Why Corrupt People will DESTROY THEMSELVES…

and truth and justice will prevail as these examples of their malicious and oppressive acts show.

In the United States a person includes a Mother (father) and her Children of all ages because our laws support equal rights for ALL.

Accordingly, Individuals and Organizations are prohibited from carrying out acts that are malicious, oppressive and fraudulent against a Mother and her Children, causing them to suffer in many serious ways. 

MALICE is conduct which is intended to cause injury to a person or many people or despicable conduct to which is carried out with a willful conscious disregard of the rights and safety of others.

OPPRESSION is despicable conduct that subjects a person or many people to cruel and unusual hardship in conscious disregard of that person’s rights.

The suppression of a fact, by one who is bond to disclose it, or who give information of other facts which are likely to mislead are guilty of FRAUD.

Now, as my lawsuit is proceeding; those I have sued for depriving me of my legal right to have a lawful not a fraudulent divorce by having:

1. The value or net worth of the community estate established so then it can be distributed 50/50 between myself and my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN who is a certified public accountant and a graduate of the Harvard business school and reasonably controlled our finances.

The law does not allow my ex-husband, the law firm he hired (SEASTROM & SEASTROM) and the law firm I hired (The law office of ALAN SHIFMAN) to hide assets and not establish the value of the community estate so it is impossible to divide 50/50.

The law does not allow a judge (JUDGE CLAUDIA SIBAR) to sign a stipulated judgment allowing this illegal and immoral activity.

Instead, the laws are very clear and objective as to how a marriage contract must be dissolved so that a divorce is legal and not fraudulent.

2. Spousal support must be calculated (it is not an option) based upon the net worth of the community estate and the net worth of the supporting spouse, my ex-husband, EACH TIME he requests my spousal support to be reduced.

The law firm he hired to represent him for his many spousal support requests (SEASTROM & SEASTROM) and the law firm I hired, (the law office of HARRIS GONZALEZ) did not follow this very clear and objective law and AGAIN JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR allowed my support to be reduced each time.

3. In order to deprive a parent of their legal right to custody and visitation many psychological and clinical tests and evaluations must be conducted to show that the parent is unfit and dangerous.
No such tests or evaluations were ever conducted and I am known for my loving, honest and law-abiding character. 
1) The divorce judgment deprived me of my legal right to custody and visitation;
2) Civil restraining orders requested by my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN and his current wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY were fraudulently issued against me by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR based upon a fraudlulent report written by HER court-appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN. 
I was professionally recommended after 2 sessions to end the therapy because he was NOT following professional protocol.

3) These fraudulent civil restraining orders were used to keep me alienated from my children because I could not attend events for my children if my ex- husband and his new wife were present and I could not contact them to discuss issues regarding my children since my ex-husband was fraudulently granted “sole legal and sole physical custody” and visitation was only allowed at the “discretion of the child” and I could not communicate with them without any legal or rational basis; just pure evil and corruption.

Anyone who understands evil and corrupt people understands how they can force others, especially children to do what THEY want which is to keep them from seeing their loving, law-abiding Mother (father). Why do you think parental alienation has become an epidemic problem?


So I have filed a lawsuit to enforce my legal rights.

Do you think the millions of dollars in the community estate which was never accounted for and my 50% not distributed to me just disappeared?

Do you think my Children and I who were suddenly torn apart from each other at the time of divorce are surviving without any emotional and physical harm? 
Many experts have PROVEN many serious harms result when this companionship or bond is destroyed between a loving Mother (father) and her Children of all ages which is called Parental Alienation.

So, as my lawsuit is proceeding, all those I sued which include those listed above and others who are helping to hide and steal my money and property and also keep me and my Children alienated from each other with lies, abuse, manipulations and financial problems; have responded with VERY INCRIMINATING information. 

• They all deny the allegations which are quite clear by just looking at the legal documents signed “under the penalty of perjury” and other facts which are very clear, which is typical of corrupt people.

• Some claim technical errors like these very corrupt, very unconscionable, very malicious and horrific acts were not pleaded properly. 
***However my favorite one was that of the very stupid and uncompassionate, sick and abusive Mother and new wife of my ex-husband MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY who stated that
EVEN IF EVERYTHING I STATED IS TRUE, I do not have any legal rights to rectify these harms because they were not pleaded properly. Can you believe it!!!

***So she and many of the others are so stupid, uncompassionate, abusive and horrible beyond words because they think they can just take away my legal rights and harm me and my children based on TECHNICALITIES?

All I can say with tears in my eyes as I write this; for all those I have sued and others involved too who I haven’t sued yet, enjoy your barbecue or whatever you are doing on this Labor Day because next year all of you will probably be in JAIL.

***NO ONE has a legal right to treat me and millions of other loving, fit, law-abiding parents this way which is why divorce and Parental Alienation has become an epidemic problem in the United States.

***NO ONE, even if they are a graduate of Harvard, a Judge or part of a major law firm, synagogue or church, is legally allowed to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE by taking away our legal rights and then claim we can’t enforce them based upon TECHNICALITIES.

If you doubt my words, just watch. TRUTH and JUSTICE will prevail and any legal technicalities will be resolved, I promise.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

  • Also, for all of you corrupt, liars, abusers and manipulators please do not get angry with ME.
    You only have yourself to blame because if you weren’t delusional due to being drunk and due to your other obsessions; you would have realized that it was only a matter of time until the TRUTH was EXPOSED and you face criminal and civil charges.
    As always, love and truth will prevail, just watch.
    Change your ways and show that you support truth and justice before you are brought down with the rest of the corrupt, abusive collective group.
    This is NOT A JOKE OR A GAME.
    This is my life and the lives of millions of us who have not spend time with our Children in years based upon YOUR FRAUDULENT ACTS.
    I am going on more that 7 years and I do not think a jury will look kindly or sympathetically on that FACT.
  • Don’t play with me because I have love and truth on my side and also have experience and many prestigious accomplishments like graduating from a prestigious University and clerking for a renowned Judge and helping to change the “kiddie trust” laws when my parents, sister and their lawyer tried to take away my legal rights.
    Decide whether YOU will go down with the collective corrupt group or stand strong with truth and morality and break away and show that a NEW BUSINESS MODEL can be instituted that is PROFITABLE that will HELP Parents and Children cope with divorce issues; NOT rip them apart with acts of Parental Alienation as my facts clearly show is going on.
    Thanks David, and also everyone remember, that corrupt people will play both sides: meaning they will PRETEND they support you but are also supporting those who are corrupt and they themselves do corrupt acts too. This way they WRONGFULLY THINK they have “protected” themselves, no matter what happens and who wins the law suit.
    This is what WEAK, CORRUPT, SICK, ABUSIVE people do and as their actions continue to show; they are only interested in THEMSELVES and will harm others to get what they want or to feed their sick ego and line their pockets.
    Thanks Tina for your support and for sharing. The facts of my case are the same facts of millions of our situations of divorce and parental alienation and I am thrilled I was given the opportunity and have the skills to expose this horrible truth and bring forth justice for millions of us and future generations.
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