Why does BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION have a policy as you stated which refuses to post in their bulletin a contribution to fight epidemic problems in the Jewish Community?

Truth and Love are prevailing as those in this Conspiracy continue to incriminate themselves more and more as this email conversation shows.
Unbelievable people are so mindless and uncompassionate to say the least.
Dear Joan Feldman,
Why does BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION have a policy as you stated which refuses to post in their bulletin a contribution to fight epidemic problems in the Jewish Community? 
BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION knows or should know Jews are commanded to make our world a better place for honest, kind, loving people like myself and my children and millions like us suffering from Parental Alienation and the fraudulent, illegal and immoral use of 501(c)(3) agreements and other “charitable” agreements.
Bringing awareness to these epidemic problems in the Jewish Community and in the Nation as a whole of: 1) Parental Alienation and; 2) the fraudulent, illegal and immoral use of 501(C)(3) and other charitable agreements to steal the Fit, Loving Mother’s marital assets at the time of divorce should definitely be posted in BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION’S bulletin as any reasonable, rational person knows. 
Why would BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION have a “policy” as you wrote to keep these problems a secret? 
BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION should instead be GRATEFUL for my contribution and HELP ME end these serious epidemic problems?
BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION’S POLICY SOUNDS LIKE ONE ADOLPH HITLER WOULD CREATE. If you doubt my words, talk to an honest therapist who specializes in Parental Alienation and/or read my website.  [www.PAlienation.org]. 
No, I do not want a refund and BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION can keep my $18 contribution which means “life” in Hebrew as I live MY LIFE AS A JEW, bringing necessary positive changes to our world, not HIDING THE TRUTH as BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION’S POLICY you stated shows they intentionally and maliciously do.
Just please do NOT give my $18 contribution to the STANLEY Z. PENN MEMORIAL LECTURE FUND. 
Stanley Z, Penn was my father and my mother is HELENE PENN-DORF and my sister is 
RUTH CARLINER.  They have been members of BETH TFILOH for over 40 years. All of them are corrupt, dishonest, abusing Jews as my lawsuit from 1985 shows. If you get a court order to open the case, as they demanded it be sealed to also hide the truth, you will see all of their corrupt, dishonest and abusive acts. This case is in the files at the Circuit Court in Towson, Maryland and Judge John Fader was the judge. It ended in either in December 1988 or January 1989. 
My husband and I waited to have children until this lawsuit was over and I obtained my legal rights to have sole access to my social security number, not being attached to a fraudulent grantor trust so IRS would not hold me responsible for their taxes, and would just hold me responsible for my own. Our eldest son was born in September, 1989.
Thus, BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION’S policy you stated in your email along with their creation of funds clearly shows it is a Jewish Organization which honors and promotes corruption and abuse; not spreading the Truth to enrich and protect those in our society and our world even though this is what Jewish teachings demand Jews do.
Joan, are you sure BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION does not want to CHANGE their policy and print my contribution toward these 2 worthy causes and HELP ME end these epidemic problems of abuse, terror, torture, oppression and corruption in the Jewish community and nationwide? 
If BETH TFILOH does decide to make these REASONABLE AND RATIONAL CHANGES, please email me to let me know. Otherwise, I know BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION’S policy stands as it is and neither you nor anyone else from BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION will be:
1)  printing my contribution in your bulletin to help end the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation and the illegal and immoral use of 501(c)(3) and other charitable agreements and;
2) will also NOT be helping me as a fellow Jew who is a Fit, Loving, Law-Abiding Mother, begin communicating again with my three children.
Are you sure BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION deserves to be called a Jewish Organization?
 Also, where is your compassion and others from BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION for myself, my children and millions of others like us suffering from these epidemic problems?
Ipso facto which means let the facts speak of themselves.
Sara Hassman




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