Why: 1) YOU SHOULD NOT BLAME YOUR CHILDREN WHO HAVE ALIENATED YOU; 2) ALIENATING CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE EMBARRASSED if they have Drug, Alcohol, Debt and other common problems of Parental Alienation; 3) SOLUTIONS TO END PARENTAL ALIENATION WHICH ARE ALREADY TAKING PLACE; 4) More SELF- INCRIMINATION of those sponsoring the Terrorism of Parental Alienation as proven by RECENT LETTERS from the California and Maryland Bar I received. 5) Photos of my wonderful new life of love, compassion, freedom and honesty in Israel among those who care about Truth, Love, Freedom, Family, Equal Rights and Justice.

First, don’t blame your Children who have alienated you from their life for several reasons. They: a) have been TRAUMATIZED; b) SUDDENLY at the time of divorce found themselves living without your love and honest, reasonable guidance; c) are living among those who want to use and abuse them including preventing them from renewing their Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationships (or Father relationships). Thus, these ALIENATING CHILDREN OF ALL AGES DO NOT have the FREEDOM to have INDEPENDENT relationships with BOTH of their divorced parents so they are no longer CONTROLLED by the Alienating Parent. In addition, these Alienating Children of all ages are TERRORIZED to not be obedient and to contact their loving alienated Mother (or Father) which they desperately, reasonably and naturally want to do as many experts have proven.
[As just one example, my photos of my minor Son being forced to live in an abusive environment at CATE SCHOOL in California with the engineering and approval of his father who is my still legal husband Mark Hassman; Judges; Jewish and other Religious Leaders; and others. All of them ignored my many phone calls, emails and meetings to end this abuse.]

AS INTENDED by those sponsoring the Terror of Parental Alienation and those aiding them; many ALIENATING CHILDREN OF ALL AGES are living without love and also with lies thinking their alienated Mother (or Father) doesn’t love them when they love them very much and are trying to peacefully end this Alienation. Thus, TO COPE, some Alienating Children have been FORCED or ENCOURAGED to become ADDICTED TO DRUGS, ALCOHOL and HAVE DEBT because then they can be more easily CONTROLLED, USED and ABUSED and FORCED TO BE OBEDIENT.

Once a person is FREE OF THESE ADDICTIONS and ALSO OF THE DEBT; they will no longer be FEARFUL of these evil predators that sponsor this terrorism of Parental Alienation and other crimes which they call “religious” or “politics.”
Thus, I reasonably recommend that ALIENATING CHILDREN OF ALL AGES reading this; YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE EMBARRASSED or AFRAID, this is why Parental Alienation is considered TERRORISM.
Just contact your alienated Mother or Father to help you BECOME FREE AGAIN by getting rid of: 1) addictions and also 2) debt. ***You know deep down, that most probably if the Parental Alienation never occurred; neither would these addictions and the debt because YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN GUIDED WITH LOVE AND AVUNCULAR WISDOM; NOT SET UP TO BE USED AND ABUSED. With love, honest support and proven programs, discussions, forums and other events; you will no longer have these problems.

THERE IS “LIFE” AND THEN THERE IS “A BETTER LIFE” like the one I am so gratefully living in Israel. These attached photos give you a sampling of just some of wonderful times and special experiences I am having with kind, reasonable, compassionate and civil human beings from all over the world who are devoted to enriching themselves with the TRUTH and helping to improve humanity. The Israelis I live among in Arad, Israel at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace make sure I have the things I need to live comfortably in the Judean Desert which I am unfamiliar with and also that I make time to relax and take care of myself. I am truly blessed.

Recently, I and very educated, reasonable and compassionate Israeli tourists from East Germany, who were living when Adolph Hitler was in power during World War II, had a wonderful and very relevant conversation.
They explained to me that many Germans did not know all the facts and therefore did not understand all the TERROR Adolph Hitler was creating for Jews and others because Hitler controlled the press and the dissemination of information; as many promoting Parental Alienation also try to do today.
In addition to controlling the press as Hitler did; those sponsoring the Terror of Parental Alienation also use the internet; lies; schemes including defaming the loving, honest Alienated Mother/Father so these terrorized and lost ALIENATED CHILDREN OF ALL AGES falsely think they should alienate them since are not told the truth.
Plus, THESE DECEIVED, TRAUMATIZED ALIENATING CHILDREN OF ALL AGES are commonly FORBIDDEN TO CONTACT their Alienated Mother/Father to have a Civil Conversation as to why the Parental Alienation began and also has not ended. Those sponsoring the Terror of Parental Alienation want to continue using and abusing these Children and PROFITING from the theft, racketeering, intentional infliction of emotional distress, extortion and the other crimes which commonly comprise the Terror of Parental Alienation.

In addition, as these very educated, reasonable and compassionate Israeli tourists from East Germany explained, many were AFRAID TO confront Hitler and his co-conspirators and DID NOT KNOW HOW TO effectively defeat him and his conspiracy of Terror. However, when Hitler committed suicide and WW II ended; many Germans UNDERSTOOD THE TRUTH and were very REMORSEFUL and ASHAMED.
Thus, it took a violent war, many deaths and a new generation before Hitler, his conspiracy and their Terrorism was viewed as evil, criminal, immoral, hateful and insanity.

It is important to note that during Hitler’s reign and until the Germans became remorseful after WW II ended; many Americans, especially Jewish Americans used their POWER AS CONSUMERS to show their extreme disapproval of Hitler, Nazism and Germany by refusing to buy German products. This also included their refusal to buy Ford vehicles because Henry Ford aligned himself with Hitler and built factories in Germany.
One of the very educated, reasonable and compassionate Israeli tourists from East Germany worked for Henry Ford at his factory in Germany but still did not have an understanding of all the Holocaust facts as he does today.

***In sum, GIVE YOUR ALIENATING CHILDREN THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Know that they would NOT CHOOSE to alienate you, their loving Mother/Father, if they had the FREEDOM to contact you WITHOUT BEING FEARFUL OF ABUSE AND OTHER FORMS OF TERROR.
*******I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR MY CHILDREN for having to endure all of this terror now for eleven (11) years and my efforts with all of my lawsuits, meetings, emails and other communications thus far have still not ended this EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION in America. ********
***HOWEVER, I was thrilled to find out that ISRAELI JEWS HAVE BEEN CHANGING THEIR CUSTOMS AND HABITS to help end the Terror of Parental Alienation and other crimes being carried out by JEWISH LEADERS and THEIR ORGANIZATIONS here in Israel. They are ERADICATING CROOKED JEWISH LEADERS and THEIR ORGANIZATIONS FROM THEIR LIFE thereby making them, their organizations, members and co-conspirators OBSOLETE.
***This is brilliant and what Americans should do too because as Civil Rights Advocates, Leaders, Experts and History have proven; you cannot force unreasonable, corrupt leaders and people to change; instead you must make their corrupt ways OBSOLETE as my lawsuit in 1985 helped do regarding making obsolete the “kiddie trust tax laws.” [see the immediate prior post for more details].

Just as in America, Parental Alienation is an epidemic problem here in Israel. Also, as in America, I have been told by many Israeli Jews that the rabbis, their organizations and members are very corrupt. Recently I went to Tel Aviv to visit my friend. We were walking to the famous Rabin Square which is not only a beautiful memorial park and place of political events; it also has great restaurants and cafes. As we walked past the Rabbanut building everyone said how corrupt these Israeli Jewish leaders have become. ***As I am seeing and have been told; due to the CURRENT corruption of Israeli Jewish Leaders and their Organizations, many Israeli Jews are living their life so they don’t have to deal with rabbis and other corrupt Jewish leaders and their corrupt Organizations.
For example:
1) Instead of being married by a rabbi in Israel, many Israeli Jews are going to Cyprus or the Czech Republic to get married. In Israel, the rabbis have a monopoly on marriages because the State of Israel will only recognize a marriage performed by an orthodox rabbi. Thus, by being married outside of Israel many Israeli Jews are making this current marriage monopoly obsolete and have the reasonable intent of changing this Israeli marriage law.

Many Israeli Jews still have marriage ceremonies in Israel; they just are not being performed by orthodox rabbis. They are being performed by their friends, by authors, by musicians and others who together with the couple commonly writing the ceremony, which is beautiful and very meaningful.

2) Thus, since these marriages taking place outside of Israel are not being recognized by the State of Israel because they were not performed by an orthodox rabbi in Israel; if the couple wants to get a divorce, they do not need the crooked lawyers and judges who often work with the crooked religious leaders; (as my lawsuits clearly prove). ***So, not only are these Israeli Jews making rabbis and their organizations OBSOLETE; they are also making family law lawyers and judges obsolete. Some couples may write a prenuptial agreement but they follow forms and do not hire lawyers. They are also easier for the couple to enforce if they need to, without any legal professionals.

3) As an alternative, some Israeli Jews consider themselves a “couple” even though they have chosen not to get married at all because to get married and also divorced is very complicated and costly these days. They don’t see the point since they trust each other to do what is moral and honest ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ARE VICTIMS OF PARENTAL ALIENATION AND/OR KNOW PEOPLE WHO ARE WHICH UNFORTUNATELY MOST DO.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED whereby living together as a married couple but without the marriage certificate is not viewed as wrong or sinful; it is viewed as fighting the current corrupt religious and political system here in Israel.

All of these Jewish Israel pioneers are open-minded, reasonable, objective, courageous and forward thinking people. They now consider a couple living together as married even though they do not have a marriage certificate and even if they choose to have children which many do. [In America, there are the common law marriage laws and it is my understanding, they set less complicated guidelines for divorce then dealing with the very complicated and crooked legal system as my lawsuits clearly prove].
4) Here is another current Jewish custom change: many Israeli Jews are also not having their sons circumcised for three reasons. First as stated above, they do not want crooked Jewish leaders who perform the circumcision to be part of their life, especially at such a special time when they have brought a new life into this world. Why give corrupt people business anyway?
Second, there has been current medical information that it is not unhealthy for the son if he is not circumcised so, it is an unnecessary procedure. Instead, many Israelis Jews today have a baby naming or other celebration, just not a circumcision (called a bris) and no religious leaders are involved in these celebrations.
Third, if the son decides that he would like to be circumcised; when he is an adult he can have it done in a hospital or in a religious ceremony. The parents do not need to make this decision for him when he is only eight days old which is the “old” Jewish custom no longer being practiced by many new Israeli Jewish parents.
Sometimes, the new parents’ decision to not have a bris is repudiated by their parents and other elders who have grown up with this custom for generations. However, these forward-thinking new Israeli Jewish parents want to raise their son the way THEY CHOOSE, not the way their parents or other elders would want or the way of an OLD, OUTDATED JEWISH CUSTOM.
I give these new Israelis Jewish parents so much credit for making this custom change. I know some personally and they are wise, caring people who reasonably refuse to be CONTROLLED BY THE OUTDATED JEWISH CUSTOMS OF THEIR ANCESTORS.

I want to make it clear that many of these open-minded, reasonable, objective and forward thinking Israeli Jews who are ESTABLISHING NEW CUSTOMS among Israeli Jews DO BELIEVE IN GOD. They just do not believe in how today ORGANIZED RELIGIOUS GROUPS and GOVERNMENT LEADERS have interpreted the Torah and other BASIC Jewish teachings which promote Love, Family, Equal Rights, Compassion and Justice for All; not the Terror of Parental Alienation and ancient “customs” which have become a method to lie, cheat and steal from their BRETHREN. This is disgraceful beyond words as any reasonable Jew knows.

These ancient Jewish customs are being changed in Israel today because many open-minded, reasonable, objective and forward thinking Israeli Jews are QUESTIONING:
****Why go through what I and millions of others, including many of you reading this, have been through regarding the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION and other crimes which are unequivocally harming humanity which these “religious” Leaders and their Organizations and the Government refuse to acknowledge and change?
In essence, these Israeli Jews are PEACEFULLY AND BRAVELY taking the law into their own hands by CHANGING JEWISH CUSTOMS of marriage, divorce and circumcision so crooked Jewish Leaders and their Organizations, crooked lawyers and judges, and the Government will no longer be part of their life AND also will not profit from them. Thus, they are making their “businesses” OBSOLETE.

WHERE IS OUR SOLIDARITY IN AMERICA today among Religious Leaders; U.S. Supreme Court Justices; Judges; Lawyers; Therapists; Schools; and INDIVIDUALS who should WANT TO follow the lead of these brave, reasonable, honest and loving Israeli Jews trying to eradicate Parental Alienation, theft, extortion, racketeering, intentional infliction of emotional distress, perjury, defamation and many other crimes associated with the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION, like those who stopped buying German products until Germany was remorseful for the HOLOCAUST?

Religious Leaders; U.S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE JEWISH RUTH BADER GINSBURG; Judges; Lawyers; Therapists; Schools; and INDIVIDUALS are my defendants and clearly are aware of the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation. In addition, many receive emails from me about this Terror if they haven’t blocked my email address to try to escape from the truth or for whatever reason they try to rationalize. So, unlike many Germans during the Holocaust who were unaware of the facts regarding Hitler’s terror; these professionals, organizations and individuals have been presented with the facts of the Terror of Parental Alienation repeatedly and also have access to verify them.

Now, I recently received letters from the California and Maryland Bar stating that all of my defendants who are lawyers should not be disbarred because it is within their “discretion” and is also seen as “neglect” to not enforce the basic Constitutional, California, Maryland and other laws regarding divorce, custody and visitation. [A Justice and Judge must be a lawyer first]. Today, It is not seen as a crime or a violation of the law to deny a loving, law-abiding Mother/Father of these basic rights. Really???
Thirty years ago when my lawsuit was used to make the “kiddie trust tax laws” OBSOLETE as I explained in the immediately preceding post, such interpretation of our American laws did not exist as public records prove the opposite. Specifically, public records prove that AS OFFICERS OF THE COURT, lawyers and judges have a very serious obligation to REPORT TO THE CRIMINAL DIVISION OF THE COURT, or TO THE STATE BAR or OTHER AGENCIES, any violations of the law especially if they seriously harm a client, individual and/or society which Parental Alienation does; denying custody, visitation [even supervised visitation if proven necessary] and receipt of her/his legal interest in the martial assets without any tests, professional opinions and other credible evidence proving the Mother/Father is a danger or some violent criminal. Accordingly, as I have been stating and have proven; America is no longer a Democracy.

In sum, I hope this post is helpful to many and also I hope you seriously consider implementing some of the suggestions including following the CUSTOM CHANGES many wise, reasonable and brave Israeli Jews have made which are MAKING CORRUPT PRACTICES and THOSE WHO IMPLEMENT THEM, OBSOLETE.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org

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