Why Are Our Leaders Ignoring Parental Alienation?

Why are many accomplished leaders ignoring the problem of Parental Alienation? Is this a Conspiracy?

Many of our great country’s leaders should be very proud of their accomplishments. Not only have they personally contributed to the betterment of society, they have also used their powerful networks to encourage others to help those in need. These leaders include doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, counselors, school and college administrators, clergy, executives, journalists and judges.

Since launching my website and national campaign, I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring support from across the US and other countries to help millions of children by ending parental alienation. HOWEVER, as I am finding out more and more, when many of us reach out to these leaders for help, we are met with opposition, and are discouraged from proceeding.

In just one example, I reached out for help to the son of the esteemed rabbi (who, in the 70’s, was one of the first to recognize the problems parental alienation caused for children). BUT WHAT HAPPENED?

WHY did this rabbi’s son, now an esteemed rabbi himself, refuse to help? Especially when he knew firsthand that the alienated parent was loving and fit.

You might wonder how this rabbi and others could possibly help. It’s simple. One way is by spreading truth in routine speeches, writings, discussion groups, forums etc. Another is to connect with the children to explain and counsel them regarding the lies they have been told and help these alienated children understand that their alienated parent is not one to fear or hate. Aren’t leaders supposed to help children understand the truth?

A few common questions:

WHY won’t our leaders fervently help these children and teens reconnect with their loving, fit alienated parent; as this is in the best interest of the child, teen and society?

WHY have our leaders been ignoring the growing problem of parental alienation by refusing to respond to requests for help?

Could there be schemes in place between these leaders and the alienating parent that enable these leaders to receive monetary and other benefits from the alienating parent?

All it takes is one overt act of trying to destroy the sacred parent/child relationship for there to be a conspiracy among two or more people.

As with Governor Robert McDonnell of Virginia, who did favors for the owner of a company in exchange for monetary and other benefits, could those leaders also be doing favors in exchange for monetary and other benefits?

Why else would these leaders be unwilling to help these children wrought with the serious harms parental alienation is causing them and our society?

— Sara Hassman


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