Who will take the fall and why so many men want to get divorced after they have become financially successful?

First, who will be the “fall guy” or “fall girl” to take the fall for all those who have violated the law and continue to do so as my $70 million dollar civil law suit in Los Angeles Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬ clearly shows.

My husband, (we are still married due to our fraudulent divorce judgment and he is a polygamist), Judges, Law Firms, Religious Leaders and Organizations, the Court-Appointed Therapist; Private Schools and Universities, Executives and Joint Venture Partners, the New Wife and others have committed and continue to willfully commit the TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION; have ALL stolen my community property and savings and have refused to return them to me; have ALL stripped me of my legal and individual rights including but not limited to my right to custody and visitation and refuse to rectify the very serious resulting physical, psychological, emotional, financial and other harms they have caused me and continue to cause me.

So, as more and more of the CLEAR and OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE is exposed, it will be interesting to see who takes the fall. Who will “sacrifice” for the benefit of the sick, corrupt group and be the corrupt, immoral hero like those who are suicide bombers?

Typically someone who has a disease or is very elderly and expects to die soon will take the fall which includes taking the secrets of the conspiracy to the grave. He or she will DENY that anyone else worked with him or her, like Madoff did. The fall guy or girl typically claim they were working alone which is a lie.

In my case, that lie will not hold much weight due to my fraudulent and unlawful divorce judgment which clearly SHOWS from the face of the document and the missing required legal forms that THERE HAD TO BE A CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. 
My husband could not sign and file the divorce judgment for the judge or draft and sign the divorce judgment for the law firms or sign the fraudulent court-appointed therapist’s report, or conceal community property in trusts and outside of trusts without the cooperation of other defendants.

The defendants, who are ALL highly educated professionals, cannot reasonably claim they did not know the law or understand their legal and ethical responsibilities. The “affluenza defense” will not work for them like it did for the 13 year old boy who drove a car and killed 4 people.

So it will be interesting to see if my husband (again, we are still married due to our fraudulent, invalid divorce judgment and he is a polygamist), if he will be the fall guy since his court testimony shows he had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital so maybe he expects not to live much longer.

Or will Rabbi David Wolpe be the fall guy since he is known and talks about having cancer. Maybe he expects not to live much longer too.

Maybe it will be one of the other defendants like one of the judges, a lawyer, a different religious leader, the court-appointed therapist; someone from Cate School, Cornell University or another University; one of the executives or a joint venture partner or maybe the new wife. It will be interesting to see who “sacrifices” their reputation and legacy for the “benefit” or “greater good” of this criminal conspiracy.

Then as typically happens, the person “chosen” to take the fall for the greater good of the criminal conspiracy, will claim he has a drinking problem, drug problem, is addicted to the internet or has other addictions due to some prior abuse in his or her life which they irresponsibly never addressed. (Like my daughter who claimed on the Dr. Phil show that she had this terrible cutting problem that no one knew about who since the show several years ago, she has refused to address).

The fall guy or fall girl also typically claim that their addiction problems are not really their fault but are due to their boss, or work environment or some other situation which they claim is beyond their control when any reasonable person knows it is not. You can always leave a job or stop associating with corrupt people, even corrupt family members.

The fall guy or fall girl also typically claim they are really a nice person who has helped many people in their life and are a good parent who educated their children. Thus, they don’t deserve to go to jail and instead should be given therapy because without their addiction problems; they will return to their “true character,” which is an honest, kind person.

This is the way narcissists, sociopaths and others with mental and emotional problems typically behave. It is never their fault because they are perfect and they were merely guided down a wrong path by someone. They are weak, sick cowards who refuse to take responsibility for their behaviors. But they THINK they are so smart and will outsmart everyone.

So, with that being said, it will be interesting to see who will take the fall.

I also want to explain why so many men want to get divorced after they have become financially successful. Many couples like my husband and me, when we got married had very little financially. At that time we had very similar values of respect, collaboration, honesty and we were both very well educated.

I was an ASSET to my husband at business dinners, meetings and other events and also in my own career before we had children and I became the full-time Mother as we both agreed was best for our family in many ways. My husband also knew I was a strong, capable woman who could raise our children with wonderful values so they could thrive in many positive ways, which they did. What more could a husband want? Nothing, which is why our marriage was very strong for about 20 years.

But then, my husband became very successful and as I was getting my professional career together after having the wonderful opportunity of being the full-time Mother for about 18 years; he decided he wanted a PUPPET and not a PARTNER. I have a brain, heart and soul which I use daily and I have and encourage reasonable, truthful INDEPENDENT thoughts and ideas as reasonable people should do. This is what a democracy is all about.

However, my husband now wanted to be a DICTATOR. Well I was not going to be his SLAVE so he undermined me by telling our children lies behind my back and beginning the Parental Alienation.

As financial records show, my husband also secretly and illegally started to financially prepare for the divorce and cheat me out of my 50 percent of the community estate worth millions of dollars. He figured that if I was not going to be his SLAVE; he would destroy me emotionally and financially.

Oh well; he failed. He can’t even divorce right and has implicated many others in his criminal and terroristic plot as the divorce judgment ALONE clearly shows on its face. Again, his behavior is characteristic of those who have narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies and show signs of being seriously mentally sick.

I thought this information would be helpful for others, since I know millions are in a similar situation. Parental Alienation and Divorce are both epidemic problems in our society today.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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