Why does my ex-husband’s Mother refuse to be reasonable and tell me the source of how she was paid $55,000 by my ex-husband After he Swore he can’t pay my spousal support?

Why does my ex-husband’s Mother refuse to be reasonable and tell me the source of how she was paid $55,000 by my ex-husband AFTER he swore he was unable to pay my spousal support because he is “insolvent,” according to some definition and also help address other issues too?

It is my understanding, not legal advice that if someone takes property which was concealed during a divorce or interferes with a court judgment to pay spousal support by accepting money that should have been used to pay the support; they can be liable especially if they are PUT ON NOTICE and refuse to rectify the situation in a reasonable manner.
The following certified letter needs no explanation:

Dear Elaine Adelberg, (my ex-husband’s mother in Baltimore, Maryland)
I want to follow up on the phone call I made to you on 6/19/2014 at 10:58am your time where you hung up on me before I could completely explain the serious situation. Since you told me you do not have an email address, I am writing this letter so you are on notice and aware of the situation you are involved in.

My divorce judgment is fraudulent and invalid because your son, Mark F. Hassman, who handled our marital finances; concealed the required financial information along with attorneys and others. Consequently, I was cheated out of millions of dollars of assets and income. I now need to establish the net worth of the community estate so I can now complete the required financial disclosures and complete my divorce so it complies with the laws and the legal procedures.

Several documents your son Mark F. Hassman and his attorneys filed with the court show that you were paid $55,000 after he swore he was unable to pay my support. This payment was to repay a personal loan which documents show he had with you since 1995.

Since your son Mark F. Hassman paid you he after he stated he was unable to pay my support; you are interfering with the court ordered judgment and could also be in receipt of stolen property; stolen from me since this could be community property. This $55,000 could have been used to pay my support but instead since 3/1/2014 my support was reduced to zero since your son, Mark F. Hassman swore he is insolvent and cannot pay it anymore; but the documents prepared by his attorneys and SIGNED UNDER THE PENALTY OF PERJURY show he paid you. This has caused me great harm and distress since I have lost my support after a 23 year marriage and I was also not given any assets, not even retirement as Mark F. Hassman claims there were not any assets and I was not entitled to any retirement benefits; again this is contrary to the law. You are a divorced woman and should understand this hardship and distress.

Furthermore, documents show many millions of dollars from his earnings and investments have not been accounted for even though this information is required on the financial disclosures which were never completed by your son who is a CPA and a Financial Executive or several attorneys. These millions of dollars and investments just did not disappear. Do you know where any of this money or these assets went; who received some distributions? The documents show you received $55,000 and maybe more of this community property or Mark F. Hassman’s income when he swore, under the penalty of perjury several times, that he does not have any assets or income and is insolvent.

Elaine Adelberg, I just want to make sure you realize this situation and how it appears you have interfered with the court ordered judgment and also may be in receipt of stolen property; my property that is community property but was never distributed to me. There could be other offenses you could be charged with too.

Again, this has caused me great distress as I am sure you can imagine since I no longer have support, retirement or any assets from my 23 year marriage. This is also believed to be related to the parental alienation since your son Mark F Hassman encourages our children to alienate me instead of encouraging our children to have independent relationships with both of their divorced parents which is in their best interest as many experts have proven. It is believed the money is one way he is controlling them.

You know your son Mark F Hassman is a great negotiator and has structured multi-million dollar agreements. Therefore, if he truly wanted our children to reunite with me; he could certainly accomplish it. You are a divorced mother yourself, so I am sure you understand my great pain and distress for over 6 years now due to missing my children’s graduations, birthdays and just spending nice quality time together and communicating like we did for many years.

I am sure you also understand parental alienation since it has been going on for decades.
***Did your son, Mark F Hassman learn this behavior from YOU, since I know he did not have a relationship with his father for many years?

***Why not try to encourage your son or your grandchildren directly, to reunite with me, their mother?
***As many experts have shown, it is in children’s best interest to be loved by both of their divorced parents.

Why not try to help end the alienation with all of your experiences and knowledge?

This letter clearly puts you on notice of this situation and how the $55,000 was not able to be used to pay my court ordered support as the judgment requires and how I have been alienated from my children. Thus, please return the $55,000 and also try to reunite me with my children, your grandchildren.

AT A MINIMUM, please give me a reasonable explanation as to why the alienation exists and why my children at the time of divorce, chose to alienate me?
It is believed the money is being used to alienate me from my children especially since I did not receive my fair share and cannot provide for their financial needs as your son Mark F Hassman can.
If the community estate was divided 50/50 as he law requires, both of us should be financially able to help our children and afford trips and other luxuries that only your son can afford. However, he refused and still refuses to provide financial disclosures and accounting of millions of dollars.

Also, other documents state that neither you nor your son Mark F Hassman, who is a certified public accountant, a graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Chief Financial Officer with over 30 years of experience reported this loan on your tax returns and also do NOT HAVE A LOAN AGREEMENT or any documents relating to this personal loan. Did you receive any interest, I believe you did? This interest also has to be reported on your tax returns as income, as your accountant who prepares your tax returns and others professionals, including your son, Mark F Hassman can verify.

When I discovered this loan and what you and your son have been doing since 1995, I reasonably reported it to the IRS so I would not be implicated in some tax fraud scheme you and your son seem to be carrying out since 1995. I realized that the joint tax returns from our marriage were fraudulent since they did not include this loan and any interest.
You are an educated woman and should know that loans should have loan agreements and other documentation and that a loan and any interest needs to be reported on your tax returns. Again, your accountant who helps prepare your tax return should have forms every year for you to complete stating if you have any loans and received any interest.

Again, PLEASE RETURN this $55,000 so you will not be interfering with the court ordered judgment which orders that I receive support and also, then it will also not be questioned whether you are in receipt of stolen property; stolen community property which should have been distributed to me. You can send the money directly to me at the address above and I will make sure I notify the court and others. Please keep copies for yourself too so you can show this on your tax return.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

Sara Hassman

—As I keep bringing out facts like pieces to a puzzle. This should help bring an understanding of all the people and organizations involved in Parental Alienation who cheat a loving Mother at the time of divorce and harm her and her children of all ages which has become an epidemic problem in our society today.

Destroying the sacred Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship at the time of divorce is not civilized; it is corrupt, immoral and evil as many experts have shown.

It is great to be bringing out the truth.
God and Truth will prevail.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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