abuse and dictatorship and agree to give up their free, independent thoughts and behaviors?

-Do children, including adult children, have any rights to freely express their thoughts and feelings or must they also obey these men and women or they too will find if they express different thoughts and act differently will also be harassed, taken advantage of financially, ridiculed and possibly their computer hacked too in an effort to intimidate them and “show them who is boss?”

This is not freedom; this is a cruel and evil dictatorship and terrorism.

This is also what goes on in homes with a sick, evil, abusive parent who creates and perpetuates parental alienation.

This is also how those who aid the sick, evil parent in perpetuating the parental alienation treat the alienated children and the loving parent. If anyone disagrees with or disobeys these abusers who think they are Kings (or Queens); they will be thrown out just like their loving, kind alienated parent.

***It is a good thing to be thrown out so you no longer live in the toxic, poisonous environment.
***Then you can surround yourself with good, kind, compassionate, reasonable people who want to help you make wise choices and not just dictate to you the choices you MUST make, how you MUST think and how you MUST feel.
Then you will experience freedom, piece of mind and can finally relax and not worry if you say or do something that is not allowed that the “king” or “queen” will punish you.

So if you are an alienated child, teen or adult reading this; do not be afraid of your sick, alienating parent or those aiding him or her. Be glad to get away from him (her) and begin to thrive again like you did when your loving mother (father) was in your life.
***Don’t choose to allow your sick, evil alienating parent terrorize you any longer. Break free and truly enjoy life and reach your beautiful potential.
Also, EXPECT many to criticize you because this is what terrorists do when you disagree with them or disobey them. ***They want to try to keep you under their control.
Don’t worry, you will be fine and even much better that you were under their control.
***You DESERVE to be free to express YOUR thoughts and feelings and surround yourself with those who want to hear them; not stifle them, distort them or change them in a negative way. Be with those who want to appreciate your beautiful character; not destroy it.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder. www.PAlienation.org



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